‘We stand with you’ – Bobrisky, others react as Nigerian actress’ sex tape leaks

Curvy Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has been trending online since a video of her in bed getting frisky with an unknown man leaked.

Hours after the video leaked and became the bane of discussion on social media, the movie star summoned courage as she reacted to the viral video.

Moyo shared a photo of herself in custom looking like a tattered old woman but was seen holding a pestle.

In truth, what Moyo intends to convey with this photo is unknown, but many of her fans note that they stand in solidarity with her.

Some of her colleagues like Angela Eguavoen, Nina Ivy, Uche Ogbodo, Mimi Orjiekwe, and Boborisky have all reacted to the photo with nothing but love and supportive messages.

@gossipmilltv: “The lord is your strength!!! We stand with you!!!”

@bobrisky222: “My baby ??.”

@fatherdmw55: “I love your videos tho.” @tinaomovo: “The funniest thing on Instagram is that when one of these celeb does something wrong oh the rest stewpid people with blue tick will be applauding her calling my baby, I stand with you , strong girl etc all of una Dey crase . Ediotic set of hypocritical fellows.”

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‘Your waist sweet you’

She catch me again; this time, red-handed inside the ‘thing’. I used my head. If you don’t use your head, your body will suffer. She insisted: ‘don’t tell me it is true’. Wow! Lovely lovely warning! How can I disrespect her by telling her it is true? Ah! My friend, your time may come if you have not been caught yet. This is the clue: lie, just lie…it will not stress her.

What she does not know will not stress her. Marriage counsellors keep going round round preaching to couples that communication is key in every successful relationship. Yooo! Me I should go ahead and tell my wife: ‘Daavi, my side chic said she needed money to do her hair and since I could not get her the money, she said she won’t give it to me again’? Give what to me? Me? Communicate? Maybe you. Abi it’s communication you want? Go ahead and communicate! Woman no beat you before er! Hmmm!

See how you are driving and over-speeding! Your leg sweet you too much. Freedom to over-speed when the police are not there may be nice but same freedom may cease when the unfortunate happens [God forbid]. The police will not be there when you leave your family to their fate forgetting that your irresponsible driving is responsible for the unfortunate!

Ei! You hear the news? They say some 100,000 persons are carrying HIV virus and they are not even aware. Where are they? You people should come out let me test you ooo. Inasmuch as this number may be true or even higher, I am wondering how this 100,000 was arrived at without testing these humongous number of carriers? This number has scared malaria. I have not been myself since this news was broken or broke this week as it made fear and panic catch me. Is the word ‘broke’ or ‘broken’? Which is which? I prefer the second one; the first one sounds like the nickname of poverty!

Self-test kits are now available. Go and check er! Don’t worry; the earlier you know, the better. Interestingly, these 100,000 people are said or rather suspected to be spreading it to people whose waist sweet them. Truth be told, a lot of us are being reckless these days especially with the emergence of the ‘hook-up’ industry courtesy social media. Some of us, men just look at the meat and say: as for this meat, it is too nice to contain any ‘worms’; and then hrrrrr…we enter! Sin fascinates and assassinates o, Bro; there is no exception to this rule. No one sows beans and expect maize at harvest!

It appears some young ladies too are not afraid of HIV and don’t like using rubber kraa bcos they believe rubber gives itching and so they are not comfortable with protection kraaaa and so they like it ‘slippery’! Mavis once told me it’s because of the scent and that it puts her off. Hmmm! Others also feel the true feeling is to go ‘meat to meat’! Or is it bcos some of these ladies trust guys easily and look at the physical attributes and say bcos he is good looking and healthy, there can be no disease?

I just remembered how ten years ago, Ablavi, my ex-side chic put it in when I was unaware, and I pushed it out and covered it again before putting it in and I went half clutch suddenly and I ‘came’ home thinking: what if? Five minutes and sometimes 2 minutes of ‘back and forth’ movements can take one by surprise. The first shocker that can move you through the roof is when you are required to undergo a mandatory kind of HIV test! BP goes straight to 2,900 over 1,600! Sometimes the machine may read ‘error’ if the fear of HIV grips you. Abeg don’t ask me if I am talking from personal experience.

Do the right thing and don’t do things right! Wear condoms before you ‘misbehave’! As for misbehaving, I can’t stop you because your waist naturally sweet you and the desire to offload some ‘fluids’ can be over-bearing!

Our fears today may be as a result of what we did yesterday. No be so? When I was asked by my prospective employer in the early 2000’s, to go for an HIV test as a requirement to get that juicy job, I almost fainted when the following memories came running through my mind:

I rented a room at Tantra as a young bachelor. That was when I realised that changing the colour of the room paint used by the previous tenant can expose one’s evils! My bedroom’s original paint colour was pink. I repainted it blue to suit my taste. That room? Hmmm! You see when you are relaxing in bed with one of your legs resting on the closest wall sometimes rubbing the paint on the surface? Yes, that’s what happened! Different sizes of footprints were recorded and could be found on my wall thus exposing the pink colour. The wall at the bedside of my room was the ‘victim’.

It was as if the ladies came on ‘pilgrimage’ in my room. The blue colour turned into a multi coloured vertical football turf. Blue here small, pink there small with some shapeless dots of footprints of girls who came to my room for ‘prayers’ at separate times in the night! My landlord used to call me ‘pastor’ because I didn’t know how to drink alcohol. That’s how I came by that name. All the footprints too were from the left feet of the ‘participants’! Depending on the height of ‘whoever’ the participant was, one could see some footprints down, and others up while some were in-between {3hor ni hor).

But my landlord was equally bad. Eish! Oluman be bad o; always ‘changing oil’. I nearly made him my mentor. Be careful who you see as a mentor. His room was next to mine. Friday nights, when his wife is out of town for usually funerals, that is when you will hear sounds from Oluman’s room’ – kpluya kpluya kpluya! One day the wooden bed got broken from the impact with an accompanying instant sound ‘gbloooo’, followed by high decibel noise from rats in his room running helter-skelter – kwi kwi kwiiii! Oluman chop hot and I head him coughing; he was about to have an asthmatic attack! The rest is history!

Fast forward, I went to the lab to do my ‘HIV interview’ (test) before I get the job. I hate to talk about this guy called a lab technician who made me die before I died! How can you come and ask me if I came to the hospital alone or with a close relative before giving me my result? Must a relative necessarily accompany me to the lab for such a ‘simple’ test? ‘Simple’ is being used here reluctantly and advisedly. The scary part was that the result was sealed in an envelope and they say we should go for counselling first.

A number of people came for that test and we were at the OPD area together. As to whether I opened the envelope or not, one thing is certain – everyone has HIV; it is either one is positive or negative. that’s all! Don’t bring me problem; go for the test and stop looking at my face as if I am one of the 100,000! Hahahaaaa! But remember, 100,000 is a large number. Go and confess!

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LIVESTREAMING: The Token Tabernacle Sunday Online Service

The Token Tabernacle presents its live stream service!

We are so glad you could join us today. Whether you are a christian or yet to be, we invite you to

participate in this time of worship and reflection.

May you feel the love and presence of God as we come together in community, even virtually.

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‘Deep or wide?’

If you think banana and groundnut taste nice, then you’ve probably not tried groundnut and pawpaw before. If in doubt, try groundnut with hot pepper. Your eyes will pay for this combination especially when the oxygen required to quench the ‘heat’ is not sufficient.

Did you know that a more faithful girlfriend is the one who asks you for one thousand Ghana or GHC2000? She is reliable. That is not to suggest that Ablavi who asks for only 30 cedis or below 200 cedis is not good o.

I didn’t say you are likely to be a member of a susu company without knowing. 30 cedis here, 70 cedis there and 185 cedis there can sustain a savings and loans company. Ablavi used to ask me for 17 cedis and 23 cedis 50 cedis; very weird. But she was very faithful to me. You see how selfish most men can be? You know you won’t marry Ablavi because you are already married but would want Ablavi to be faithful to you.

Hoooo! Shame on me, sorry, us! Won’t you allow her to also search and settle down with one boozeman? Yes, that is the mind of men. When we break up with a lady, our secret prayer is that she should meet someone worse than us. Is it the same true with some ladies too? Ah ei! Let me walk pass! God is watching me and Frances!

I thank God for taking me out of that peer game we call womanising! Some people don’t know that womanizing is a calling. Hehehehe! You say you want to bow to peer pressure. So I showed Gizo a place in town where he would get one easily. He went, met the gerl and didn’t know what to tell her.

At the end of the day he spent GHC500 on drinks and khebabs. He was so annoying to the lady asking unnecessary questions one of which is: ‘so do you like Hawusa koko with tea bread? Gizo is such a bad company er.

I am sure that gerl regretted even sitting down at the same table with him. He called me later in the evening to ask me what he must do. Ei, Awuchey, at 46, you want me to teach you what to do? Then the following day we met. I need to mentor this guy. I asked him to call the girl in my presence and say sweet things like ‘sweetheart, how are you?’ My introvert friend had a problem with this one too. When he called, the girl picked and listen to Gizo: ‘Hello, is that sweetheart?’ I could not laugh.

He didn’t know what to say but continuously repeating ‘is that sweetheart? I want to miss you’. Ey? Miss you s3s3n? I asked in him. Hmmm! The thing is a calling o, Gizo. Thank God another weekend is here and we are still alive. You keep eating meat and sugar by hat and don’t check your blood pressure regularly and you are still alive thinking you are the best man in town? Continue!

This galamsey thing er.

I don’t know what we can do about it again o. Look at the Prah River. This river used to be very deep and wide and the water, drinkable. Now, all you need is to buy tea bread, sit by the river banks, and drink tea from the deep and wide river. Matter close. Simple. If you are already thinking about something else that can be wide and deep, may the Lord God take control of you and wash you with His anointing oil and ommo. Amen? Amen!

Years ago my late father told me that mineral resources are in my hometown too though I doubted him. He said some decades ago, when some people tried to do galamsey there, it was the gods of the land that dealt with them especially knowing these activities had the propensity to pollute the water bodies. Could this be the reason galamsey is not happening in my hometown? Me I don’t know o, I am only ‘axing’.

Please don’t call me now; I am still sleeping. Ah!

Guys are bad. I just remembered the days I was a guy. Now I am no longer a guy; signs of old age have started showing. One of them is picking up the phone with the intention to call someone. The moment I try to call; I forget the name of the one I want to call. Man is growing. I am not that old but I still remember the days of ‘LT Buses’ face-to-face’ from Achimota to Kaneshie and Tema station to Nungua. Sometimes, they start the engines of these vehicles from behind the car! Many of these vehicles don’t have key entry; they just connect some wires and away to Kaneshie and passengers would talk saaaaaa! We have really come a long way.

Those were the days me too I decided to take a girlfriend. Look at me too o, on a mission to take girlfriend. Hehehehe! Young ladies, abeg when you visit a guy whose room has only a bed without chairs, please don’t wait for one minute sef because he has evil intentions. Go back home. Otherwise where does he expect you to sit? If you sit on the bed, you are on your own.

It means you have consented. In the legal space, you would be told ‘volenti non fit injuria’ to wit ‘no harm is done to a person who consents’! Me I tell you o unless you want to consent.

One such incident where I asked the lady to sit on the bed, I had a ‘wicked’ agendum in mind. I started doing my things and she hypocritically asked me: ‘what do you think you are doing’? as if she thought my intention was to fix a medal on her neck! Hmmm! Ladies, chair-less room with smelly perfume is a trap. Don’t be tempted to slap him because you can be charged for assault. Just lie down on the bed and cover yourself under the bedsheet and sleep. It is better to lie on the bed than to sit on it. Na swim you go swim o. Hahahaha!

If you have not found yourself at the wrong side of the law before, you would probably not know that in law courts, one slap contains one million charges. Intention to slap, one charge. Slapping itself, two charges. Slapping for it to sound, third charge. Slapee crying, forth charge. Slapee going deaf after the slap, you are finished. Slapee seeing stars after the slap, trouble. Slapee’s inability to describe how the stars look like, just faint because you have cause a serious damage to the slapee’s memory after the slap.

Woe on to you if they tell you to prepare for jail bcos of your expertise in slapping, start crying!

I got to know there is a cat meat cold store at Domi market and surprised to see the number of cars that come there to buy frozen cat meat. This is ‘cat artificial intelligence’. I heard someone was sometime ago jailed in the western world because he killed a cat and used the meat for pepper soup. What a charge! In the cat stock market in Ghana, shares can go up or down depending on how the market behaves on the health of the cats.

A healthy male cat (Joseph) goes for GHC60. If it is a female cat (Josephine), it costs GHC50. If it is single, please you can’t use it to prepare pepper soup. If it is widowed, consideration is given to the deceased husband (Joseph) for leaving his poor wife behind and she may not be killed, at least not immediately but it will happen. Glaucoma infested ones are free of charge.

Have a nice weekend and remember to go on leave; you are only as good to your employer so long as you are alive. Pretend to be dead from stress related ailments and see. The employer does not lose you; your family does! Take a break and go on vacation small! Ah!

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Wendy Shay involved in a car accident

Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay, has been involved in a car accident.

The incident, according to an eyewitness, occurred a few minutes after midnight on Sunday, September 10, 2023, on the ACP Estate and Kwabenya stretch in Accra.

“Between the ACP Junction and the Kwabenya stretch, you know the road is usually clear at night, and so the cars are usually at top speed, even though there is police presence on the road. A short distance away from the KNUST Accra Campus Junction, coming out of the valley, I saw people gathered around a car. So, I decided to park and see what was happening. Upon checking, I realized a lady was coming out of a car. She had dreadlocked hair just like Wendy Shay.

“So, I said, let me rush and see, and upon getting closer, I saw it was Wendy Shay. The Wrangler she was using has a custom registration, ‘Shay.’ Quickly, I got closer to her and asked her what was happening. She said she can’t talk much, as she’s in severe pain in the head because she hit her head on the dashboard,” Deputy News Editor of UTV, Prince Obimpeh, said in a live interview on United ShowBiz.

As for how the accident occurred, the eyewitness said the artiste collided with a tipper truck loaded with sand, which was facing her direction after she attempted to evade the truck.

“Had it not been for the gutter by the road into which part of her car skidded, Wendy Shay’s Wrangler would have toppled over,” the eyewitness reported.

A video from the accident scene, shared by UTV, shows a mangled frontside of the Jeep Wrangler with the registration SHAY 21-19.

According to the eyewitness, efforts are being made to transport the Ruff Town Records signee to a nearby health facility for medical attention.

Source: Ghana Web

Watch highlights of Michael Essien’s goal and assist in Chelsea Legends’ win over Bayern Legends

Former Black Stars player Michael Essien scored and provided an assist in Chelsea Legends’ win over Bayern Legends on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Chelsea Legends walloped Bayern Legends 4-0 in a game that was meant to raise funds for the Chelsea Foundation and also celebrate late Chelsea legend Gianluca Viali.

Essien relived his glory days, beginning a fantastic play and finishing it with a superb header from Ramires’ cross to give Chelsea the lead.

Ex-Chelsea captains, John Terry and Gary Cahill added one each to extend the lead before Essien immaculately set up Tiago Mendez for the fourth goal with a first-time lob pass.

With Roberto di Matteo as head coach, Chelsea legends who featured include Frank Lebœuf, Hillario, Tiago Mendes, Gianfranco Zola, Michael Essien, Tore André Flo, Sam Hutchinson, Salomon Kalou, Carlo Cudicini, Danny Granville, John Harley, Pierluigi Casiraghi, John Terry, William Gallas, Claude Makelele, Ryan Bertrand, Florent Malouda, Jody Morris, Frank Sinclair, Eiður Guðjohnsen, Petr Cech, Gary Cahill, John Obi Mikel and Ramires.

Whereas Bayern Legends who featured include, Raimond Aumann, comprised Tom Starke, Hans-Jörg Butt, Maximilian Riedmüller, Vladimir Rankovic, Diego Contento, Giovane Élber, Claudio Pizarro, Thomas Linke, Roy Makaay, Harald Cerny, Owen Hargraves, Paulo Sérgio, Michael Tarnat, Piotr Trochowski, Daniel van Buyten, Marcel Witeczek, Michael Sternkopf, Thomas Helmer and Lúcio.

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Jean Mensa-led EC remains biggest threat to our democracy – Kpessa-Whyte clarifies post on NDC’s 2020 loss

Leading Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Professor Michael Kpessa-Whyte has dismissed media reports suggesting that he has exonerated the Electoral Commission (EC) in the defeat of his party in the 2020 presidential election.

Publications by Asaaseradio.com and some other media houses culled from a social media post by Kpessa-Whyte on Saturday, September 9, 2023, suggested that the NDC’s national presidential election agent in 2020 had made the admission in an open confession.

But reacting to the reports in a subsequent social media post, Kpessa-Whyte insisted that the EC cannot be exonerated from the NDC’s loss while emphasising that the current Chairperson of the commission, Jean Adukwei Mensa has made the election management body an existential threat to Ghana’s democracy.

“Folks, ignore the misleading and mischievous headlines of @asaaseradio995 and other online news portals trying to exonerate the EC from misconduct in the 2020 elections based on a message I shared recently. The EC under Jean Mensa remains the biggest threat to our democracy,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

In his earlier post congratulating newly appointed officers of the NDC, Kpessa Whyte, who was one of the NDC’s agents at the strong room of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, where the national collation of the election result was taking place, said some members and sympathisers of the party have deluded themselves on the actual reasons that accounted for the party’s loss.

“I opt to address this publicly because many have deluded themselves on account of the subject matter in a manner that is not helpful for our party. Indeed, if our party, the NDC is truly desirous to win 2024, it would make sense for party officials and members to eliminate the delusion that elections are won from the EC strong room, and that we lost 2020 from the EC strong room. Elections are won and lost at the polling stations.

“How can a party that has admitted that it was unable to collate its 2020 results claim it lost from the strong room? Which result did the party give to its agents in the strong room? Why hasn’t the party put out its results if indeed there was one? What is there to gain from deluding ourselves into another defeat? God forbids! Let’s own up to our collective mistakes and errors and stop the blame game. There is nothing to gain from self-delusion,” Kpessa Whyte is quoted to have said by asaaseradio.com.

He added “We must be truthful to ourselves. If we are serious about rescuing Ghana, then let’s stop trying to hide our collective negligence by blaming people who otherwise were sacrificing on the frontline for our cause”.

The academic reiterated that his decision to write on the matter is due to his fears that failure to address the challenges seen in 2020 would make it impossible to win the next elections.

However in his recent post calling out Asaase Radio, Kpessa-Whyte emphasised his position on the role of the EC in the NDC losing the 2020 presidential election.

Source: Ghana Web

Tullow PLC Board Chair commends energy minister’s leadership on Jubilee South East First Oil

Board Chairman of Tullow PLC, Phuthuma Nhleko has commended the energy minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh for the outstanding leadership for his efforts towards ensuring the realization of the first oil from the Jubilee South East Area of the Greater Jubilee Field.

According to Mr. Nhleko, Dr. Prempeh as minister, with the necessary foresight gave the needed briefing to President Akufo-Addo on the project, held dispassionate discussions with stakeholders, and also approved the Greater Jubilee Plan of Development (PoD).

He made these remarks when he addressed Ghana’s upstream petroleum sector stakeholders at a commemorative lunch with the President at the Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel, Takoradi on Friday, September 8, 2023.

This was to celebrate the first oil from the area which is expected to produce an additional 30,000 bopd, bringing production in the Greater Jubilee Field to over 100,000 barrels of oil per day.

Production according to Tullow began on July 13, 2023.

“I want to commend the Energy Minister for his excellent role; in approving the Greater Jubilee Plan of Development,” he said.

He assured that; “Tullow remained committed together with its partners for optimal production in the field in the spirit of sound investor relations with government”.

On his part, Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh said that sustained discussions, which started in 2017, between the Energy Ministry, GNPC, and the Jubilee partners, eventually led to the approval of the Greater Jubilee Full Field Development Plan.

“One thing was certain in all the engagements back then: that the Jubilee field was going to be an investment that would surely lead to increased production in a mature field and pave the way for immense value and benefits for the country,” he said.

The Minister who is also a Member of Parliament for Manhyia South said the natural God-given hydrocarbon resource that Ghana has been blessed with as a country, is for the benefit of the citizens and therefore value from it continues to create jobs.

90% of the human resources working on the Jubilee South East project, he said are all Ghanaians and therefore he, together with stakeholders will continue to provide the necessary direction that will transform lives and ultimately, transform our economy.

“Our role as a Ministry is to work with the regulators and other stakeholders from the Government side, to formulate policies and strategies that will give the key sector players confidence and optimism to continue harnessing resources and investment to transform the industry,” he remarked.

“The Jubilee South East project is just a stepping stone to other successes to come for the country”

As a Ministry, we remain committed to supporting the negotiation of the gas sales agreement to give a further boost to the oil and gas sector, especially the aspect of tapping into domestic natural gas to, among other benefits, power electricity delivery in the country” Dr. Prempeh added.

The Minister expressed gratitude to the President, for his presence in Takoradi to support them in this celebration and extended the same to the board and leadership of Tullow Oil and their partners for their tenacity and relentlessness in making this possible.

The commemorative lunch was preceded by a visit to FPSO Kwame Nkrumah (KNK), offshore by the president, the energy minister, senior officials of the Jubilee partners, and other government officials.

Source: Ghana Web