Your election testament to your distinguished, stellar sacrifices on your political journey – FoD-GH to Bagbin

Policy think tank Friends of Democracy Ghana (FoD-GH) has lauded Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Bagbin on his election as the new head of the Conference of Speakers and Heads of African Parliaments (CoSAP).

In a statement issued on Friday, 26 May 2023 and co-signed by its Secretary, Awudu Ishaq and its Convener Abubakari Koti Bitis, the policy think tank described Speaker Bagbin’s election as no “mean acknowledgement” of his “individual record and contribution to parliamentary practice and democracy.”

“We at the Friends of Democracy Ghana are enjoined to join the multitudes of other individuals and organisations to congratulate you for this feat and to encourage you to discharge the mandate bestowed on you with the same energy, focus, commitment and dedication that you have always approached everything that you set your sights on in both private and public life,” the Policy think tank stated.

It added: “There is no gainsaying that this honour and recognition by the Conference of Speakers and Heads of African Parliaments is testament to your distinguished and stellar sacrifices in your political journey of over three decades today.”

Source: Ghana Web

The way we are borrowing, a time will come we will pay through the nose – Dr Atuahene

A Banking and finance consultant, Dr. Richard Atuahene, has added his voice to the incessant calls for the government to be cautious about accumulating debt.

He noted that if the debts being acquired are not put to productive, there will come a time Ghana would have to pay under very harsh circumstances.

He said: “The way we are borrowing out and not putting it to productive use, a time will come, we will have to pay through our nose.”

However, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana pledged the Central Banks’ support for banks that may face liquidity issues due to the debt restructuring exercise.

Even though he mentioned that no bank has had to ask for liquidity support so far, Dr. Atuahene is of the belief that the Financial Stability Fund must be strengthened to help banks survive.

“The way out is when the Ghana Financial Stability Fund is done perfectly…If you call on the shareholder to recapitalize these losses whereas the state which brought these losses does nothing, it worsens our fiscal situation,” he was quoted by citinewsroom.

Source: Ghana Web

Until we give credence to fiscal discipline as a tool for judicious spending, our IMF bailout will bear no fruit

In the world’s economies of today, where governments face ever-increasing demands for public services and infrastructure development, the issue of fiscal discipline has become more crucial than ever.

Fiscal discipline refers to the practice of maintaining sound financial management and responsible spending by the government. It is an essential tool that ensures the alignment of revenue and expenditure, preventing budget deficits and unsustainable debt levels. Without giving credence to fiscal discipline, our IMF bailout will bear no fruit, leading to a host of economic challenges in the years ahead.

One of the primary reasons why fiscal discipline is crucial is the limited availability of financial resources. Governments around the world rely on revenue streams such as taxes, fees, and tariffs to finance their expenditure.

However, these resources are finite and subject to various economic factors. Without disciplined spending, the government runs the risk of depleting its revenue reserves, leading to budget deficits. This not only creates an immediate financial strain but also increases the burden on future generations who will bear the weight of accumulated debt.

Keynesian economics has it that, fiscal discipline plays a crucial role in maintaining macroeconomic stability. When governments spend beyond their means, they often resort to borrowing or printing of more money to augment the deficit, which can lead to inflation, currency depreciation, and economic instability.

By adhering to fiscal discipline, the government can avoid these adverse consequences and create an environment conducive enough to sustainable economic growth. It can build confidence among investors, attract foreign direct investment, and promote economic stability, which, in turn, generates higher revenue and supports long-term development.

In conclusion, until we give credence to fiscal discipline as a tool for judicious spending, our IMF bailout will bear no fruit. Fiscal discipline acts as a crucial mechanism for aligning revenue and expenditure, preventing budget deficits, and ensuring sustainable economic growth. It requires the government to prioritize responsible financial management, make informed spending decisions, and avoid unsustainable borrowing practices. By embracing fiscal discipline, the country can achieve macroeconomic stability, attract investment, and build a prosperous future for the citizens.

Source: Ghana Web

‘I can confidently say 80% of our YouTubers defame people to gain viewership’ – Kwabena Kwabena

Renowned Ghanaian musician, Kwabena Kwabena, has expressed his concerns about the state of Ghana’s YouTube community, stating that a significant portion of Ghanaian YouTubers engage in defamatory practices to gain viewership.

In an interview with popular blogger Zionfelix, Kwabena Kwabena lamented the lack of creativity and the focus on negative news and defamation within the Ghanaian YouTube space.

He emphasized the need for content creators to explore diverse and innovative approaches that captivate audiences without resorting to tearing down others.

Kwabena Kwabena also expressed great, worrying concerns about the direction Ghanaian YouTubers have taken in recent years.

According to him, around 80% of Ghanaian YouTube content involves defamatory statements about individuals.

“If you look at Ghana now, I can confidently say 80% of our YouTubers defame people to gain viewership,” he said.

The musician, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and soulful music, urged content creators to embrace more creativity and shift away from the pervasive culture of negativity.

Kwabena Kwabena pointed out that other countries have successfully created a vast array of innovative and captivating content on YouTube.

These creative pieces, he added, attract audiences without resorting to the downfall or teasing of individuals.

“If you look at YouTube and other countries, there are so many other creative pieces which people have embarked on that draw people to watch, but then when you look at ours, it’s only centred on disgracing or their downfall or let’s go and tease someone,” he stated.

He questioned why Ghanaian content creators have predominantly focused on defamatory content, failing to explore alternative avenues that foster positive engagement and creativity.

“Apart from reporting negative news or talking about all these things, can’t we be creative?” he added.

Source: Ghana Web

Video of prisoners smoking ‘wee’, doing drugs openly in a prison yard pops up

A video of prisoners doing all manner of drugs in a male ward of a prison in Ghana has gone viral.

The said video, which has been sighted by GhanaWeb, showed tens of men in a prison yard engaging in different activities.

Some men could be seen bathing in the video while others held buckets as they walked through the yard.

Some of the men can also be seen holding suspected to be drugs. One man was holding a substance suspected to be wee.

At least three of the men could also be seen rolling and transferring substances in small papers suspected to be either wee or cocaine.

The person who took the video can be heard saying in the Twi dialect: “We are doing time in prison”.

Source: Ghana Web

Road to Presidency: I’ll cancel free SHS, change rent control policy, pay the aged monthly – Kumchacha

The founder and leader of the Heavens Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, who is well known as Prophet Kumchacha has listed some of the issues he will tackle when he is voted as the president of Ghana in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

In August 2022 a video that was circulating on social media saw Prophet Kumchacha pronouncing his intention to contest the presidential seat at the ticket of his independent party, Kums People Party (KPP).

The prophet was among the guests who made a special appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz which airs every Saturday evening.

During his engagement on the show, he stated the things he will do for the country when voted into power.

According to him, the first thing he will address is the issue of rent. This is because the amount of money people spend on rent every year or two is expensive, hence, it is high time someone addressed that issue.

He explained: “By God’s grace if I become the president, with the issue of rent, no one will rent a house for two years or one year. In Accra here, someone can use GHC20,000 to rent a room for two years but in this life, we meet situations like sickness, accident, among others and when his rent is due and has no money to pay. So, when I come, people will pay rent every month.

Another issue he said he will tackle is that all the aged above 60 years will be paid by the government because he sees these elderly people to be suffering.

“All the elderly men and women who are 60 years and above will be paid. We leave in a country where these people are really suffering “, he stated.

Lastly, in his words, the Free Senior High School policy will be canceled. He believes most of the government’s expenditure goes into the free SHS policy

He added: “When we are voted into power, this free education will be cancelled. We will cancel the free SHS because it has locked the government’s money that is why the government is suffering that is why they went to IMF”.

Source: Ghana Web

Why Aps Ntumy ended up in a wheelchair contrary to rumours that he got ‘crashed’ by God

There have been so many stories surrounding the man of God, Apostle Michael Ntumy, and why he is now in a wheel chair.

Though he had spoken about it on his 54th birthday in 2017, in a blog post, Apostle Ntumy during the Church of Pentecost’s 2023 annual General Council meeting, held earlier in May 2023, decided to address the long held perception among church members.

In a video which went viral on Tiktok, Apostle Ntumy told members that contrary to perceptions that he was in the wheelchair because God had crashed him for not obeying a prophecy, his current condition was the effect of an accident that happened in 1992 during a trip to Ivory Coast.

He said his wife suffered 3 broken collar bones, and he also suffered spine injury as a result of the accident.

This was how he narrated the story:

“Ghanaians know that Apostle Ntumy is a man of God…What did I hear, the stories where many and told from different angles. But the summary was that God had crashed me, he had knocked me down. Because God threw a prophetic message, had appointed a chairman for the church but I, Apostle Ntumy, refused to give the chairmanship to the one name in the prophecy.

“There was a prophecy that Apostle Ntumy didn’t hand over the chairmanship to the one name in the prophecy, that is why God has crashed him. But many don’t know about the electioneering system at the Church of Pentecost. When somebody’s name is mentioned in a prophecy, the executive council will sit down and discuss it, whether to accept it or not.

“The Executives Council met, including the person named in the prophecy – that Prophet J.E. Ameyaw. The council accepted it. The second stage is to meet the electoral college consisting of all area heads, etc.

“The college also discusses it and then at that level, we vote. Only a simple majority is needed. So we didn’t reject prophet’s name… 55 voted no, 53 voted for him, 3 people didn’t vote… So, beloved members of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ntumy didn’t refuse to present Prophet Ameyaw’s name… We had to go back and propose Apostle Onyinah, who went through and then ended at the 3rd stage and was elected the chairman.

“So, I will like to say that many of those who say these things say it out of ignorance. My problem started in 1992 in Ivory Coast. We were involved in a car accident while on a trip.

“My wife’s collar bone broke into 3, and it affected my spine without my knowledge. I carried this pain for 9 years until I became chairman. The workload increased, and the problem also increased to a point, I couldn’t even stand for more than 3 minutes.

“When I went to for the surgery, the doctor looked at my spine and told me that ‘Dr Ntumy, you have waited for far too long. When I perform this operation, you are going to lose the use of your hands and feet. But you are going to recover. The doctor told me all this and I agreed.”

Source: Ghana Web

Why Amansanboafo Dr John Ampontuah Kumah Esq is loved by the people of the Ejisu constituency

The people of the Ejisu Constituency love Amansanboafo for a variety of reasons.

1. He represents their interests and works hard to bring about positive change in their communities. He keeps in touch with his constituents, listens to their concerns, and works tirelessly to ensure that their needs are met.

2. His dedication to the constituency. Dr John Kumah doesn’t just work within the walls of parliament, but he also spends a lot of time working in the Constituency, meeting with individuals and groups, hosting events, and advocating for their cause. He is passionate about the work that he does, and this enthusiasm often rubs off on the people around him.

3. The constituents appreciate the fact that their member of parliament is approachable, accountable, and transparent. He is always willing to have difficult conversations, answer tough questions, and be honest about his limitations and challenges. This level of honesty and openness builds trust and credibility, and it is one of the reasons why constituents feel such a strong connection with their elected representative.

4. The people of Ejisu, constituency love Amansanboafo because of the positive impact that he has on the communities. He brings about change that improves people’s lives, such as enhancing healthcare services, supporting education, creating jobs, and protecting vulnerable populations. These contributions help to build a sense of pride and loyalty to the member of parliament, and it is one of the reasons why he is cherished and respected so much by his constituents.

In conclusion, constituents love Dr John Kumah for a variety of reasons, including his dedication, passion, approachability, accountability, transparency, and positive impact on the communities. He works hard to build connections and bring about meaningful change, and it is this hard work and dedication that earns the admiration and appreciation of his constituents.

Source: Ghana Web