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St Charles Minor seminary old boys call of closure of school

Accra, The old boys Association of St Charles Minor seminary/Senior High school has called on the management and Ministry of Education to temporarily close down the school.


The call followed persistent attempts by suspected Arsonists to burn down the school few weeks ago.

This formed part of a statement signed by Mr Mark Ofori Amanfo, Victor Ninsau, and David Kajah, Greater Accra, Ashanti and USA and Canada Presidents respectively on the persistent attacks.

The statement added: “We, sadly bring it to the notice of the public that following the four reported acts of suspected arson last week, today, Tuesday 24, August, 2021, the School has come under yet another act of suspected arson. It is the view of SCOBA that the current situation renders the School unsafe for the students and not conducive for effective learning.

It said SCOBA was deeply saddened by the seeming lack of urgency in investigating previous such incidents to understand the causes of the fires and suggested concrete recommendations to ensure the security and safety of the students, staff and School property.

It added: “Acutely aware of the responsibility of the school to ensure reasonable security and safety of students and their property in a conducive learning environment, it is the view of SCOBA that the recent suspected acts of arson render our alma mater incapable of guaranteeing any reasonable security and safety of the students, members of staff and property.

“We call on the Regional Director of Education (GES), the Metropolitan Director of Education, the Tamale Archdiocese, the Headmaster and Management to as a matter of urgency close down the school._

The statement said regrettably SCOBA was evaluating its support to the school especially its investment in building projects and called for all students living under that state of insecurity and fear to be given pastoral services, psychological support and counselling due to the trauma they may have suffered or been exposed to.

It said In the past 10 days alone, there were four attempts at setting one property or the other ablaze, which was too much for young students.

“SCOBA further calls for full scale and urgent investigations to unravel the cause (s) of the fires and establish remedial actions that will assure the safety of the students and property, before the school is reopened for resumption of academic work and we humbly call on the Minister of Education, the Minister for National Security, and the the President of the Republic to treat what is happening to St. Charles not only as a local threat, but an attack on education and national security.”


Source: Ghana News Agency


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