Everyday People: I gave up my education for my children and siblings to sell porridge – Koko seller


In the busy markets of Accra, there is a woman named Wasila Abdullah who sells koko, a popular breakfast dish. She has chosen to set aside her education for the benefit of her siblings and children.

Known as the only seller with a foreign accent, Wasila made an appearance on GhanaWeb TV’s Everyday People programme. During the show, she explained her reasons for setting aside her education to pursue a career in selling.

Speaking to the host, Victoria Kyei Baffour, Wasila shared that she had aspired to be a lawyer. However, she became pregnant in her final year as a student, which led her to leave school and focus more on selling porridge.

She claims she has always been business-minded and that returning to school would only cause her worry, as she is not prepared to go through that stress.

‘Back when I was in school, I wanted to be a lawyer, but I got pregnant during my third year of Senior High School. That’s why I started this business; I gave up my education for my sister and children.’

…I couldn’t con
tinue my education because I am business-minded. I can’t concentrate in school because I would be thinking about the business and the potential earnings. That’s why I focus on selling. Aside from that, I also make and sell koko powder and export. I also make the dough as well. When it comes to koko, I am capable of doing anything,’ she said.

Also known as ‘Koko mu PHD,’ Wasila explained that before she dedicated herself to selling koko, her mother and aunts managed the sales. However, as they each got married, they left the business unattended.

Seeing an opportunity, Wasila, with her business insight, decided to step in and take over. After taking charge, she chose to rebrand the entire business, a move that has since led to an increase in her sales.

She said ‘This business is for my mom; she was doing it with her sisters but at a point, they all got married. She had no one so I had to step in and take over. I used to assist her (mother) while in school. I started selling when I was between 14 and 15 years

…it’s been a very long time I started doing this business. I used to travel to Togo and Nigeria and buy cloth to sell but I said no, I was stressing myself so why don’t I sit here and make this thing well and rebrand it? So, I bought this brown sugar, these cups, milk, bread for the business to grow well. So, I brought that idea here. My mother and her siblings were only selling the koko with sugar, groundnut and koose. There was no packaging so I came and did all of that because the mind is broadened,’ she narrated to the host.

Wasila hopes to open new branches for herself across the Greater Accra region in the coming years.

Source: Ghana Web