Premix fuel committee swear to stem diversion of fuel

The newly inaugurated National Premix Fuel Committee (NPFC) has sworn to nib fuel diversion in the bud and make it a thing of the past.

They are therefore calling on the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to assist them in the effort to stop the canker once and for all.

Chairman of the new committee, Dennis Percyval Quaicoe made the call in the committee’s maiden meeting with OMCs since they were inaugurated.

The meeting forms part of NPFC’s sustained engagement with industry stakeholders, and it afforded the new committee the opportunity to share its vision of an improved Premix Fuel Subsector with the OMCs.

In his opening remarks, Dennis Percyval Quaicoe expressed his commitment to making the government’s expectation of an efficiently managed Premix Fuel Subsector a reality.

He noted that the canker of premix fuel diversion is one that the committee won’t condone under any guise, saying that it is common knowledge that it has been reduced to the barest minimum since 2017 but “we are poised to work even harder to ensure that it never becomes an issue again.”

“I and the committee are committed to giving our best towards the mandate assigned us by the government. Your role as OMCs is crucial to the efficient running of the Premix Fuel distribution chain and so I implore you to work with us to ensure that we achieve holistic success,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged the OMCs to adhere to all the tenets guiding their operations to ensure that “we collectively improve government’s business.”
On his part, the Administrator of the National Premix Fuel Secretariat (NPFS), Nana Abrokwa A. Asare urged the OMCs to refer any challenges they face in the distribution of premix fuel to the secretariat and it will be dealt with swiftly.

“We have taken note of some of the concerns raised by you and we want to assure you that we are here for you. You may call or visit the head office at any time for your concerns to be addressed,” he said.

The National Premix Fuel Secretariat under the leadership of the Committee has embarked on a rigorous drive to stamp out ills like hoarding and smuggling of Premix Fuel.

In furtherance of efforts to avert these identified issues, Cabinet approval has been secured for the rollout of an Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing System to help consolidate the efficient distribution and management of Premix Fuel achieved in the last four years.

The provision of an Automated Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System for the sale of Premix Fuel is expected to complement existing government strategies being implemented to address the challenges associated with the allocation, distribution, and sale of Premix Fuel in Ghana including the Canoe Identification System (CIS).

The Automated Fuel Dispensing System would consist of dispensing control units, Fuel level sensors for monitoring of Fuel levels, a card utilization system for authorization and access, web and mobile applications for monitoring, control, and generating of reports.

Having successfully launched the Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing Pilot Unit at Nungua in December 2019, it is the plan of the NPFC to see a nationwide rollout soon.

Already, the system has shown significant promise by curbing to a great extent, the malignant issue of Premix Fuel hoarding.

Some benefits of the system as realized from the pilot phase include Easy Payment, effective tracking and Transparency, and Payment flexibility; effectively solving perennial challenges like Prolonged waiting time, Low customer satisfaction, Rush hour challenges, Lack of trust and transparency, and general transaction tracking hassles.

Source: Ghana Web

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