The Art of Healing: Ghanaian sculptor Akoto-Bamfo-inspired documentary, premieres Sunday

Accra, Oct. 14, GNA – Kwame Akoto-Bamfo, one of Ghana’s celebrated international sculptors is set to premiere his first public documentary “The Art of Healing.”

The world premiere of the feature documentary would take place on Sunday, October 16, at the Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall.

The documentary explores the journey of finding freedom from the descendants of slavery as well as healing the painful scars of the transatlantic slave trade.

According to the renowned Ghanaian artist, this latest project would bring together Ghana and people of African descent all over the world.

Akoto-Bamfo said this latest documentary would continue to heal the wounds, bring about positive change, and encourage a call to action for Africans to understand one another.

Mr Amar Deep S. Hari, the Executive Producer of the documentary, said the documentary’s goal was to provide an aesthetic experience and positively influence diasporan attitudes, especially with the “Beyond the Return” campaign still in full swing.

Mr Amar, who also serves as IPMC’s Executive Chairman, stated that the documentary would provide a lesson and realignment of historical moments for audiences.

Ms. Darius Matheson, the documentary’s co-director, and a Canadian filmmaker said the documentary offers a visual pilgrimage for people seeking an emotional and spiritual connection to African history.

She was pleased that they had made a film in Ghana that met global standards and was looking forward to shooting other international productions here as well.

Ms. Matheson said that viewers would understand new ways to engage with African traditions and see events from an African perspective.

Mr Yaw Pare, a co-director of the documentary, mentioned that it was a dream come true for him to direct a documentary that narrated Ghana’s history of the slave trade to the rest of the world.

He was thrilled with the concept of the movie, which he said would educate viewers as well as entertain them.

“There are certain aspects of the slave trade unveiled in this documentary that I highly believe will change the ways we have seen things in the past, and hopefully it will help us to learn about our history from a different perspective,” he said.

The exclusive premiere of “The Art of Healing,” hosted for invited dignitaries, would start at 5:30 p.m.



Source: Ghana News Agency

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