Sunyani, The Sunyani East Constituency Office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Wednesday advised polling station executives and party supporters to remain calm, as they worked out modalities to dispatch registration materials to the 255 polling stations in the Constituency. Tension is mounting in the Constituency about the NPP’s nationwide mass registration exercise because some Party supporters alleged there were attempts by some executives in the Constituency to hijack the exercise for their selfish interest.

Mr. Ansu Kumi, the Constituency Secretary in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Wednesday in Sunyani however, said “the interest of the NPP is supreme” and assured the Constituency Executives would not do anything that would affect and narrow the fortunes of the NPP in Election 2024.

He said the Constituency received the registration materials from the Regional Office of the Party on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 for onward distribution to the polling stations, saying it had scheduled an emergency meeting in that regard.

As a stronghold of the NPP, Mr. Kumi stressed the Constituency Executives would ensure the right thing was done for the Party to compile genuine membership registers for the polling stations in order not to create unnecessary divisions.

He said the Constituency executives were aware of some few ‘NPP miscreants’ who had attempted to drag the image of the Party into public disrepute and ridicule, but the Party would expose those “irresponsible supporters” and impose the necessary sanctions accordingly per the NPP constitution, Mr. Kumi added.

“We are assuring everybody that no prospective applicants would be denied registration because doing so would affect the election fortunes of the NPP,” he pledged.

Meanwhile, the Constituency Executives have expressed discomfort with the behaviour of two polling stations executives who had breached the Party’s constitution.

The two (names withheld) were said to have made unfounded allegations against the Party on a Sunyani-based local radio station.

“Per the NPP constitution we are planning to invite them to answer questions where appropriate sanctions would be imposed on them if they are found culpable,” Mr. Kumi stated.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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