NPP can never break the eight – Vim Lady


Radio and Television Personality, Afia Pokuaa has insisted the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) can never break the eight.

She argues that it will take magic to change this considering recent happenings in the country and Ghana’s electoral history.

“With the breaking the eight, after my analysis with Prof., you will understand that NPP can’t break the eight. With the records available, there are all indications that they can’t break the eight unless there’s some form of magic that changes things along the way. They can’t break the eight.”

The NPP government says it intends to make history by winning the 2024 elections.

In Ghana, political parties are not made to stay in power for more than eight years. There has always been a change after eight years for a new government to take over. But the New Patriotic Party believes it can be the first political party to change the statusquo.

The party believes that fulfilling their promise to the people of Ghana will be what will give them the mandate to govern for another eight years.

Vim Lady who was speaking on the rise in fuel prices called on Ghanaians to stop politicizing the rise in fuel prices.

She argued that regardless of the government in power. fuel prices will continue to shoot up.

“With regards to the fuel prices, let’s not attempt to politicize it. From President Mahama, Atta Mills, President Kufour the issue about tax component in fuel pricing has been an issue. The taxes in the fuel pricing is too much so we need to reduce them. But when you look at Africa, especially in Ghana, the taxes we pay we are always told that our revenue is not enough.

The issue is not about how small the taxes are but rather about management. It’s about how to prudently manage the taxes we get. If the government is able to deal with the losses made in the country, it will be able to reduce the taxes on fuel. If the government does not solve that loopholes we will continue to talk to no avail. When NDC they will increase the prices, When PP comes they will increase the prices.

You remember during the President Kufour era when Sadam Hussein and the US were fighting. the prices of fuel in the global market went high as $134 per barrel. We don’t refine our oil so the fuel price increase we are seeing in recent times its not about NDC or NPP, it’s not about breaking the eight,” she said on Accra-based Okay FM.

Source: Modern Ghana