Ai-Media Unveils AI-driven LEXI 3.0: The Future of Live Automatic Captioning

LEXI 3.0

Introducing the latest release LEXI, the world’s most advanced automatic captioning solution. With cutting edge features and unmatched accuracy, LEXI revolutionizes automatic captioning to deliver results that rival human captions at a fraction of the cost.

SYDNEY, Australia, May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ai-Media, the global leader in professional captioning solutions, is proud to announce the launch of LEXI 3.0, the new and improved version of its flagship live automatic captioning solution. With cutting-edge enhancements and new features, LEXI 3.0 is the world’s most accurate and advanced automatic captioning solution, delivering results that rival human captions at a fraction of the cost.

Independent audits confirm that LEXI 3.0 consistently delivers results with 35% fewer recognition, formatting, and punctuation errors than the previous version.

Critically, LEXI 3.0 introduces new automated features, including speaker identification and AI-powered caption placement to avoid on-screen interference. Average quality results have increased significantly from 98.2% to 98.7% NER with this release.

LEXI 3.0 is an affordable on-demand solution perfect for live captioning a wide range of content types – from linear TV broadcast, OTT, Live Sports, and live streams, to meetings, events, lectures, and more.

Ai-Media’s Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Abrahams, said:

“20 years in the making, we’ve finally cracked the holy grail of making live automatic captioning a reality. LEXI 3.0 is a game-changer. We’re seeing accelerating adoption of automatic captioning driven by a significant increase in quality, reduction in latency, and release of new AI features that previously required manual intervention, such as speaker changes and placement of captions to not obscure important visuals.

“LEXI 3.0 is available immediately for existing Ai-Media customers at no additional cost and is delivered with any iCap Encoder (hardware, Alta, and Falcon) connected to Ai-Media’s iCap Cloud Network.”

To learn more about LEXI 3.0, click here.

About Ai-Media

Founded in Australia in 2003, technology company Ai-Media is a global leader in the provision of high-quality live and recorded captioning, transcription, and translation solutions. The company helps the world’s leading broadcasters, enterprises, and government agencies ensure high accuracy, secure and cost-effective captioning via its AI-powered LEXI automatic captioning solution and end-to-end range of captioning hardware. Globally, Ai-Media technology delivers 7 million minutes of live and recorded media content, online events, and web streams every month. Ai-Media (ASX: AIM) commenced trading on the ASX on 15 September 2020. For more information on Ai-Media please visit

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‘Grow up’ – Movie director slams Shatta Wale over controversial tweet against Stonebwoy fans

Movie director, Sammy Rasta, has asked dancehall artiste Shatta Wale to grow up and stop making unnecessary comments about other artistes in the music industry.

Sammy made the call after Shatta Wale’s tweet about Stonebwoy’s new album, “5th Dimension,” which he said contained both positive and negative comments.

Speaking in an interview with TV XYZ on May 3, 2023, he said that while Shatta Wale’s call on his fans not to trash Stonebwoy’s album was positive, he went on to insult his fans by suggesting that they lacked the sense to stop comparing the two.

“5th Dimension, Stonebwoy’s 17th track album, he has tried hard, and when you listen to the kind of songs on the album, very beautiful. So, after the release of the Album, I sighted a tweet by the almighty Shatta Wale, to me the tweet is in two ways, there is a positive side to the tweet but I think that some part that he included was needless.

“He said ‘No SM fans should trash Stonebwoy album, then he continued that if his (Stonebwoy’s) fans don’t have the sense to stop the comparison leave them’. I don’t remember Stonebwoy posting your album launch so there wouldn’t have been any problem if you also don’t post his,” he said.

Sammy questioned the motive behind Shatta Wale’s comments, asking if he was trying to promote Stonebwoy’s album or instigate his fans to attack Stonebwoy’s fans.

“But whereby you start to insult Stonebwyoy’s fans that they don’t have sense and they want to start the comparison. Which comparison are we talking about here? Are you in this case trying to promote the album or you are trying to instigate your fans to attack Stonebwoy fans, at this moment that we are supposed to celebrate one thing, and that is the Stonebwoys album.

According to him, such unnecessary comments were not needed at a time when the focus should be on celebrating Stonebwoy’s album.

He added that if Shatta Wale wanted his fans to support Stonebwoy’s album, he should tell them to do so and not make inflammatory statements that could cause division in the industry.

He called on Shatta Wale to grow up and desist from making comments that could harm the industry’s progress.

“If you want your fans to support Stonebwoy’s album, tell them…all these things are unnecessary, I think that Shatta should grow up…you know someone will say that he just wants to fit in the conversation now but is it the way forward for Ghana music?” he asked.

Source: Ghana Web

‘The real threat to our existence as a country is Akufo-Addo’ – Sam Pee Yalley

Former Ambassador to India, Sam Pee Yalley, has described President Nana Akufo-Addo as a major threat to the country’s security and existence.

Speaking in an interview with TVXYZ on May 2, 2023, the former ambassador cited the president’s personal attributes and reckless policies as reasons for his assertion.

According to him, president Akufo-Addo consistently divides Ghanaians along political lines, creating an “us and them” mentality. This, he believes, is a source of potential conflict that the country cannot afford.

“The real threat to our security is Nana Akufo-Addo. The real threat to our existence as a country is Nana Akufo-Addo… because of his personal attributes, you know if you have a president who says “us and them” then the president consistently divides us into NPP and NDC.

“…that is one source that can create the problem we are trying to avoid now. The president is bringing policies that do not sit and seek our collective responses. Whatever they want to do, they do it, no matter what. They can even deploy soldiers to go and kill innocent Ghanaians that are going to vote, and the last time I checked, one of the pillars of democracy is voting,” he said.

He also accused the president of implementing policies without seeking collective input.

Sam Pee Yalley also pointed out that many graduates remained unemployed for years, causing frustration among the youth.

He called on the government to reconsider its policies and approach to governance to avoid potential conflict and ensure the country’s long-term stability.

“…this government has run very reckless programs and that is why I think that Akufo Addo’s government is a major threat to our security because look, you are running a program that says that don’t employ any young person for the period of the programme. Now your son finishes Legon, he is at home for the last three years. His sister also finishes ‘Cape Vars’ and she also comes home, his third brother is about to finish TECH, and they are all coming home, is it not frustrating?” he added.

Source: Ghana Web

‘My house help was provided by my current girlfriend’ – Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian highlife singer Kuami Eugene has explained his current relationship with his house help, Mary, whom he usually flaunts online.

Social media has witnessed the strong rapport that exists between the singer and his house help in several instances and this has somewhat sparked concerns among netizens.

Some netizens have even alleged that Eugene and his house help could be having a sexual affair.

But reacting to the claims in an interview with Delay, ‘The Rockstar’ has emphasized that nothing of that sort can happen.

According to him, they have outlined strict boundaries for each other in the house.

“It will never happen. I respect myself so much so it won’t happen. Mark my words. We have set boundaries for ourselves and I am even not home mostly. I see Mary to be my relative even though we hail from different places. Mary has a good rapport with my mother. My mother always reminds her that she is the one taking care of me,” he told Delay.

As the conversation went on, Kuami Eugene disclosed that Mary was introduced to him by his current girlfriend.

“The one who brought Mary to me felt is someone who felt it isn’t safe for me to live alone. I used to live with only dogs in my house. My current girlfriend brought her to me,” he added.

A confused Delay asked, “So your girlfriend brought her to you and she has assumed the seat as the Madam of the house, right? But I thought you granted an interview two weeks ago saying that you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Kuame Eugene replied, “We are the type that often break up and come back together.”

Source: Ghana Web

Government is working to ease economic challenges of Ghanaians

The Member of Parliament for Agona West, Mrs Cynthia Mamle Morrison, has said government is working hard to turn the melt down economy around to ease the excessive cost of living of Ghanaians. She said the government was aware of the economic crisis and was putting prudent measures in place to reduce the hardship. The MP gave the assurance when she addressed supporters of the New Patriotic Party after four-hour health walk to mark the International May Day at Agona Swedru in the central region. The walk also coincided with the celebration of one year anniversary of election of constituency executives into office. All 31 electoral areas polling station executives and coordinators took part in the walk which started from Agona Swedru PWD office and ended at Otabilkrom Astro Turf. Mrs Morrison who is also the former Minister of Gender, Children and Social protection, congratulated Ghanaian workers for their hard work and selfless dedication to duty and expressed the hope that their expectations and aspirations would be met to promote the wellbeing of all. The MP said the government was poised to outline policies and programmes that would propel the economy back in the next few years to create opportunities to minimize the challenges in the country. She said government under President Akufo-Addo was focused and would bring back financial stability to curtail the cost of goods and services and appealed to Ghanaians to bear with the government. She said the tough time was a global financial problem and hoped that it would end through hard work and dedication of government. The MP expressed the hope that the delegates would vote to retain her in the next parliamentary primary to continue her decent work to help create quality living standards. Alhaji Gibrin Tanko, Agona West constituency Chairman thanked the supporters for their full participation and pledged that the exercise would not be a nine-day wonder. He said it would be an annual programme instituted by the constituency executives to serve as a platform to revive the party at the grassroots to win the 2024 elections. Alhaji Gibrin Tanko called for level playing field for other members with interest to contest the parliamentary primary and urged all to conduct their campaigns in a fair manner to avert confusion.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Okuapehene celebrates Chief Imam on 104th birthday

The Okuapehene, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III, has hailed the the National Chief Iman, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu for his role in promoting peace and ensuring a harmonious relationship between the Christian and Islamic communities in Ghana. Oseadeeyo Akuffo who applauded the Chief Imam for his philanthropic duties when he paid a historic visit to the Chief Imam to celebrate his 104th birthday with him also presented an undisclosed amount of money and assorted items including a bull to the Chief Imam. The Okuapehene was accompanied by some members of the Akwapem Traditional Council.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Feeding your baby must be fun, responsive – Nutritionist tells mothers

Mr Samuel Atuahene Antwi, the Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate Nutritionist, has advised mothers against becoming frustrated when feeding their babies who may reject breast milk or any other food. ‘Some mothers get frustrated with the little resistance from the baby, thereby forcing the child to eat against his or her will and the size of the stomach,’ he said. ‘This is inappropriate and so mothers and caregivers must have the patience and time to feed the babies well to promote good health.’ He, therefore, encouraged mothers to make feeding fun and responsive rather than forceful and frustrating, which may hurt the baby. Mr Antwi said this at the weekly programme of the Tema Regional Office, Ghana News Agency, dubbed: ‘Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility.’ The programme is to help promote health-related communication and provide information to influence personal health choices. The Nutritionist encouraged mothers to sing, play, and create a conducive feeding time with their babies, as forcing them would make them associate eating with pain. Mothers must also endeavour to follow the six-month rule of exclusive feeding after which the child should be introduced to the family food to acquire the needed nutrients and protection. Due to the antibodies mothers already had, exclusive breastfeeding helped to pass on those antibodies to the babies and build their immunity to protect them against diseases in the first six months of birth and beyond. ‘After six months, the growing child’s energy and nutritional requirements, such as Vitamin A, become greater than what the breastmilk contains, hence the need to start complementary feeding, which involves introduction to the family food while breastfeeding alongside,’ he said. While doing the complementary feeding, parents must pay close attention to pick up any food allergies and take the necessary precautions. Speaking on malaria, Dr Dorothy Hanson, a Medical Officer at the International Maritime Hospital, encouraged the public to do a laboratory test for malaria if they continued to experience symptoms after having used a Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT). She said the RPT could aid in the diagnosis but it was not always successful due to how it was administered. ‘Microscopy laboratory testing has remained the ‘gold standard’ for malaria testing due to its dependability and accuracy, since it can locate and count the number of parasites in the patient for the appropriate therapy,’ she added. Mr Francis Ameyibor, the Regional Manager, GNA Tema Office, said research showed that media efforts at raising awareness on health had helped to improve public well-being, healthwise, which was commendable.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Applications for 2023 Public Sector Fellowship opens Monday, May 8

The Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana), a leadership development organisation, has announced a call for applications to its annual Public Sector Fellowship, which opens on Monday, May 8. The Fellowship is a unique one-year programme aimed at recruiting highly motivated individuals to be agents of change in Ghana and Africa and help to transform the public sector and policy-influencing organisations. The EPL Ghana, in a statement to the Ghana News Agency, on Wednesday, said the programme was seeking to recruit its next class of leaders who would not only work in the public service but across different organisations, working to improve governance and the delivery of public goods and services. Thus, applications for its Cohort 5 Fellowoship would be opened from Monday May 08 to Friday, June 02, 2023. ‘To be eligible for the programme, applicants must be Ghanaian nationals with no criminal history, should have completed their National Service at the time of application, and should not be above 32 years of age at the time of application,’ it said. The EPL Ghana said 80 young people had so far been trained and were working across the Civil Service to help deliver government services and achieve key efficiencies. ‘For five years, EPL Ghana partnered with the Government of Ghana through the Office of the Head of Civil Service, to train and develop a crop of ethical and competent young Civil Service professionals, committed to good governance and excellent delivery of public goods and services,’ it said. Commenting on the new call for applications, Ms Elizabeth Ofori, the Senior Programmes Manager, EPL Ghana, said: ‘Based on learnings and feedback from stakeholders and partners, we have identified the need to move beyond the Civil Service and operate within the wider Public Sector.’ The Country Director of EPL Ghana, Ms Juliet Amoah said: ‘We are excited to recruit 25 exceptional Fellows for our new one-year Fellowship, who are resilient and keen on making a huge impact in their communities and who want to see improvements in the way public services are delivered. ‘This programme will equip these young graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to become transformative public sector leaders or change agent catalysts.’

Source: Ghana News Agency