African interest in Chelsea Football Club evaporates after Friday deadline passes without a bid from Ghanaian Gold Magnate

The Raine Group, a top US bank mandated with handling the sale, had given potential bidders until Friday to make their offers and assured that the process would run smoothly given that any hitches may increase the chance of Chelsea slipping into serious financial trouble.

In the end, it may be said that it was nothing more than a short lived hype and speculation as Africa’s reported interest in the acquisition of Chelsea Football Club did not see the light of day.

It would be naive at best, if not dishonest, to suggest that there was ever really any genuine intent to buy Chelsea by the supposed multi millionaire regarded as one of the wealthiest men in Ghana.

The debate about how “rich” or otherwise the Ghanaian politician is will continue nonetheless.

Since I have been asked so many times by fellow Africans and non Africans in London to shed more light on this mega rich gold miner from Ghana who has such big ambitions.

So for the avoidance of doubt, I proceeded to explain and keep it as simple as possible without “spoiling” Chairman Wontumi.

Usually, when gold is mentioned on the African continent, Ghana is one of the countries that immediately springs to mind.

However when the name Bernard Antwi Boasiako popularly known as Chairman Wontumi popped up as a possible successor to Roman Abramovich, there were shockwaves across the football industry in Ghana. Chairman who?

Yes. Chairman Wontumi is more famed for the colorful use of the English language on political platforms as well as his own lavish vernacular in addressing issues of national interest in Ghana.

Out of “respect” for the man, and of course the benefit of the doubt he also deserves, I have restrained from placing him in a box as just a noisy attention seeking politician.

The title Chairman Wontumi is a name bestowed upon him by adoring followers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The 45-year-old Mr Antwi Boasiako announced that he was interested in the ownership of Chelsea with as much a serious tone as anyone should expect, even if much to the chagrin of some of his countrymen.

Those who dismissed the intentions of the Ghanaian as nonsense had to pause when his spokesman explained that the bid was not a joke or mere publicity stunt.

“Chelsea has a lasting legacy in Africa, players like Didier Drogba and Michael Essien are legends of the club; the opportunity to enhance the club’s reputation in Africa is a very tempting prospect,”

Further adding that there would be a plan to keep Chelsea at the top of English and European football, the vision was spelt out. “Restoring stability and ensuring there are no job losses are among the priorities.”

Enthusiastic talk no doubt but does Chairman Wontumi have the billions needed to take the reigning European giants to the next level after the staged collapse of the Roman Abramovich football empire?

The answer is obviously and unequivocally a big NO.

Millionaire Mr Boasiako is believed to have made his millions through gold mining and gold trading. Currently, his net worth is believed to be 10 Million US dollars, which might not last beyond a month in the day to day running of the English giants.

It is not a fatal verdict of the man who owns and runs a number of vibrant media enterprises in Ghana, but the reality is that alone, he simply cannot pull a serious bid for the blues who need billions and not millions to compete at the highest level.

Credit though deserves to be given to his PR machinery in Ghana for putting his name on the global football stage.

In terms of spin, they have managed to milk and hog the headlines for all the right reasons even if from day one, it was just a wild adventure without a 3 Billion pounds capital to push the agenda.

Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah is a former BBC Reporter and currently the Head of iMax Media a leading Media Organization based in Accra.

Source: Modern Ghana

Ofaakor pastor arrested for allegedly sexually abusing three girls remanded

He has been charged with defilement. The suspect, who is also the head Pastor of Faith Christian Ministry according to Citi News sources, has on several occasions sexually assaulted the teenagers but was arrested by the police after an official complaint was made.

Police say the suspect, upon sensing that they had got wind of his escapades, attempted to escape to his hideout at Ofaakor Alico River but was arrested.

The Ofaakor District Police Commander, DSP Samuel Amfoh, expressed worry over parents leaving their children to attend churches without proper scrutiny, thus urging them to be vigilant.

Speaking to Citi News in an interview, DSP Samuel Amfoh indicated that the suspect will reappear again in court on April 1, 2022.

“Ebenezer Kuma was arraigned and has been remanded. He is to reappear before the court on April 1, 2022. Only one person committed the act, so there’s no need to look for another person. Parents should take very good care of their children. Social media is training the kids more than the parents. Parents should make sure that they monitor their children, especially when they leave them with mobile phones,” he added.

Source: Modern Ghana

Mahama Ayariga to petition CHRAJ to probe soldiers in recent killings in Bawku

some persons in one of the surrounding communities in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

Unhappy with the incident, Mahama Ayariga has noted how he had to push to have the Minister in charge of Defence to increase security surveillance in his Constituency.

“The development is unfortunate. I have been mounting some pressure on the Interior Minister and the Defence Minister to increase security surveillance in Bawku.

“They complied and they increased the numbers. Unfortunately, the conduct of some of the security personnel has been most unfortunate and regrettable to say, the least. Definitely, we need the security in Bawku, we appreciate their presence to separate the various factions and to provide security but the conduct of some of them in the last couple of days has been most regrettable. I think that the mayhem that they unleashed on the Community three days ago, is totally unacceptable,” Mahama Ayariga told TV3 during an appearance on the Key Points programme.

The Bawku Central MP further disclosed that he is going to petition CHRAJ to look into the conduct of the military in his Constituency.

He said the lives lost were needless and those responsible must be held accountable.

“I know that the lives of some soldiers were at stake but unfortunately, the reaction of the soldiers has been very highhanded. I think that we will have to look into that.

“I will personally send a complaint to the CHRAJ for them to investigate the conduct of military in the community. Lives were lost needlessly, people’s properties were destroyed, these are clear human right violations. The fact that Military officers were shot at does not under any circumstances, give the military the moral right to attack innocent civilians, shoot at babies and kill kids,” Mr. Ayariga said.

Source: Modern Ghana

‘Shameful Adwoa Safo blackmailing, holding entire NPP gov’t to ransom’ – Annor Dompreh

The Nsawam-Adoagyiri MP said: “She has no basis whatsoever to behave the way she is behaving”, noting: “I have been quite tolerant and diplomatic about this whole happening relative to Adwoa Safo but the way it is going, she is blackmailing the entire system, and it’s most unfair”.

“Her bevaviour is most unfair and I don’t know what else she wants. You’ve been made a minister; what again? Are you the only NPP member in this party? Are you the only one who has credibility and competence to serve? Is she the only person? She must bow her head down in shame. She is holding everybody to ransom and it is totally unacceptable”, Mr Annor Dompreh fumed in an interview with Accra-based Joy FM on Friday, 18 March 2022.

Ms Safo has been absent from parliament for several weeks.

According to Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong, the former Deputy Majority Leader, with whom he has two children, is demanding that post be restored to her before she would play ball with the Majority Caucus in parliament in voting for the e-levy.

Mr Agyapong made the revelation when he spoke on GTV on Monday, 21 February 2022.

“She says she wants to be a Deputy Majority Leader”, he told the state-run TV station’s morning show, adding: “That woman has failed in life”.

“A whole minister, a cabinet minister, now demanding that she should be made a Deputy Majority Leader before she comes; she should go to hell”, Mr Agyapong dared the mother of two of his many children.

Asked if Adjoa Safo made her request officials, Mr Agyapong said: “Yes, she has requested that”, adding: “Don’t think I have two kids with her and, therefore, I’ll never speak the truth. I’ll speak the truth even at gunpoint and die. That is exactly what she is doing”.

Also, when asked about whether her behaviour is something that could cost her her seat, the Assin Central MP said: “Of course, yes”, explaining: “If you don’t come to parliament and you are TikTok dancing, excuse me”.

“Dome Kwabennya is not for Apostle Kwadwo Safo. Get it straight”, Mr Agyapong told Adjoa Safo.

“And I am very furious because people are insulting me because I went there to campaign for her”, noting: “Mike Oquaye, the Speaker, a man that I respect very well … [I campaigned against his son] because Adjoa used my kids; the kids were calling: ‘Daddy, please, you have to support mummy and do this’, and, now, everybody is insulting me for doing that but I’ve not regretted because she’s very responsible when it comes to the kids so I don’t have a problem”, he noted.

On whether or not her seat should be declared vacant after 15 days of not showing up in parliament as stipulated by the law, Mr Agyapong said: “Why not?” adding: “She should go and contest on TikTok”.

Source: Modern Ghana

NPP can never break the eight – Vim Lady

Radio and Television Personality, Afia Pokuaa has insisted the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) can never break the eight.

She argues that it will take magic to change this considering recent happenings in the country and Ghana’s electoral history.

“With the breaking the eight, after my analysis with Prof., you will understand that NPP can’t break the eight. With the records available, there are all indications that they can’t break the eight unless there’s some form of magic that changes things along the way. They can’t break the eight.”

The NPP government says it intends to make history by winning the 2024 elections.

In Ghana, political parties are not made to stay in power for more than eight years. There has always been a change after eight years for a new government to take over. But the New Patriotic Party believes it can be the first political party to change the statusquo.

The party believes that fulfilling their promise to the people of Ghana will be what will give them the mandate to govern for another eight years.

Vim Lady who was speaking on the rise in fuel prices called on Ghanaians to stop politicizing the rise in fuel prices.

She argued that regardless of the government in power. fuel prices will continue to shoot up.

“With regards to the fuel prices, let’s not attempt to politicize it. From President Mahama, Atta Mills, President Kufour the issue about tax component in fuel pricing has been an issue. The taxes in the fuel pricing is too much so we need to reduce them. But when you look at Africa, especially in Ghana, the taxes we pay we are always told that our revenue is not enough.

The issue is not about how small the taxes are but rather about management. It’s about how to prudently manage the taxes we get. If the government is able to deal with the losses made in the country, it will be able to reduce the taxes on fuel. If the government does not solve that loopholes we will continue to talk to no avail. When NDC they will increase the prices, When PP comes they will increase the prices.

You remember during the President Kufour era when Sadam Hussein and the US were fighting. the prices of fuel in the global market went high as $134 per barrel. We don’t refine our oil so the fuel price increase we are seeing in recent times its not about NDC or NPP, it’s not about breaking the eight,” she said on Accra-based Okay FM.

Source: Modern Ghana

C/R Hunter accidentally shoots himself at Awutu Bonsoku

The sad incident happened Thursday, March 17, 2022 evening around 5:30 PM.

According to ASP Kingsley Asante, District Police Commander of Senya Bereku, the hunter Isaac Bentum returned from hunting on Wednesday, March 16, at 12:00 midnight but did not remove the remaining bullets from his double barrel gun.

He said Isaac, in an attempt to put the gun in its proper place, mistakenly pulled the trigger and fired his own chest, killing him instantly.

According to ASP Kingsley Asante, when police arrived on the site, they discovered the deceased Isaac Bentum’s body in a pool of blood.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the Winneba Trauma Hospital.

Source: Modern Ghana

Don’t turn your old dresses into floor rugs, your spirit still lives in the dress – Spiritualist

He stated that humans are spirits hence everything connected to humans beings has spirits in them including old clothes.

In an interview with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s NsemPii he said, “Even if it’s old and you no longer wear it don’t use it as a rug. Your spirit still lives in the dress even if you no longer wear it”.

He emphasized that, before old clothes can be turned into rugs the spirit living inside them has to be taken out.

“That can only be done by talking to the clothes and calling out the spirit. This is why it is important to wash new clothes whenever you buy them especially clothes that have already been worn by others” he said.

He disclosed that because their spirits are already in the clothes, it can’t be worn without the spirits being called out.

“Some of the clothes are coming from dead people and sick people and if you don’t call them out then, you’re indirectly bringing death and sickness into your life,” he said.

The spiritualist mentioned that, human beings need to know and understand that, we are spirits hence, “everything connected to us also has spirits in them so, we should be careful how we treat our personal belongings especially the clothes we wear”.

Source: Modern Ghana

FIFA U-17 WWCQ: Return encounter won’t be easy but players will deliver – Baba Nuhu

The Maidens hold a 1-0 advantage from the 1st leg and Coach Baba Nuhu wants to ensure that the team records the double against the Young Teranga Lionesses on Sunday.

“The first leg was okay; we won by a goal to nil’’ he told match reporter Matilda Dzimedo.

“That did not make us feel like we are on top because even though we won, we still had a lot of problems to work on and coming back home for the past two weeks, that’s what we have been working on.

Baba Nuhu also touched on working on the team’s conversion rate, how good the Senegalese team was and the need to avoid complacency.

“Winning 1:0 at away does not guarantee or does not tell how good we are because in football when you play, creating chances is one thing and converting the chances is another.

“We played well, created a lot of chances but our conversation rate was low and that is what we have been working on for the past two weeks to try as much as possible to play well, create those chances and then try to convert them.

“Our opponent wasn’t bad at all because they also created a couple of chances that they could have utilized but as young as both teams are, I think they also have problems that I should think have worked on”.

The gaffer further expressed confidence in his charges to deliver all three points against Senegal.

“For the return leg, I know it is not going to be easy but I trust myself, I trust my technical staff and I trust my players to deliver for Ghanaians. Whatever I tell them considering the kind of training I have taken them through, I have every hope that with the corrections made, we are going to play well and win convincingly”.

The only thing is that we are calling on Ghanaians to give us maximum support because the technical team and the players are all ready to win for ourselves and Ghana. We need the prayers and support of everybody on Sunday so we can win and progress’’ he added.

The game is scheduled for 3pm kick-off at the Accra Sports Stadium on March 20, 2022.

The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup is slated for Costa Rica in August 2022.

Source: Modern Ghana