Conagen’s Grant Award Opens New Markets for Monoclonal Antibodies

Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Conagen’s Conamax platform benefits developing countries and patients globally.

Bedford, Mass., March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given a grant to Conagen to support further development of its Conamax(TM) platform for the production of accessible low-cost and high-quality monoclonal antibodies, benefitting developing countries and patients globally.

The high cost of monoclonal antibody (mAb) production makes blockbuster drugs expensive, limiting the markets in which these molecules can be applied and limiting access to large patient populations in developing and industrialized countries. The reason for high production costs is, in part, intrinsic to the use of mammalian cell expression systems for antibody manufacturing.

“The Conamax platform was originally conceived to address this global unmet need, so we are thrilled to have the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help develop affordable antibody therapeutics,” said Casey Lippmeier, Ph.D., vice president of innovation at Conagen.

With rapid cell growth, human-compatible glycan structures, and demonstrated world-scale fermentation bioprocesses, the Conamax platform holds several advantages over Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines and other mammalian expression systems, as well as other microbial platforms.

The foundation grant funds the bench-scale development of a proof-of-concept study of a continuous purification process, customized to inputs from Conamax and potentially other microbial host organisms. With large-scale advancements, Conagen envisions that this process will be capable of continuously purifying mAbs from material generated in bioreactors with volumes greater than 250,000 liters.

As a significant advantage, the process will not require expensive binding proteins or other expensive column purification steps. This process will enable economies of scale which are not accessible to CHO or other mammalian-derived cell systems while also providing rapid, high-throughput purification of large amounts of antibody.

“Incumbent antibody manufacturing and purification processes based on Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines have brought tremendous advancements to biopharmaceuticals,” said Lippmeier. “However, CHO cell systems are comparatively low volume, expensive, and do not enable low cost and efficient purification of large amounts of antibodies.”

According to McKinsey, in 2019, global sales revenue for all mAb drugs was nearly $163 billion, representing about 70% of the total sales for all biopharmaceutical products, approximately $230 billion. That is about a 50% growth in sales and proportion since 2013, when it was $75 billion.

Continued growth in sales of currently approved mAb products, along with more than 1,200 mAb product candidates currently in development — many for multiple indications — will continue to drive the overall sales of all biopharmaceutical products.

“We’re unlocking the way to make drugs more affordable and, while doing so, opening additional markets for biologics,” said Lippmeier.


About Conagen
Conagen is a product-focused synthetic biology R&D company with large-scale manufacturing service capabilities. Our scientists and engineers use the latest synthetic biology tools to develop high-quality, sustainable, nature-based products by precision fermentation and enzymatic bioconversion. We focus on the bioproduction of high-value ingredients for food, nutrition, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceutical, and renewable materials industries.


Ana Arakelian, head of public relations and communications

LeddarTech Will Unlock the Value of Raw Data Fusion and Perception at Automotive Tech.AD Berlin (Germany) on April 3-5, 2022

Environmental perception technology for safer autonomous driving with better detection

QUEBEC CITY, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LeddarTech®, a global leader in providing the most flexible, robust and accurate ADAS and AD sensing technology, is pleased to announce its participation at Automotive Tech.AD Berlin at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel Berlin as an exhibitor and keynote speaker.

April 4-5, 2022: LeddarTech’s LeddarVision™ Demonstrator Space (live and virtual)

Join the LeddarTech team for real-world demonstrations of LeddarVision. The only sensor fusion and perception software using raw data fusion that simplifies complex sensor sets eliminates the dependency on hardware and provides customers the flexibility to quickly scale solutions across vehicle models, delivering greater ADAS and AD performance.

Meet the CTO of LeddarTech, Pierre Olivier, a pioneer in sensing with over 30 years of experience presenting at these events during the conference:

  • Sunday, April 3, 2022, 19:45 – 23:00 CET: Icebreaker Session

Topic: The Road to Full Automation – Progress and Challenges

  • Monday, April 4, 2022, 10:00 – 10:30 CET: Presentation

Topic: Sensing and Perception Technology – Solutions That Solve Critical Sensing Challenges

Learn about LeddarVision, a raw-data sensor fusion and perception platform that generates a comprehensive 3D RGBD environmental model with multi-sensor support for camera, radar and LiDAR configurations. This software-centric solution delivers superior perception performance exhibited through path planning, free space detection and enhanced object detection, tracking and classification.

About Automotive Tech.AD Berlin

Tech.AD Europe fuels you with new ideas, connections and inspiration. This event is directed at advanced engineers and automotive experts from OEMs, Tier 1s, automotive suppliers, solution providers and leading research institutes focusing on AI + machine learning, sensor and perception technologies, software architectures and AV platforms, testing and validation, commercial vehicles and early deployment, connectivity and 5G, infrastructures and smart cities, safety and security and more. Join over 500 of the most influential technical autonomous vehicle experts and executives in Berlin and online! Join LeddarTech either in person or digitally by registering today at

About LeddarTech

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech is a comprehensive end-to-end environmental sensing company that enables customers to solve critical sensing, fusion and perception challenges across the entire value chain. LeddarTech provides cost-effective perception solutions scalable from Level 2+ ADAS to Level 5 full autonomy with LeddarVision™, a raw-data sensor fusion and perception platform that generates a comprehensive 3D environmental model from a variety of sensor types and configurations. LeddarTech also supports LiDAR manufacturers and Tier 1-2 automotive suppliers with key technology building blocks such as LeddarSteer™ digital beam steering and the LiDAR XLRator™, a development solution for automotive-grade solid-state LiDARs based on the LeddarEngine™ and core components from global semiconductor partners. The company is responsible for several innovations in cutting-edge automotive and mobility remote-sensing applications, with over 100 patented technologies (granted or pending) enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities.

Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Daniel Aitken, Vice-President, Global Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations, LeddarTech Inc.
Tel.: + 1-418-653-9000 ext. 232

Investor Relations contact :

Leddar, LeddarTech, LeddarSteer, LeddarEngine, LeddarVision, LeddarSP, LeddarCore, LeddarEcho, VAYADrive, VayaVision, XLRator and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of LeddarTech Inc. and its subsidiaries. All other brands, product names and marks are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks used to identify products or services of their respective owners.

LeddarTech fera la démonstration de la fusion de données brutes de capteurs et de ses solutions de perception lors de l’événement Automotive Tech.AD Berlin du 3 au 5 avril

Une technologie de détection et de perception environnementale plus efficace pour une conduite assistée ou autonome plus sûre

QUÉBEC, 29 mars 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LeddarTech®, chef de file de calibre mondial en technologie de détection précise, robuste et polyvalente pour les systèmes avancés d’aide à la conduite (systèmes ADAS) et de conduite autonome (systèmes AD), est heureuse d’annoncer sa participation à l’événement Automotive Tech.AD Berlin au Titanic Chaussee Hotel Berlin à titre d’exposant et de présentateur.

4-5 avril 2022 : démonstration du système LeddarVision™ de LeddarTech (en direct et en virtuel)

Joignez-vous à l’équipe LeddarTech pour des démonstrations de la solution LeddarVision en situation réelle. Ce logiciel de fusion de données de capteurs et de perception unique, qui utilise la fusion de données brutes de capteurs et simplifie les combinaisons complexes de capteurs, élimine la dépendance à un équipement spécifique et offre aux clients la souplesse nécessaire pour adapter rapidement leurs solutions à tous les modèles de véhicules, en améliorant leurs performances en termes d’aide à la conduite et de conduite autonome.

Rencontrez le chef de la technologie de LeddarTech, Pierre Olivier, un pionnier de la détection avec plus de trente ans d’expérience, qui présentera lors de ces événements durant la conférence :

  • Dimanche 3 avril 2022, 19 h 45 – 23 h 00 HEC : séance d’introduction

Sujet : La voie vers l’automatisation complète – Progrès et défis

  • Lundi 4 avril 2022, 10 h 00 – 10 h 30 HEC : présentation

Sujet : Technologies de détection et de perception – Des solutions qui résolvent des défis critiques en matière de détection

Découvrez LeddarVision, une plateforme de fusion de données brutes de capteurs et de perception qui génère un modèle environnemental RGBD 3D détaillé à partir de configurations multicapteurs supportant caméra, radar et LiDAR.   Cette solution centrée sur le logiciel offre des performances de perception supérieures démontrées avec planification de trajectoire, détection des espaces libres ainsi que détection, classification et suivi améliorés des objets.

À propos de Automotive Tech.AD Berlin

Tech.AD Europe vous permet de faire le plein de nouvelles idées, de contacts et d’inspiration. Cet événement de haut niveau s’adresse aux ingénieurs avancés et aux experts des équipementiers et fournisseurs automobiles, fournisseurs de solutions et instituts de recherche de pointe spécialisés dans l’IA et l’apprentissage automatique, les technologies de perception et de détection, les architectures logicielles et les plateformes pour véhicules automatisés, l’expérimentation et la validation, les véhicules commerciaux et le déploiement rapide, la connectivité et la 5G, les infrastructures et les villes intelligentes, la sûreté et sécurité, et plus. Rejoignez à Berlin et en ligne plus de 500 des experts et cadres les plus influents en matière de véhicules autonomes! Joignez-vous à LeddarTech en personne ou en distanciel en vous inscrivant aujourd’hui sur

À propos de LeddarTech

Fondée en 2007, LeddarTech propose des solutions de détection environnementale exhaustives et intégrées qui permettent à ses clients de résoudre des problèmes critiques en matière de détection, de fusion de données et de perception tout au long de la chaîne de valeur. LeddarTech offre des solutions de perception optimisées et évolutives appuyant les niveaux d’autonomie 2+ (aide à la conduite) jusqu’à 5 (autonomie complète) avec LeddarVision™, une plateforme de fusion de données de capteurs brutes et de perception qui génère un modèle environnemental 3D détaillé à partir d’une variété de configurations et de types de capteurs. LeddarTech soutient également les fabricants de LiDARs et les fournisseurs automobiles de rang 1 et 2 en proposant des blocs technologiques clés comme l’orientation numérique du faisceau LeddarSteer™ ou le LiDAR XLRator™, la solution de développement de LiDARs solid-state de classe automobile basée sur le LeddarEngine™ et qui intègre des composants clés provenant de leaders mondiaux des semiconducteurs. Détentrice de plus de 100 technologies brevetées (brevets accordés ou en instance), la société a contribué à plusieurs innovations liées à des applications de télédétection de pointe destinées au marché automobile et de la mobilité et qui améliorent les capacités des systèmes d’aide à la conduite et de conduite autonome.

Renseignements complémentaires disponibles sur et sur LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook et YouTube.

Contact :
Daniel Aitken, vice-président, Marketing, communications et relations avec les investisseurs mondiaux, LeddarTech Inc.
Tél. : + 1-418-653-9000 poste 232

Contact relations investisseurs :

Leddar, LeddarTech, LeddarSteer, LeddarEngine, LeddarVision, LeddarSP, LeddarCore, LeddarEcho, VAYADrive, VayaVision, XLRator et les logos associés sont des marques de commerce ou des marques déposées de LeddarTech Inc. et de ses filiales. Tous les autres noms de marques, noms de produits et marques sont ou peuvent être des marques de commerce ou des marques déposées utilisées pour désigner les produits ou les services de leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Synchronoss Personal Cloud Enables Kitamura’s PicStorage Service

Multimedia Retailer to Offer PicStorage Cloud Solution to Millions of Customers

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (“Synchronoss” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: SNCR), a global leader and innovator in cloud, messaging and digital products and platforms, today announced that Kitamura, the leading multimedia retailer in Japan, has launched a white-label version of the Synchronoss Personal Cloud under the name PicStorage.

Kitamura is one of Japan’s leading retailers offering image-related services and products, including cameras, photo printing, video dubbing, photo studio, photo books and more. The retailer has over 1,000 retail locations across the country with over 20 million paying visitors each year and approximately 10 million consumers registered in its online services. Through this integration, Kitamura will be able to provide seamless online and retail experiences with the new PicStorage personal cloud offering.

“In addition to our carrier and service provider partners, Synchronoss is exploring new applications for our cloud platform,” said Yosuke Morioka, General Manager, Synchronoss Japan. “Our collaboration with Kitamura and their launch of PicStorage is just one example of how the Synchronoss Personal Cloud can be leveraged as a value-add service across multiple industries and verticals. “

Kitamura will offer PicStorage as a subscription-based service. It will include a branded app and access to an online portal to store, manage, and share digital content.

“The launch of PicStorage is a perfect extension of our product and services portfolio,” said Hajime Yanagisawa, Chief Digital Officer & Managing Executive Officer, Kitamura. “Now millions of our customers will be able to safeguard their digital content in the cloud and share them with friends and family. PicStorage allows the customer to experience new ways to organize and enjoy their photos and memories. Kitamura will continue to expand this service with photo related services that will enhance the customer experience.”

In addition to Kitamura, Synchronoss has customers in the US, Europe, and Asia, including Verizon, AT&T, Tracfone, Assurant, Allstate Protection Plans, Telkomsel, BT, Proximus and SFR.

About Kitamura
Kitamura is a leading company of photographic and video-related products and services in Japan. The company owns Japan’s largest in-house laboratories (photo and video processing factories) and delivers its services and products via more than 1,000 retail stores nationwide and online. It is the company’s mission to provide services to shape customer memories not only at that moment but also for decades to come, restore photos, and revive precious memories.

About Synchronoss

Synchronoss Technologies (Nasdaq: SNCR) builds software that empowers companies around the world to connect with their subscribers in trusted and meaningful ways. The company’s collection of products helps streamline networks, simplify onboarding, and engage subscribers to unleash new revenue streams, reduce costs and increase speed to market. Hundreds of millions of subscribers trust Synchronoss products to stay in sync with the people, services, and content they love. That’s why more than 1,500 talented Synchronoss employees worldwide strive each day to reimagine a world in sync. Learn more at

Media Relations Contact:
Domenick Cilea

Investor Relations Contact:
Matt Glover / Tom Colton
Gateway Group, Inc.

Black Stars arrive in Abuja ahead of epic clash

The senior national team, the Black Stars arrived in Abuja, Nigeria on Monday evening ahead of their epic clash against the Super Green Eagles of Nigeria.

Information gathered by the GNA Sports reveals that, the team arrived in Abuja by Africa World Airlines at 17:00GMT and trained late in the night at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium – Abuja.

With the exception of Edmund Addo who missed the 1st leg due to injury, all the 26 invited players made the trip to Nigeria.

They included:

Goalkeepers: Lawrence Ati Zigi, Joseph Wollacot, Nurudeen Manaf, and Richard Ofori


Dennis Odoi, Gideon Mensah, Andy Yiadom, Alexander Djiku, Daniel Amartey, Joseph Aidoo, Montari Kamaheni, Mumin Suleman and Dennis Korsah


Idrissu Baba, Mohammed Kudus, Elisha Owusu, Thomas Partey, and Daniel Kofi Kyereh


Felix Afena Gyan, Jordan Ayew, Christopher Antwi Adjei, Issahaku Abdul Fatawu, Kwasi Okyere Wreidt, Osman Bukari, Yaw Yeboah, Joseph Paintsil.

The first leg ended 0-0 at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi last Thursday setting the stage for an epic showdown in Abuja.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Nhyiaeso MP donates 1,100 furniture, computers to schools

Kumasi, March 29, GNA – Dr Stephen Amoah, Member of Parliament (MP) for Nhyiaeso, has donated a total of 1,100 tables and chairs to some public senior high, junior high and basic schools in the area.

Added to these were 20 set of computers and accessories and a multi-purpose printer machine.

The beneficiary schools were Opoku Ware Senior School (OWASS), Kumasi Senior High Technical School (KSTS), St Hubert Seminary Senior High School, Prince of Peace Senior High, J.A Kuffour Senior High and Apraman M/A Cluster of Schools.

Dr Amoah, presenting the items at a short ceremony in Kumasi, noted that quality education was the most integral component of development in any society, and pledged to give a premium to the educational value chain in the area.

He indicated that there were numerous activities being undertaken in the constituency to uplift public schools to a higher standard.

These included awarding of scholarships to needy but brilliant students, rehabilitation of dilapidated schools, provision of potable drinking water, establishment of educational offices to create interface between constituents and the government.

The MP mentioned that plans were underway to secure a security patrolling pickup vehicle to guard the area to address insecurity issues confronting the people.

He said about 80 youth in the area have been provided with sewing, barbering and hairdressing machines to learn employable skills.

Dr Amoah called on stakeholders to upscale the needed efforts in resolving dysfunctional factors that were retarding the growth and progress of communities in the area.

Mr Samuel Payne, the Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive, commended the MP for the prompt educational intervention, adding that the donation would go a long way to tackle inadequate furniture crisis in the schools.

He called on the beneficiary schools to exhibit good maintenance culture to prolong the lifespan of the items.

Mr Payne used the occasion to rally teachers to keep sacrificing and imparting knowledge in children to build a robust educational system.

Source: Ghana News Agency

MSport becomes Borussia Dortmund first ever Africa regional partner

Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund, BVB) has officially announced a new regional partnership with Mobile Sport Limited (MSport). This is Borussia Dortmund’s first-ever partnership in the African continent.

MSport is Africa’s online gaming and betting platform, with strong expertise in technical superiority and service quality, for users in the markets of Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, with aggressive expansion plans in other African nations.

“At MSport, we firmly believe that sports symbolize our spirit of overcoming difficulties. “This is why MSport’s slogan is ‘More than Sport’, as we have always been a passionate purveyor of excellence, opportunities, and growth. An MSport spokesperson described the partnership as a step in the right direction “This is intricately aligned with Borussia Dortmund’s values as a football club. We are delighted that our partnership will enable us to bring our brand as well as Borussia Dortmund closer to our fans in Africa as a whole.”

MSport is an online gaming and entertainment company centred on building relationships and providing unique experiences to its customers.

With its seamless user interface, MSport provides a very high-quality user experience for bettors throughout Africa. The user experience is second to none when you play on the MSport mobile app MSport was founded in Nigeria in 2019 and is likewise operational in Ghana and Uganda. MSport is expanding to other African countries to offer specific and interesting reviews to bettors in addition to creating possibilities for African teenagers.

Within the last three years, MSport has strived to empower youths to help their aspirations and dreams. Just recently, MSport partnered with The Next Titan Entrepreneurial Reality show to empower young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Here are a few high points about MSport

You can visit MSport at MSport

What betting options does MSport offer?

MSport is Ghana’s leading online gaming and entertainment provider, offering unique experiences for our users since 2019. MSport comprehensively covers the most common sports like football, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball as well as e-sports and online games.

What is MSport Millions Giveaway about?

MSport’s weekly giveaway has been running for over a year now. Every Thursday, MSport rewards its users with NGN500, 000, GH¢5000 and UGX1, 000,000 in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda respectively. This giveaway reiterates the brand’s resolve to encourage the African youth and create opportunities for them.

Does MSport have a mobile APP?

MSport has a mobile app that enables users to enjoy a more personalized betting experience.

Source: Ghana Web

NRSA to engage media on road safety interventions ahead of Easter celebrations

Accra, March 29, GNA—The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) will next week, engage the Media on road safety interventions rolled out ahead of the Easter festivities.

Mrs Pearl Adusu, Head of Corporate Affairs, NRSA, told Ghana News Agency that the interventions would focus more on the celebrations at Kwahu, in the Eastern Region, where a greater influx of both humans and vehicles were expected.

“For the past two years, Easter at Kwahu has not been characterised by the usual enthusiasm it carries. However, with the relaxation in COVID-19 measures by the President, it is expected that people will troupe there in their numbers. The heightened euphoria is likely to cause an increase in road crashes. This is why the interventions would focus more on Kwahu,” she said.

She said between January and February 2021, 2,766 people got injured through road crashes, whereas between January and February 2022, 2,663 people got injured.

The above figures represent a 3.72 per cent decrease in road crash injuries within the same period under review.

Mrs Adusu informed that 517 deaths were recorded through road crashes between January and February 2021, however, from January to February this year, 469 deaths occured.

This, she said, represented a 9.28 per cent decrease in deaths through road crashes over the same period under consideration.

Mrs Adusu said the reduction in the road crash indicators was due to various interventions rolled out by the Authority over the past years.

She said the NRSA was hopeful that the interventions to be outlined ahead of the Easter celebrations would further reduce road crash deaths and injuries, and even affect other indicators.

Statistics from the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, indicate that Ghana recorded 15,972 road crashes in 2021.

The crashes led to the death of 2,924 people with 15,680 others sustaining injuries.

More than 90 per cent of road crashes are attributable to indiscipline on the part of road users.

Excessive speeding, overtaking without due care to other vehicles, driving tired on the part of drivers, jaywalking, non-wearing of crash helmet and passing red-light, among others, are some of the common man related factors confronting road safety management strategies.

Source: Ghana News Agency