Have intimacy with God in 2022—Rev. Achana

Wa,— Reverend Monica A. Achana, the Wa circuit Minister of the Methodist Church Ghana, has advised Christians to have intimacy with God in this 2022, a precondition to receiving from God.

She said as everybody was making his or her New Year resolutions for 2022, including worldly desires like education, marriage, and possessions, their intimacy with God should be a priority.

Rev. Achana, who is also the Upper West Regional Manager of the Methodist Education Unit, gave the advice in Wa at the weekend in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to share her new year message to Christians.

“We are told, Jesus, when he was born, came to save the world from all forms of evil, all calamities, the power of sin and to deliver man from the bondage of sin.

“The question is, how can God do this for man if a man is far away from God, hence the need for man’s intimacy with God”, she admonished.

Rev. Achana stressed the need for the general public to be guided onto the path of God’s way saying, “We are in a perilous time, and its only God that can save us”.

“We keep crossing over every year, but we are not making headway because of people crossover with all their problems from the previous year.

“If man draws closer to God, God will also draw closer to him as James 4:8 says, and take care of their needs”, she added.

The Rev. Minister, therefore, entreated Christians to involve God in all the things they do, and referenced biblical teaching, which teaches Christians to seek God’s kingdom first and all things shall be added unto them.

“This 2022 with a lot of predictions, nobody Knows the future, it’s only God that knows. This 2022, my message is simple, I am urging everybody to have intimacy with God. For when we are closer to God, He will take care of everything for us”, Rev. Achana said.

“What is drawing us back is that we throng to churches on the Eve of the new year with clean hearts and make various commitments including living upright lives only to revert to our old ways after church service, she said.

Rev Achana explained that God’s blessings were not immediate saying, “Blessings are like setting a trap. When you set a trap, you don’t get the results immediately. As the farmer sows seeds with faith so must we pray with faith and wait patiently for good results”.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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