About Us

The Ghana online news website gathers the news from all over African region and publishes it online for those who are more into the news from this region. The purpose of this news website is to highlight the issues of the African region and try to get it addressed properly by the leaders of the region. We do not have any hidden agenda nor we believe in the biased media coverage and that helps us to be the reliable source of publishing the authentic news of the African region. The mission of our news website is to stand beside the deprived people in the region and raise their concerns in the shape of different news through our various Ghana Press Releases. The proper archiving of the news on our website enables the visitors to get their hands on the news they want to find.

Behind the authentic news on our website, there is a highly professional staff, which is to never compromise on publishing the reliable news, which has no chances to be questioned. This credibility is the landmark that has been achieved by the staff, which sticks to the norms of journalism. The high traffic on our news website from all over the world is only because of the authenticity of the news. That is the indication that we are heading towards the right direction as far as publishing the news is concerned.

The real responsibility is to bring a positive change in people’s lives and improve their living standards by highlighting the economic issues on the website which they face on the daily basis and that is our approach. The African region needs to witness the constant business activities and considering this need, we have come up with providing the platform for the startup businesses in the region to let the people of the rest of the world become their customers. They achieve it through submitting their press releases on our website, as our news website is taken as the trustworthy website by our western regular readers.

The reason for being very much active on social media is its attribute of providing us the feedbacks of the readers regarding the news on our website. We leverage the social media websites in order to keep our website on the right direction and maintain it according to the demands of our regular readers. Since the arrival of the social media the interaction with us has got easier for our readers that give them a sense that their voices are heard. You can get benefited from the services of our website, such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.