MSport becomes Borussia Dortmund first ever Africa regional partner

Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund, BVB) has officially announced a new regional partnership with Mobile Sport Limited (MSport). This is Borussia Dortmund’s first-ever partnership in the African continent.

MSport is Africa’s online gaming and betting platform, with strong expertise in technical superiority and service quality, for users in the markets of Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, with aggressive expansion plans in other African nations.

“At MSport, we firmly believe that sports symbolize our spirit of overcoming difficulties. “This is why MSport’s slogan is ‘More than Sport’, as we have always been a passionate purveyor of excellence, opportunities, and growth. An MSport spokesperson described the partnership as a step in the right direction “This is intricately aligned with Borussia Dortmund’s values as a football club. We are delighted that our partnership will enable us to bring our brand as well as Borussia Dortmund closer to our fans in Africa as a whole.”

MSport is an online gaming and entertainment company centred on building relationships and providing unique experiences to its customers.

With its seamless user interface, MSport provides a very high-quality user experience for bettors throughout Africa. The user experience is second to none when you play on the MSport mobile app MSport was founded in Nigeria in 2019 and is likewise operational in Ghana and Uganda. MSport is expanding to other African countries to offer specific and interesting reviews to bettors in addition to creating possibilities for African teenagers.

Within the last three years, MSport has strived to empower youths to help their aspirations and dreams. Just recently, MSport partnered with The Next Titan Entrepreneurial Reality show to empower young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Here are a few high points about MSport

You can visit MSport at MSport

What betting options does MSport offer?

MSport is Ghana’s leading online gaming and entertainment provider, offering unique experiences for our users since 2019. MSport comprehensively covers the most common sports like football, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball as well as e-sports and online games.

What is MSport Millions Giveaway about?

MSport’s weekly giveaway has been running for over a year now. Every Thursday, MSport rewards its users with NGN500, 000, GH¢5000 and UGX1, 000,000 in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda respectively. This giveaway reiterates the brand’s resolve to encourage the African youth and create opportunities for them.

Does MSport have a mobile APP?

MSport has a mobile app that enables users to enjoy a more personalized betting experience.

Source: Ghana Web

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