Anglogold Ashanti trains health workers in Obuasi on stress management and substance abuse

Over 300 health workers in the Obuasi East and the Obuasi Municipality have so far benefited from the various modules of training organised by AngloGold Ashanti and Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Speaking at a close-out session for some health personnel who were trained in stress management and substance abuse, the Senior Manager of Sustainability AngloGold Ashanti Emmanuel Baidoo said the training formed part of series of health intervention programs headlining AGA’s 10-year Socio-Economic Development Plan.

He said since last year, AGA and GIZ have trained Health workers in the two districts in Cervical cancer, baby resuscitation, stress management maternal and child health and substance abuse.

The training workshop he believed will help update the knowledge base of the health workers and further boost the health care delivery system in Obuasi. ” We as a company remain proud knowing very well the training programs will achieve the needed impact in our health sector”.

Source: Ghana Web

Justice for Mohbad

I came across the music of the talented young artist Mohbad only after his untimely passing, and his songs have been playing non-stop since Tuesday, as I’m a devoted music enthusiast. It’s disheartening to reflect on the tragic circumstances of his death and the rushed, unceremonious burial by his own father. May his soul rest in peace.

It’s a stark reminder that many good people don’t live long in this often cruel world, where sometimes the enemies hide within our own circles, be they friends or family.

From what I’ve gathered online and heard in interviews, Mohbad joined the Malian Record Label in 2020 with aspirations for his music career. Unfortunately, it became evident that the label had connections to illicit activities such as cultism and drug business.

Mohbad and his colleagues were allegedly pressured to partake in these activities alongside their music careers, a proposition he vehemently declined. His refusal led to his blacklisting within the label. Consequently, he chose to sever ties with the record label, as he felt his music career was no longer being promoted.

Despite their attempts to keep him, he forcefully left, prompting threats and harassment directed at him, even sabotaging his bookings for shows. These threats were documented with video evidence, and he reported them to the Nigerian police, but sadly, no action was taken, highlighting flaws in our institutions.

On camera, Mohbad expressed, “if I die, hold Malian Records and Naira Marley responsible,” a plea for help that went unanswered until it was tragically too late.

In all of this, I find fault with his father, who appeared passive and neglectful in the face of threats to his son’s life. It’s bewildering that some individuals could menace your son’s life, and you stood by without intervening until his mysterious death. Furthermore, the manner in which his burial was hastily conducted is deeply troubling.

It’s perplexing that a father could be so afraid to confront Malian Records on behalf of his endangered son.

What was he afraid of, especially at his age? Fear of death? He had lived a considerable life; why not gather support from his community to confront these threats and report them to the authorities while drawing public attention to the matter to safeguard his son?

Some fathers, sadly, fail in their responsibilities. The way he laid his son to rest, like an unknown, is nothing short of distressing. Even without wealth, one should have the wisdom to act responsibly. In this regard, he is the one who has truly lost, for Mohbad is gone. May he rest in peace.

For young people, Mohbad’s tragic death must serve as a reminder not to rush in pursuit of success. Not every opportunity is a good one, and the climb to success should be gradual, without being unduly pressured by external forces, fame, or wealth.

Lastly, it’s essential to consider exhuming Mohbad’s body for a thorough autopsy to determine the true cause of his demise. If foul play is found, those responsible should be brought to justice.

Source: Ghana Web

I made doom prophecy on Sherif Black not Black Sherif – Nigel Gaisie

Founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, has clarified a recent Facebook where he makes a doom prophecy about a popular musician.

In the post, Gaisie references a certain Sheriff Black tasking his family to pray for him because of something unpleasant he (Gaisie) had seen in the spirit.

“Let the family of Sheriff Black…PRAY FOR HIM TALK TO HIM DEEPLY, I I DIDN’T LIKE WHAT I SAW ABOUT HIM SOME FEW MINUTES AGO… Life is PRICELESS. I saw the mother crying uncontrollable,” his post read in part.

The media widely reported the news as a prophecy on Black Sherif but Gaisie clarified on the September 16, 2023 edition of UTV’s United Showbiz Show that he did not refer directly to the artiste.

“That is your word,” he responded when the host asked if he referred to Black Sherif by his post.

He continued: “with prophecies, we see and prophesy in bits, I didn’t hear Black Sherif, I heard Sherif Black. I saw Sherif Black in the spirit. But whichever way it is, a sensible person can make deductions from it.

“Prophecies come figuratively, so if there is anything close to anything about or close to me, I can take steps. It is better safe than sorry and people in the arts after anything is said about them have often attacked the clergy,” he added.

Source: Ghana Web

Legon Cities vs Karela to pay tribute to late Sylvester Sackey with a minute of silence

Legon Cities will pay tribute to their late goalkeeper Sylvester Sackey when they host Karela United in their first game of the 2023/24 Ghana Premier League.

This was announced by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) on Saturday afternoon ahead of the clash at the El Wak Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The GFA said a request to wear black armbands in honor of fallen the 26-year-old has been approved.

The GFA statement on Sunday morning said, “A minute’s silence will be observed before the betPawa Premier League Matchday One game between Legon Cities FC and Karela FC kicks off.

“The minute’s silence is in respect of late Legon Cities FC Goalkeeper Sylvester Sackey who passed away on Tuesday, September 12 after a short illness.

“The GFA has also approved a request for the use of black arm bands during the league match.”

The match will kick off at 3pm at the El Wak Stadium in Accra.

Source: Ghana Web

Central Tongu District celebrates nurses, midwives

The Central Tongu District Directorate of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has celebrated its members for distinguishing themselves in their duties and to empower them to do more for quality healthcare delivery.

At a ceremony held at Adidome in the Volta Region to appreciate the nurses, dubbed: ‘Nurses and Midwives: Our future,’ the Association said they played a pivotal role in the health sector, hence attention must be paid to their welfare.

Mr Moses Robertson Anyigba, the Regional Chairman of the Association, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the programme was also to commemorate Florence Nightingale, an English social reformer, statistician and founder of nursing, who trained others to care for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War at Constantinople in 1820.

For the country’s healthcare system to be developed, the Government should focus more on the nurses and midwives to improve their skills to effectively care for the sick and save lives, he said.

‘We have been celebrating our nurses and midwives since 1960 and this has encouraged many to work harder to save humanity,’ Mr Anyibga said.

‘Since the nurses and midwives have been playing their part, I urge government to also continue giving its support. I am very hopeful that it would bring out the best in them.’

Mr. Cephas Kuabe, the District Chairman, GRNMA, said the healthcare workers in the district needed special attention as many of them were leaving the country due to poor conditions of service.

‘Our health workers are leaving. I can attest to that. I personally signed some documents for a few who were ready to travel out to serve other countries. I can’t stop them,’ he said, and called for better conditions of service to make them stay.

Dr Baba Awuni, District Director of Health, said he would endeavour to promote quality health care delivery in the Central Tongu District and urged the nurses to be committed to duty, while appealing for support from the district chief executive and member of parliament.

Togbe Kwasinyi Kakaklolo Agyeman V, the Chief of Adidome, said: ‘The nurses and midwives really deserve support.’

‘They need their own flat in the district and better conditions of service. All these push them to leave the country. But as the Chief of Adidome, I would try my best and dialogue with their leaders so we support them in any way we can.’

Mr. Ismael Nudewu, a community health nurse at Mafi Dekpoe CHPS Compound, was adjudged the most hardworking health worker in the district.

He told the GNA that despite the challenges he faced at the facility, he would endeavour to work hard to save lives and called on his colleagues to continue to demonstrate professionalism and show love to patients.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Church members advised against letting their pastors dictate to them who to vote for in general elections

The author of this publication is strongly admonishing Ghanaian church members to not allow their pastors to tell them which direction they must vote come general elections.

These pastors and prophets, whether their instruction to their church members to vote for a particular person or political party is based on their own selfish and parochial interests or the collective interests of their church members, must be scrutinized, and possibly, not swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Are most of these so-called pastors and prophets indeed men of God? Does the bible not tell us that by their actions we shall know them?

I have come across a video in which one pastor or prophet Adom Kyei Duah, was directing his church members not to vote for a person who insults. Fine.

Is he himself a true man of God? Does he ensure that his church members have the same access to the benefits that he enjoys? Does he still not take offerings and possibly, tithes, from the poor members of his church for his personal enjoyment?

Does he expect the church members to vote for non-insulting persons who may rather be corrupt, visionless, incompetent, and without the love of the collective interests of the nation and citizens at heart?

Does he want his church members, who are like sheep without an honest shepherd to guard and direct them to vote for persons who have exhibited incapacity to enforce the adherence to the laws, or encourage the disobedience to the laws, to come to govern Ghana?

Look at someone like former President John Dramani Mahama who has publicly promised to allow, encourage, and resource the very group of individuals destroying the nation’s water bodies, arable and fertile lands, and forests and also, allegedly known to be overwhelmingly corrupt, is he much better than the one who insults but is not corrupt and can stop the devastations of the mentioned elements of life?

The author of this publication is calling on Ghanaians to vote for a more visionary, honest, dedicated, capable, and able person who has the resolute determination to curb the lawlessness and joblessness militating against the development of Ghana and the welfare of many ordinary Ghanaians.

The pastors and prophets in manipulating their congregation to exploit them to the hilt, should please cease using politics as a further means to attain their goal.

I wonder why Ghanaians are until now not savvy enough but continue to allow their mostly fake pastors and prophets to deceive them and rip them off.

Ghana should not continue to suffer because of the obvious lack of enforcement of the laws. It is about time we came out of that deplorable situation by voting for one who has the mojo to guarantee the strict enforcement of the laws to yield positive returns to all of us, even if he is an insult-singing parrot.

Fellow Ghanaians, please let us note that without an honest, visionary, dedicated, competent, strict, and fair leader, our country will perpetually wobble in stagnation in poverty, crimes, and economic deprivation.

Prophet Adom Kyei Duah was indirectly directing his congregation to not vote for Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), however, he is the one able to bring about the desired positive changes to Ghana, a country that abounds in lawlessness, official corruption, and other problems made worse by the teeming fake pastors and prophets.

Source: Ghana Web

KOICA, partners construct two boreholes for Zaratinga, Walewale Primary ‘B’ Schools

Two boreholes have been constructed for pupils of Zaratinga Primary and Walewale Primary ‘B’ Schools in the North East Region to help ensure their access to potable water for their various needs during school hours.

Prior to the construction of the boreholes, the over 684 (341 males, 343 females) pupils of the two schools always missed contact hours because they had to go home to drink water whenever they were thirsty with many of the kindergarten pupils not returning to class after such expeditions.

This was disrupting school activities and raising safety and security issues once the pupils were outside the confines of the school.

The two boreholes were constructed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in partnership with ChildFund Korea (CFK), and with the support of Children Believe (CB), and AG CARE Ghana.

It was in line with the Quality and Inclusive Early Childhood Education Services for All Children (QAIECE) project being implemented by KOICA and its partners to strengthen Early Childhood Education in the East and West Mamprusi Municipalities of the North East Region.

The QAIECE, a three-year project funded by KOICA, which commenced in 2022, covers 30 communities in both the West and East Mamprusi Municipalities.

It aims to improve quality Early Childhood Education opportunities for four to five year-old children in the area by improving the quality of education in kindergartens, increasing the involvement of parents and communities in kindergarten education, and strengthening the government’s accountability in kindergarten education.

KOICA and its partners fully support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 4), which aims to ensure that ‘All girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education, and SDGs 6, which seeks to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Apart from the two boreholes, which were handed over to authorities of the two schools, the QAIECE project is also constructing another five Early Childhood Education Centers at Nameaboku, Jawani, Wungu, Wulugu and Kurugu communities, which will be completed and handed over to the beneficiary communities before the end of this year.

This will bring the total beneficiaries to over 1,017 (517 boys and 498 girls) kindergarten children.

Other key deliverables under the QAIECE project include to provide in-service training for 37 teachers in the new curriculum and the Learning Through Play (LTP) methodology, provide training support for 26 School Improvement Support Officers, provision of indoor and outdoor play facilities for five kindergarten facilities, provision of teaching and learning resources for 1,200 pupils and 37 teachers, sensitisation and education of over 3,000 parents and caregivers on the LTP, and monthly radio (sensitisation) programme on the importance of early childhood education.

Source: Ghana News Agency

EC voter registration exercise in Akatsi South received an admirable boost

The voter registration exercise in the Akatsi South constituency has received a commendable boost after the Akatsi South branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) established a mobilization team aimed at driving eligible voters in the various 132 branches in the constituency to the registration center.

The formation of the mobilization team became necessary after the party realized that the turnout was low

The team’s efforts will ensure that eligible voters who may have challenges with transportation and other logistics will be able to register and exercise their voting rights in the upcoming elections.

This initiative has provided a much-needed boost to the voter registration exercise in Akatsi South and is expected to increase the number of registered voters in the constituency.

In a statement signed by Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede, he applauded the party’s constituency executives’ dedication to ensuring maximum participation in the democratic process and encouraged other constituencies in the region to take similar steps to encourage voter registration.

The efforts made by the Akatsi South branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to establish a mobilization team aimed at driving eligible voters to the registration center are indeed commendable, Mr. Gbede stated.

The success of this initiative will not only lead to increased voter turnout but also contribute positively towards building a more inclusive and representative democracy.

According to Mr. Wisdom Akpabli, the Deputy Treasurer of the Akatsi South NDC, the mobilization team was created in response to the low turnout during the first four days of the registration exercise.

As of the fourth day, only a little over 56 eligible voters had been registered at the Akatsi South EC office. Reportedly, this has prompted the constituency executives of Akatsi South to form a mobilization and supervision team, which includes Mr. Antony Owusu Westfalia, Mr. Solo Adotevi, Sulleymana Seidu, and Mr. Daniel Dagba.

Read the full statement below:

I would like to commend the Akatsi South branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for their unwavering dedication and extensive efforts towards the ongoing Electoral Commission (EC) limited registration exercise.

It is truly admirable to witness such a strong commitment to the democratic processes of our country.

The Akatsi South NDC has demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of active political participation and voter registration, and their efforts have undoubtedly contributed to the success of the ongoing exercise.

Through various channels, including mobilization efforts and heightened communication strategies, the party has worked tirelessly to ensure that the people of Akatsi South are informed and engaged in the registration process.

Such commendable efforts by the Akatsi South NDC must not go unnoticed, and I am confident that their hard work will pay off in the upcoming elections.

We want to see this togetherness, commitment, and dedication to the course of the party going forward.

Source: Ghana Web