‘The real threat to our existence as a country is Akufo-Addo’ – Sam Pee Yalley

Former Ambassador to India, Sam Pee Yalley, has described President Nana Akufo-Addo as a major threat to the country’s security and existence.

Speaking in an interview with TVXYZ on May 2, 2023, the former ambassador cited the president’s personal attributes and reckless policies as reasons for his assertion.

According to him, president Akufo-Addo consistently divides Ghanaians along political lines, creating an “us and them” mentality. This, he believes, is a source of potential conflict that the country cannot afford.

“The real threat to our security is Nana Akufo-Addo. The real threat to our existence as a country is Nana Akufo-Addo… because of his personal attributes, you know if you have a president who says “us and them” then the president consistently divides us into NPP and NDC.

“…that is one source that can create the problem we are trying to avoid now. The president is bringing policies that do not sit and seek our collective responses. Whatever they want to do, they do it, no matter what. They can even deploy soldiers to go and kill innocent Ghanaians that are going to vote, and the last time I checked, one of the pillars of democracy is voting,” he said.

He also accused the president of implementing policies without seeking collective input.

Sam Pee Yalley also pointed out that many graduates remained unemployed for years, causing frustration among the youth.

He called on the government to reconsider its policies and approach to governance to avoid potential conflict and ensure the country’s long-term stability.

“…this government has run very reckless programs and that is why I think that Akufo Addo’s government is a major threat to our security because look, you are running a program that says that don’t employ any young person for the period of the programme. Now your son finishes Legon, he is at home for the last three years. His sister also finishes ‘Cape Vars’ and she also comes home, his third brother is about to finish TECH, and they are all coming home, is it not frustrating?” he added.

Source: Ghana Web