Argon Medical Devices, Inc. Announces the Commercial Launch of the SKATER™ Mini-Loop Drainage Catheter

FRISCO, Texas, Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Argon Medical Devices, Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical devices for interventional procedures, announced the commercial launch of SKATER™ Mini-Loop Drainage Catheters in the United States and the European Union.

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The SKATER™ Mini-Loop is a drainage catheter placed through the skin using imaging guidance as a minimally invasive way to remove or drain an unwanted fluid collection. The SKATER™ Mini-Loop Drainage Catheter is an expansion of Argon’s SKATER™ All-Purpose and Nephrostomy drainage portfolio, and it uses a 40% smaller loop to help secure the catheter and drain fluid from smaller cavities.

“Argon’s Mission is to deliver innovative, best-in-class medical devices to improve the customer experience and the lives of their patients. We are excited to complete our SKATER™ portfolio of drainage solutions and celebrate this next launch in our Year of Innovation,” said George A. Leondis, President and CEO of Argon Medical Devices.

“The SKATER™ Mini-Loop Drainage Catheter is easily inserted and forms a tight loop formation to prevent drainage occlusion. Unlike other drainage catheters in the class, SKATER™ Mini-Loop is compatible with alcohol and has durability to resist kinking, which is important to me.” said Dr. Sujoy Menon, an Interventional Radiologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Menon and Dr. Sayed Ali, a resident of the Rutgers Medical School, were the first physicians in the United States to use the SKATER™ Mini-Loop Drainage Catheter.

Argon Medical Devices introduced several new devices in the biopsy, drainage, and vascular therapy segments in 2020, despite the global pandemic. The company refers to 2021 as its Year of Innovation because it plans to launch even more innovative new products throughout the year to help facilitate interventional vascular and oncology procedures.

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About Argon Medical Devices, Inc.
Founded in 1972, Argon Medical Devices, Inc., is a global manufacturer of specialty medical devices used in interventional procedures. Argon offers a broad line of disposable medical devices for Interventional Radiology, Interventional Oncology and Vascular Surgery. Based in Frisco, TX, Argon’s brand is recognized worldwide for best-in-class products that improve patient outcomes

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Argon Medical Devices, Inc. annonce le lancement commercial du cathéter de drainage SKATER™ Mini-Loop

FRISCO, Texas, 20 août 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Argon Medical Devices, Inc, un fabricant leader de dispositifs médicaux pour les procédures interventionnelles, a annoncé le lancement commercial des cathéters de drainage SKATER™ Mini-Loop aux États-Unis et dans l’Union européenne.

Argon Medical Devices, Inc. Logo.

Le SKATER™ Mini-Loop est un cathéter de drainage placé à travers la peau à l’aide d’un guidage par imagerie, comme moyen peu invasif de retirer ou de drainer une collection de fluide indésirable. Le cathéter de drainage SKATER™ Mini-Loop est une extension du portefeuille de drainage polyvalent et de néphrostomie SKATER™ d’Argon, et il utilise une boucle 40 % plus petite pour aider à fixer le cathéter et à drainer le fluide des cavités plus petites.

« La mission d’Argon est de fournir des dispositifs médicaux innovants, les meilleurs de leur catégorie, afin d’améliorer l’expérience des clients et la vie de leurs patients. Nous sommes ravis de compléter notre portefeuille de solutions de drainage SKATER™ et de célébrer ce prochain lancement dans le cadre de notre Année de l’innovation », a déclaré George A. Leondis, président et PDG d’Argon Medical Devices.

« Le cathéter de drainage SKATER™ Mini-Loop s’insère facilement et forme une boucle serrée pour éviter l’occlusion du drainage. Contrairement aux autres cathéters de drainage de la catégorie, le SKATER™ Mini-Loop est compatible avec l’alcool et possède une durabilité lui permettant de résister au vrillage, ce qui est important pour moi », a déclaré le Dr Sujoy Menon, radiologue interventionnel au Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Le Dr Menon et le Dr Sayed Ali, résident de la faculté de médecine de Rutgers, ont été les premiers médecins des États-Unis à utiliser le cathéter de drainage SKATER™ Mini-Loop.

Argon Medical Devices a introduit plusieurs nouveaux dispositifs dans les secteurs de la biopsie, du drainage et de la thérapie vasculaire en 2020, malgré la pandémie mondiale. L’entreprise qualifie l’année 2021 d’« Année de l’innovation » car elle prévoit de lancer tout au long de l’année des nouveaux produits encore plus innovants pour faciliter les procédures vasculaires et oncologiques interventionnelles.

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À propos d’Argon Medical Devices, Inc.
Fondée en 1972, Argon Medical Devices, Inc. est un fabricant mondial de dispositifs médicaux spécialisés utilisés dans les procédures interventionnelles. Argon propose une large gamme de dispositifs médicaux jetables pour la radiologie interventionnelle, l’oncologie interventionnelle et la chirurgie vasculaire. Basée à Frisco, au Texas, la marque Argon est reconnue dans le monde entier pour ses produits de pointe qui améliorent les résultats pour les patients.

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SMH Rail launches its latest innovation in the ‘H10 Series’ Locomotive Towards Green Mobility

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SMH Rail Sdn Bhd (SMH Rail), Malaysia’s leading rolling stock manufacturer and maintenance service provider, today unveiled its newly manufactured ‘H10 Series’ Locomotives. Built with advanced technology and innovation in design engineering, the ‘H10 Series’ provide an intrinsic value to the environment and railway ecosystem in reducing emissions and fueling green operations. The Malaysian-manufactured locomotives was recognized by The Malaysian Book of Records as the ‘First Made in Malaysia Locomotive’ for the export market.

SMH Rail’s latest ‘H10 Series’ Locomotive - ‘First Made in Malaysia Locomotive’ for export market.

With an aim Towards Green Mobility, SMH Rail is redefining mobility to achieve rail sustainability and powers the vision of a clean, fast and green future. The ‘H10 Series’ could replace 100 cargo trucks, reduce carbon emissions by up to 75%, lower highway congestion, and is four times more fuel efficient than road freight transport on average. Its practical design improves operational efficiency, increases haulage capacity and reduces maintenance challenges, resulting in lower overall life cycle costs.

“With over 20 years of industry experience, we are committed to deliver outstanding and innovative solutions for global railway partners in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability. The first batch of ‘H10 Series’ will be delivered to Tanzania Railways Corporation, with funding support from the World Bank. I am confident these locomotives will bring enormous economic benefits to the African Rail cargo industry by bridging connectivity, increasing supply-chain access, accelerating industrialization and promoting cross-border trade. With over 60% local content manufactured in Malaysia, the ‘H10 Series’ marks a cornerstone of our company in the global rail industry,” said Yang Berbahagia Datuk PK Nara, Chairman and Managing Director of SMH Rail.

Compliant with UIC standards, the ‘H10 Series’ is designed for heavy haulage and uninterrupted long-haul services. One key feature is its capability to operate in challenging terrains and weather conditions. The Locomotives are equipped with remote monitoring and diagnostics solution to provide real-time updates to rail operators, allowing for remote monitoring performance including speed, maintenance needs, fuel consumption and fault alerts. Data analysis tracks negligent handling, reduces risks of failures and improves operational safety.

SMH Rail aspires to position Malaysia as a regional manufacturing hub for railway rolling stock and continue to leverage global partnerships to develop its national and global footprint.

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Ya-Na commends former President Mahama

Yendi (N/R) Ya-Na Abukari II, the Overlord of Dagbon Kingdom has commended former President, John Dramani Mahama for the leadership he exhibited before, during and after the 7th December 2020 elections. He said his leadership showed the extent to which he valued the peace and progress of the country.

Ya-Na Abukari II gave the commendation when the former President called on him at the Gbewaa Palace as part of his thank you tour to the Northern Region.

He said the exceptional leadership he showed had rekindled the trust in Ghanaian politicians.

“A man’s true character is shown not in times of victory, but rather in times of decision to either build or destroy,” he said.

Ya-Na said Dagbon Kingdom formed an integral part of Ghana and had experienced successive governments and leadership and also commended his government’s contribution towards peace and reconciliation in Dagbon.

Ya-Na encouraged him and the minority in parliament to continue to offer constructive criticism to government to help ensure good governance and leadership.

The former President thanked Ya-Na for his friendship and advice given him since he was Yo-Na at Savelugu and congratulated him for his elevation to Ya-Na.

He said after the resolution of Dagbon chieftaincy, there had been little issues that could hinder Ya-Na’s authority and therefore needed resolution.

On peace, he indicated that it was a major factor for the development of every country and was encouraged that after eight elections held in Ghana there was still peace and thanked Ghanaians that.

The former President reminded Ghanaians on the Covid-19 pandemic and urged to continue adhering to the protocols.

He also encouraged them take the COVID-19 vaccines as it was harmless.


Source: Ghana News Agency

United Nkrumahist Front embarks on unity talks

Ho, The United Nkrumaist Front (UNF), is embarking on a series of unity talks across the country to place all Nkrumahist families under a single umbrella. It is believed this feat would give a political leverage to contest in future elections to capture political power from National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The UNF is a socio-political movement formed in August, 2013 in Sunyani on the ideologies and tradition of Nkrumah-Egala-Limann, and seeks to unite all Nkrumahist under one umbrella with the ideologies of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah as an identity to help move Ghana for reforms and change for all citizens and generations unborn.

Mr Michael Nketiah, Secretary of the Front, addressing some members of the Front at a conference in Ho, in the Volta region, said the tradition’s inability to be a strong alternative in the country’s political governance and gain political power was due to its “fragmentation,” thus the move to unite all members of Nkrumahist fraternity.

He said it was time for all faithful of the Nkrumah-Egala-Limaan tradition to rise up and embrace the call for unity to protect the tradition against extinction, forestall Nkrumah’s legacies from being wiped away and also prevent the country from becoming a two-party state.

The secretary said the Front was not leaving any stone unturned in its journey to unite all members, saying the cohesion was paramount in reviving the tradition and gaining political power to continue with Nkrumah’s ideas.

“The United Nkrumahist Front is poised to fight and restore the true legacies of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for this dear nation of ours through re-engineering of his time-tested pioneering policies for holistic development of the citizenry in tandem with physical transformation of the state at large, he said.

Mr Nketiah said the Front believed in the ideas of Dr Nkrumah, and would therefore, take every necessary measure to actualise those ideas for the citizens to achieve their potentials through quality education with science, creative arts, technology and patriotism as the foundation.

They would also ensure efficient utilisation of the country’s natural resources to benefit all to obtain economic freedom, provide access to quality healthcare and undertake industrialisation through mechanised agriculture to create more jobs to deal with the current unemployment situation which has become a national security threat.

He said the country would have dealt with the COVID-19 situation without relying on the International Monetary Fund and World Bank for assistance if Nkrumah’s vision of making the country become self-sufficient with less import and less dependence on donor aid, value addition to its produce and natural resources, patronage of locally made goods were to be followed.

Mr Nii Adjetey Sowah, National Administrator, Convention People’s Party, (CPP) underscored the importance of the conference to sensitise members on the need to unite to win the confidence of the electorates, who held the mandate to give them the political power they were yearning for.

He described the theme; “Uniting without verity is no better than conspiracy” as appropriate and called on members of the various political groups to endeavour to conform to the elements of truth and democratic principles.

Mr Sowah said uniting all splinter Nkrumahist parties could be seen in a more positive light as essential to the practical workings of representative democracy, and also enabled the united party to have the ability to aggregate demands to facilitate compromise among diverse groups.

He called on the National Executive Council of the various parties to ratify every necessary decision to enable them forge ahead, noting that in many new and emerging democracies, society was moving from a period of domination by one political party or group.

Mr Sowah said many of the old assumptions and practices of the former political systems had to be discarded if a democratic system was to grow, adding that building democratic institutions and developing democratic practices required dynamic processes.

The Administrator said, with parties in the Nkrumahist tradition, the road to democracy would be shaped by a number of political, social and historical factors, and therefore, called on all members to play their role to ensure the objective of the Front was successfully achieved.

“The legacy of authoritarianism in political parties, and in the overall organisation of society, makes it imperative that a new democratic ethic must be the guiding light that informs and inspires party leaders, dedicated to bringing about a democratic change”, he said.

Other speakers at the meeting also stressed the need for all Nkrumahist groups to be united to serve as a strong alternative force in the country’s political sphere and to win political power.


Source: Ghana News Agency

Vice President unveils academic journal for Armed Forces Command and Staff College

Accra, Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia on Friday launched an academic journal for the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College GAFCSC) to be a channel for communicating academic knowledge locally and internationally.


The journal, known as “The African Journal of Defence, Security and Strategy” was compiled and edited by the College and is the first-ever academic journal developed by a military college in the West African sub-region.

It would help in broadening the scope of academic frontiers of the military to meet the dynamics in security and intelligence-related issues.

Vice President Bawumia, who was the Special Guest at the 2021 joint graduation of Senior Staff Course 42 and Master of Science Degree in Defence and International Politics of GAFCSC in Accra, officially launched the Journal to climax the ceremony.

The Vice President acknowledged the immeasurable contribution of the College to existing knowledge and scholarship since its inception in 1963, not just in the field of defence and security but to the general Public Service practices.

He believed the journal would contribute towards addressing evolving and contemporary African challenges.

He lauded the College’s plan to introduce Philosophy Programme in Defense and International Politics and a Masters’ Programme in Security Studies.

In all, 81 students graduated, comprising 59 military officers and 22 allied students from some sister countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Benin and Sierra Leone.

Seventy-two (72) out of the 81 graduates received Past Staff Course 42 Master of Science in Defence and International Politics and the rest were awarded Master of Science Degree in Defence and International Politics after undergoing 11-month intensive training.

Some of the graduates were civilians from the various public and private institutions including the Electoral Commission, Ministry of Information, Electricity Company of Ghana, the Chronicle News Paper, Asaase Radio and the Ghana Education Service.

Vice President Bawumia observed that terrorism and piracy was a major security threat in Africa and required collaboration among respective African countries to fight and eliminate it.

Dr Bawumia said the security and peace of the sub-region and Africa as a whole rested on their shoulders and urged them to work collaboratively to sustain the peace and stability of the continent.

Dr Bawumia urged the graduates to be good ambassadors of the College and exhibit the military traits of discipline and punctuality and remain focused and be agents of change in their respective institutions and society as a whole.

Rear Admiral Moses Kwadwo Beick-Baffour, the Commandant of the College, in his welcome remarks, said the military officers needed the capacity of modern security techniques to combat terrorism and piracy.

He entreated them to exhibit diligence, professionalism, and above all sound and analytical minds in all their endeavours.

“I equally encourage you to display your certificates with a sense of fulfilment having sacrificed time and resources at the expense of other competing needs to acquire knowledge in furtherance of your ambitions,” he advised them.

Students who performed exceptionally during the course were rewarded with books, certificates and plaques.

Major Peter Afreh of the Ghana Armed Forces emerged the Overall Best Graduate and received a book, plaque and a trophy.


Source: Ghana News Agency

“CARE” Ghana advocates adoption of Mix Electoral Management Model

Accra, Care for Free and Fair Elections Ghana (“CARE” GHANA), has advocated the adoption of a Mix Electoral Management Model to free the Electoral Commission (EC) from the ponderous load impeding the commission’s performance.

A statement issued by Mr David Kumi Addo, the Executive Director, “CARE” Ghana, copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the mix model demands for the segmentation of electoral management functions and powers between two independent Elections Management Bodies (EMBs).

It said that would divulge some electoral management functions from the EC to allow the commission concentrate on its core statutory functions to lessen the burden.

It noted that the over reliance on the EC accounts for the commission’s inability to execute all its statutory functions to the admiration of its stakeholders and the public.

“Adopting the Mix Electoral Management Model will establish visible professionalism, eradicate public suspicion, fraudulent activities and the lack of trust.

“Election management is a complex task implemented in a politically charged atmosphere, hence, the call for reforms to ensure that, all aspects of any electoral contest meet global standards and follows the fundamental guiding principles of elections.

“Our proposed reform requires that, one EMB will be responsible for policy decisions concerning electoral processes, boundary delimitation and political parties’ regulation and the other EMB responsible for conducting and implementing the electoral policies.”

The statement said this would ensure internal party democratization and visible presence of all registered political parties in two-thirds of the 260 districts in Ghana.

“It will also give political parties, civil society organizations, voters, donors, the media and other stakeholders the confidence in the effectiveness and service-mindedness of Ghana’s electoral managers,” it stated.

It said the 2020 election petition was the second election dispute experienced in Ghana’s democratic process, and if continued the chances were that Ghana’s democracy might be soiled.

It said therefore, amendment to article 43(1) and political parties Act 2000, Act 574 to divide electoral functions and powers between two independent election management bodies is a panacea to Ghana’s electoral challenges.

Adding that it would require that, each EMB ensured the legitimacy and credibility of the processes for which it was responsible and establish integrity in Ghana’s electoral system.

The statement said this would also promote the general approval of election results and halt electoral disputes.

It informed that in countries such as Jamaica and Romania for instance, two bodies were responsible for managing elections, both of which were independent of the executive and were considered independent EMBs.

It said one of the bodies focused on policy decisions and the other responsible for conducting and implementing electoral policies.

“This ensures that all election participants are treated equally, fairly and even-handedly, without giving advantage to any interest group or political party.”


Source: Ghana News Agency

Poultry farmers get education on Avian Influenza

Tema, The Ghana Poultry Network (GAPNET) has schooled poultry farmers, veterinary technical officers, and agriculture extension officers, on the dangers of bird flu among the poultry value chain actors to prevent the spread of the disease. Dr Emmanuel Kwao Pecku, Tema West Municipal Veterinary Officer explained that the education centred on knowing what the disease was all about, the clinical signs and what to look out for, and how best to prevent the disease from coming into the farm.

He said the virus could spread from moving from affected farms to unaffected farms, carcasses of affected birds, and from wild birds.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Tema at the side-lines of the training workshop organised for the poultry value chain actors, Dr Pecku advised the farmers to fence their farms in other to deter foreign birds from entering.

“Do not create conducive conditions for these wild birds by keeping food in the open,” he noted.

The workshop was organised by GAPNET in partnership with Veterinarians Without Borders, Canada, and funded by Foreign Affairs Canada, which was in response to the outbreaks of bird flu in the country and to also know what the disease was all about.

Dr Pecku noted that anytime a farmer moved from an affected farm to an unaffected farm and refused to follow the safety precautions, it could fuel the spread of the virus, or when dead birds were not disposed-off properly and then other birds fed on them they also spread the virus.

Again, he said, farmers, should not enter their farms immediately after they return from the market but rather change their clothes and wash their hands before making any entry to their farms as a measure stop the virus from spreading.

He also touched on the need for the farmers to keep disinfectants at the entry of their farms, separate sick birds from strong ones, observe protocols, and disallow strangers from entering their farms.

Dr Pecku cautioned farmers not to handle dead birds with their bare hands because they could contaminate their eyes and nose with the infection.

He stated that their outfit has embarked on-street education and organised seminars and was also on alert 24/7 to quickly help solve confirmed cases when the farmers call.

He stated that there has not been any positive case on human beings but they were still yet to sample more affected farmhouses.

He advised consumers not to shun away from eating or buying chicken and eggs because once the chicken or the eggs were well cooked, the Virus was denatured.

Some of the farmers also raised concerns about the package of compensation and appealed to Government to quickly help with packages to support those farmers whose birds died or were destroyed.

When this package is set, then they can also have the confidence to report any incidents of dead birds without being tempted to cut corners to sell them to the public.

They added that the Veterinary Officers, as well as the Environmental Health Officers, should be equipped with the right logistics to be able to contain the virus.


Source: Ghana News Agency