Chairman of GKSD, Kamel Ghribi, provides medical support to Algeria by donating equipment to support the fight against the COVID pandemic

GKSD responded to a call for assistance from His Excellency Ahmed Boutache the Ambassador of Algeria to Italy, with 12 palettes of PPE and oxygen concentrators.

MALPENSA, Italy and ALGIERS, Algeria, Aug. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yesterday, Algeria received a generous donation of anti-Covid medication and equipment.

In Algeria, from 3 January 2020 to 6:44pm CEST, 4 August 2021, there have been 175,229 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 4,370 deaths, reported to World Health Organization.

In the context of continuing support and solidarity between Italy and Algeria, GKSD President Kamel Ghribi responded to a call for assistance from His Excellency Ahmed Boutache the Ambassador of Algeria to Italy and the Hon. Mr. Ali REDJEl the Consul General of Algeria in Milan in the ongoing fight against Covid-19. The GKSD Chairman reiterated his belief that, “We have a duty to support all nations if we are to dominate COVID-19. His donation of essential medical equipment, oxygen supplies and medical oxygen concentrators will support Algeria to help fight the pandemic.”

Included in the 12 palettes received, there were oxygen concentrators, which are devices that concentrate the oxygen from a gas supply by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream and several oxygen cylinders, which are high-pressure, non-reactive, seamless tempered steel containers for compressed gas (O2) used for medical, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. It gives the provision of supplemental oxygen to maintain aerobic metabolism during patient transport. Badly needed PPE kits were also part of the shipment.

GKSD has recently also donated to Tunisia during the government transition, as violent Covid protests escalated in the streets.

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We believe that everything starts with the client. At GKSD we have an ‘end to end’ approach to project engagement and offer expert insights and advice to clients from the planning stage through to execution and completion. By offering our expertise across all sectors we assist the client in identifying their desired outcome and implement the best resources that will guarantee delivery.

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للتواصل الإعلامي:

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Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra lends a hand

Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, as part of its 10th-year anniversary celebration, embarked on a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Accra Technical University to boost up the National Blood Bank’s blood supply.

Recently, the Ghana National Blood Service (NBS) has lamented on shortfalls in achieving a hundred percent voluntary blood donations nationwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been noted as a key contributing factor in the ongoing struggle to receive voluntary blood donations. However, Mr. Victor Israel, Donor Recruitment Officer with the NBS, cited the importance of sensitizing the public and educating them on the values of donating blood.

“Blood donation is priceless”, he said. “You cannot quantify health. Once you donate, the first thing you receive is a health check-up to check if the donor has enough blood.

They are screened for health-related issues and have their blood pressure checked as well so, the benefits, apart from the core value of saving a life, are endless”.

The upscale hotel, located in Accra Central, undertakes blood donation annually with its team members under its strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives, drawing on the hotel’s mandate to encourage mindful sustainability and community welfare.

“Not only are we intimately involved in the lives of our guests, but we are also committed to the welfare of communities within which we find ourselves”, said Deborah Lee-Ann Sivertsen, General Manager of the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra.

“Seeing how these students have turned out for today’s exercise reminds me of what I was like back in school as well. They, along with our team members, are lifesavers and their desire to donate blood goes a long way to save the lives of friends, family, and citizens at large. Making moments with those in need is always our collective goal”, she said.

Over a hundred pints of blood were gathered after the successful exercise and to thank donors for their generosity, goodie bags were distributed containing non-perishable foods, stationery, and t-shirts from the hotel as well as the Ghana National Blood Service.

The Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra recently launched its 10-year anniversary celebrating a decade of ‘doing the ordinary in extraordinary ways. After the Ambassador Hotel, completely rebuilt under the global Swiss brand reopened in 2011, it has remained a beacon of excellence in the hospitality sector of Ghana hosting several high-level delegations and events while maintaining their health and safety as a priority.

The hotel will continue to roll out a series of events leading up to the climax of the anniversary in November giving people the opportunity to be up close and personal with the brand whilst winning several prizes, enjoying offers, and having dreams come true.

Source: Ghana Web

Mssi to leave Barcelona after failing to overcome contract ‘obstacles’

Lionel Messi will end his 20-year career with Barcelona after the Argentine superstar failed to reach agreement on a new deal with the club, a decision certain to spark a high-stakes scramble for the signature of a player widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time.

“Although an agreement has been reached between FC Barcelona and Leo Messi it cannot be formalised due to economic and structural obstacles,” said a statement from the club.

“Faced with this situation, Lionel Messi will not remain linked to Barcelona. Both sides deeply regret that the wishes of both the player and the club cannot come true.”

Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, 34, last month finally landed a major international trophy with Argentina when they beat rivals Brazil to win the Copa America.

But there had been doubts over his continuation at Barcelona ever since he tried to leave last August as a free agent, citing a clause in his contract and saying the club had had “no project or anything for a long time”.

Messi, Barca’s all-time top scorer and appearance maker, ultimately agreed to see out the final year as the club threatened to go to court.

The player, who signed his first contract with Barcelona in 2000 on a napkin when he was just 13, has been a free agent since June 30 when his old agreement expired after Messi had played 788 games for the club.

Last season was a comparative disappointment as the club could only land the Spanish Cup and exited in the last 16 of the Champions League, which they last won back in 2015.

There had been speculation that Messi would sign on for two years and then potentially head to Major League Soccer, although friend and former Barca teammate Neymar has said he would love to team up with him again at Paris Saint Germain.

Barcelona are labouring under debts of several hundred million euros and have been under pressure to reduce their wage bill.

The club recently sold left back Junior Firpo to Leeds United and US international Konrad de la Fuente to Marseille.

La Liga in 2013 introduced so-called financial “fair play” regulations setting a maximum amount of money each club can spend on its playing squad and coaching staff each season, conditioned by their income.

At the same time Barcelona has recruited new players which were expected to please Messi, such as Sergio Aguero who joined the Catalan side from Manchester City as a free agent on a two-year deal.

Spanish media made much earlier this year of the reported 555 million euros paid Messi over four seasons from November 2017 to the end of last month.

National daily El Mundo splashed in January on what it termed “Messi’s pharaonic contract which is ruining Barca” — that sum including image rights and a series of performance-related bonuses with the player reportedly earning a net 297 million euros.

Source: Modern Ghana

Ghana to use Accra and Cape Coast Sports Stadiums for World Cup qualifiers

Accra,– The Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) has approved the Accra and the Cape Coast Sports stadiums for the hosting of the 2022 Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup qualifiers.

According to the continental governing body the decision was based on the assessment of an updated report submitted by the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The two stadiums would be further evaluated on match days through the CAF Match Command Centre (MCC).

In the event that organizational and stadium technical infractions are noted by the designated CAF officials during matches, financial sanctions may be imposed on the GFA as per the established CAF grid for lack of technical facilities in the stadium.

The Black Stars would kick start the journey to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in September 2021 against Ethiopia at one of the two approved venues.

Ghana is paired in Group G with Ethiopia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Tree remanded for allegedly kidnapping 51-year-old man

Accra,- Three persons have appeared before an Accra Circuit Court for allegedly kidnapping a 51-year-old man at Pobiman, near Amasaman in Accra.

The accused persons were said to have demanded GH¢300,000.00 before releasing the victim, who had travelled from Western Region to Accra to purchase an excavator.

Amewuga Nukpo, alias, Maame Water, Frank Tamakloe, aka Illegal, and Yusif Mohammed have been charged with conspiracy to commit crime, namely kidnapping and causing harm.

Nukpo and Tamakloe are facing additional charge of kidnapping.

While Mohammed Yusif denied the charge, Nukpo and Tamakloe pleaded guilty with explanation.

The court, presided over by Mrs Susana Eduful, after listening to their explanations, said the accused persons should be given the opportunity to defend themselves.

The court, therefore, entered a plea of not guilty for Nukpo and Tamakloe but remanded all three into Police custody to reappear on August 23.

Two other accomplices; Nana Aboagye, aka Kobby Mensah, and David Aboagye are at large.

There was drama when the police were escorting Mohammed and his accomplices into a waiting police van.

Mohammed kept screaming: “I swear I know nothing about this crime. If I know anything about the incident may the police vehicle sending us be involved in an accident.”

During the hearing, counsel for Mohammed, Mr Gary Nimako, had argued that his client had been charged with conspiracy, which was bailable under the law.

He said the charge was defective and no specific role had been played by Mohammed in the facts presented.

He, therefore, prayed the court to admit Mohammed to bail because he had people who would stand as sureties for him and that he also had a fixed place of abode.

According to the defence counsel, Mohammed would appear to stand trial when granted bail.

The facts, as presented by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sylvester Asare, were that the complainant was Mr Bright William.

ASP Asare said the accused persons resided at Accra and Kasoa and that sometime in July, this year, the complainant reported to the police that some persons had kidnapped his brother, William Owusu Ntiamoah to an unknown destination.

The Prosecution said in June, this year, the accused persons agreed to kidnap, hence pursuant to that, on June 28, Nukpo and Tamakloe and others at large unlawfully arrested the victim at Pobiman, near Amasaman, and placed him in an uncompleted building.

They demanded GH¢300,000.00 before they would release the victim.

ASP Asare said the victim contacted his family, including the complainant, to organise the GH¢300,000.00 so he could be freed.

Prosecution said unfortunately, the victim’s family only got GHC50,000 and informed the accused persons but they decline to take the amount.

While the victim was under detention, he was subjected to severe beatings and sustained several injuries.

It said the accused persons also dug about two feet hole and buried the victim alive for some hours and demanded that the family brought the GH¢300,000.00.

When the money was not forth coming, prosecution said the accused persons transported the victim to Sefwi Asawinso Kasiemu in the Western North Region.

Painfully, they grinded pepper mixed with ginger and spread it on the victim’s wounds, he said.

Prosecution said following a tip off, the accused persons were arrested and the victim rescued and sent to a hospital for treatment.

Source: Ghana News Agency

S Teresa’s College of Education launches 60th Anniversary

Hohoe (V/R),- The St Teresa’s College of Education, Hohoe, has launched its 60th Anniversary celebrations. It was on the theme: “60 Years of Sustainable Teacher Education: the Role of the Innovative Teacher in the Changing Global Trends in Education.

Hohoe (V/R),- The St Teresa’s College of Education, Hohoe, has launched its 60th Anniversary celebrations.

It was on the theme: “60 Years of Sustainable Teacher Education: the Role of the Innovative Teacher in the Changing Global Trends in Education.”

Ms Sophia Adjoa Micah, Principal of the College, said the College, established 60 years ago with 35 students, had produced a good number of teachers for Ghana and beyond.

“Some have served and are still serving as classroom teachers while others have progressed to become heads of institutions. Many citizens of Ghana and people abroad have enjoyed the exquisite services of those trained in this giant college.”

She acknowledged the role of the government in providing the needed infrastructure and logistics through the GETFund and grants.

Ms Micah expressed gratitude to the chiefs and elders of Gbi Traditional Area, Hohoe Constituency Member of Parliament and previous College Councils for their support to the College.

She said the College had achieved a lot since its golden jubilee, including being adjudged one of the few outstanding Colleges of Education in Ghana.

She said the College needed an amount of GH¢750,000 to complete the fence wall project it had initiated to ensure the safety and security of members of the college community and secure the college land.

The Principal said lives and property of the College were at the mercy of stray animals and thieves, adding that “we have all become security men and women in a way. People continue to encroach on the already encroached College land.”

She said the College had limited dormitory facilities to admit qualified candidates, adding that “we currently resort to cutting down the number of students we admit.”

Ms Micah appealed to the government to speed up the provision of infrastructure to the colleges of education to increase access to teacher education to more females so that the country’s aim of girl-child education could be achieved.

She said the College also needed a well-equipped science laboratory to support the practical teaching and learning of science.

She noted that the college was experiencing frequent power outages which affected teaching and learning, administrative work and life generally on campus.

She expressed gratitude to the Catholic Diocese of Ho for supporting the College Chapel project with seed money of GH¢20,000.

Ms Micah also thanked the chief and elders of Gbi Traditional Area as well as Mr John-Peter Amewu, Hohoe Constituency MP and Minister of Railway Development who had supported the college with a wall, sufficient street lights on campus, started tarring the main street of the college and also donated ten laptops to 10 faculty members with a promise to provide more for each tutor to enhance teaching and learning.

Rev Fr Walter Mawusi Agbeto, Vicar General of the Ho Diocese, who represented the Bishop, noted that 60 Years in the life of an institution was a lot and required an evaluation.

He said an honest and objective assessment of TERESCO would leave no one in doubt of its achievements since the products were making excellent impacts.

The Vicar General said since the world had reached a technological era where many people were becoming internet friendly, teaching and learning could not be the same.

He said TERESCO, as a teacher training institution, must have a state-of-the-art e-lab, library, free internet connectivity, and a free quality laptop for each student.

Rev Fr Agbeto urged government and policy makers to prioritise teacher education for the future of the country.

Mr William Vesta Essey, President, Teresco Old Students Association (TEROSA), appealed to individuals and groups to support the school to carry out its projects.

The anniversary celebration is slated for Saturday, November 13, 2021.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Watch some Lionel Messi cracking goals at Barcelona 

Lionel Messi will be remembered forever at Barcelona due to his astonishing records at the club.

On Thursday night, the five-times Champions League winners confirmed that the Argentine will leave the club after 21 years.

Due to financial constraints and the club’s inability to meet the requirements of La Liga, Messi’s time at Barcelona has ended at the club despite willing to extend his stay.

“Despite FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi having reached an agreement and the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, this cannot happen because of financial and structural obstacles (Spanish Liga regulations).

“As a result of this situation, Messi shall not be staying on at FC Barcelona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of the player and the club will ultimately not be fulfilled.

“FC Barcelona wholeheartedly expresses its gratitude to the player for his contribution to the aggrandisement of the club and wishes him all the very best for the future in his personal and professional life,” a Barcelona official statement announced on Thursday.

Between 2004 and 2021, Lionel Messi made the Spanish La Liga his own, scoring an unmatched 672 goals while astonishingly providing 305 assists after making 778 appearances.

Below is the highlight of some staggering goals scored by the 34-year-old.

Source: Modern Ghana