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Ghana can be a potential hub to drive para-sports in Africa—IPC President

Accra,– Mr. Andrew George William Parsons, President of the International Olympic Committee (IPC) has said that Ghana can be the driver of para-sports on the African continent especially after Ghanaian businessman, Samson Deen, assumed the Presidential role at the African Paralympic Committee (APC).

According to Mr. Parsons, who is in Ghana for a four-day visit, the IPC would offer its support to Ghana and Africa as a whole as they seek to develop para-sports on the continent.

Speaking to the media after paying a courtesy call on Mr. Mustapha Ussif, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Parsons was optimistic about Ghana becoming the hub of hosting top para-sports competitions on the continent and would support Ghana as it prepares to host the African Games in 2023.

“It is a pleasure being in Ghana for the first time and I am here to offer my commitment from the IPC to Ghana and Africa as a whole with the aim of developing para-sports.

“We do believe that Ghana can be the driver for the growth of Paralympic sports on the continent especially with Ghana having the opportunity to host the Africa Games.

“I am here to explore opportunities with the Ghanaian government of what we can do around these games, especially with Paralympic athletes from all over the continent competing here,” he said.

The Youth and Sports Minister, in his address, welcomed Mr. Parsons to Ghana and hoped his visit would help build a strong partnership between the IPC and Ghana with the aim of improving para-sports in the country.

“This visit by the IPC President signifies that we are progressing in the development of para-sports. During our interactive session with Mr. Parsons, we discussed ways to improve our facilities in order to host international tournaments as far as para-sports is concerned.

“We got assurance from the IPC President that they are ready and willing to support Ghana to improve our facilities at the basic level which would further improve our performance in para-sporting events and also develop our talents,” he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency


April 2024