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State of Asunafo South NDC’s Constituency electoral process and matters arising

The great National Democratic Congress under its National Leaders on September 15, 2022, released a letter referenced NDC/HQ/69/05/13, which contained dates and guidelines of the electoral process at the Constituency and Regional level.

Prospective persons, therefore, filed nominations when the schedule was due.

Many were allegedly called to “step down”, some gave heed to the directive whiles others also refused to.

Ante Zenabu, the incumbent Asunafo South Constituency Women Organizer is one of the people who were asked to lay down their tools.

She initially proved to be part of Hon. Sam George’s Stubborn Academy but eventually, surrendered to allow the selected candidate, Ante Ceci to take on the mantle.

Ebenezer Boakye who calls himself “Kaaaguraah” can also not be left out if people who were asked to step down are being talked of, Boakye also gave heed to the MP’s command and was later given a position to vie for, in a category of other youths.

Abugri Godfred and Adusu Samuel Jnr who were also contesting for the positions of Deputy Secretary and Youth Organizer respectively were also called to bring to an end their visions of becoming party executives at the Constituency level to break the eight as claimed by the NPP in favor of NDC.

These aspirants who felt cheated ignored the call of the MP not to talk about heeding his directives.

According to sources and audios we have in our hold, some of the aspirants who happen not to belong to the camp or faction of the MP of the Constituency, Hon. Eric Opoku has allegedly tagged “Members of the NPP” and therefore got almost all of them disqualified at the vetting on the basis that, their forms were endorsed by branch executives who are defaulters of party dues with the exception of Mr. Frimpong, an aspiring Chairman, who left the premises for a reason/s best known to him while the vetting was still on going and Mad. Rose Mensah also could not make it to the vetting because of her health condition for which she served the panel with an excuse letter. (Her fate in the race is yet to be decided).

Rumors have it that Mr. Frimpong left the premises after he was allegedly attacked by unknown men amidst the heavy presence of personnel from the Ghana Police (we are yet to find out from him as our previous efforts to reach him did not go through).

Before the commencement of the branch executive nominations, it was clearly stated that one can only pick forms when he/she has paid party dues for some months, which logically means that any current executive at the branch level can not be a defaulter of dues and therefore lead not to the disqualifications of some aspirants in the Pending Constituency Election.

The question now is, if these branch executives are dues defaulters, how then did they qualify to be executives when it is known for sure that, one can be in the position to go for a contest when he/she is in a good stand, and paying of dues as a Card bearing member cannot be neglected when being in a good stand in a party is to be deliberated on.

Mr. Christian Oppong Frimpong is said to be One of the aspirants in the constituency who has suffered the agenda of “you are not a member of the NDC”.

It is so heartbreaking why Mr. Frimpong, a former District Chief Executive in the Asunafo South Constituency who also happened to be a member of the National Election Petition Audit Team in the year 2020, is also labelled, a member of the NPP whose intention is to connive with the Parliamentary candidate who will be voted in the NPP At Asunafo South Constituency to take power from Hon. Eric Opoku.

Below are a few of the contributions of Mr. Frimpong to the National Democratic Congress, NDC;

Coordinator Ahafo Project – 2022
Member of National Election Petition Audit Team – 2020
Offered vehicle to support party activities before and during the elections – 2020
Key member in election campaign Team – 2016
Key member of election representative at the collation center – 2016
Member of election representative at the collation center – 2012
Below are some of the Aspirants who have been disqualified on the basis of “Endorsement of aspirants by Branch executives who are deadbeats”;
Dennis – Deputy Communicator
Abugri Godfred – Deputy Secretary
Rose Mensah – Women Organizer – Absent (with permission)
Adusu Samuel Junior – Youth Organizer
Kofi Owusu – Organizer

Disqualified Aspirants are therefore calling on the National Executives to come to their aids to address the issue of “ forms were endorsed by branch executives who are deadbeats of Party dues” since all branch executives were made to pay an amount of twenty Ghana Cedis for which half (ie 10 cedis) was meant for the payment of dues as the remaining balance was used to purchase the forms.



Source: Ghana Web


February 2024