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COVID-19: Stop the vaccination; it’s not working – Akufo-Addo told

A group calling itself Concerned Ghanaian Doctors has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to halt the ongoing vaccination against COVID-19 across the country.

The group is of the opinion that there is no need for vaccination against COVID-19 if there is early treatment available since countries with very high rates of vaccinated persons such as the UK and Israel are still battling the virus.

The doctors questioned the economic ability of the government to keep up with the booster shots being taken by those countries leading the way in the vaccination against COVID-19.

In a petition dated Monday, 10 January 2022, the group, comprising eleven doctors, noted: “These countries have very high vaccination rates, currently deploying booster programmes, yet they are struggling to get the virus under control especially with these new variants.”

The petition further noted: “Assuming as a country we are to vaccinate more than 50 per cent of our population, are we going to continue with perpetual boosters every 3 to 6 months in an attempt to maintain vaccine-induced immunity for this disease?”

“Where then is the endpoint when these vaccines do not stop infection or the spread of COVID-19? Is this financially feasible for us as a nation?”

The group indicated: “If there is safe, effective, affordable, freely available early treatment for Covid-19, vaccines are no longer a priority”.

“It doesn’t take a genius to recognise the financial benefit of pharmaceutical companies in demonising potential early, effective treatments”.

“If these medications do work, that’s wonderful in the human race’s fight against Covid-19. However, they are practicably placebos if they don’t work. Why the suppression and demonising of these early treatments then, if the concern is health.”

The group continued: “Considering all these, wouldn’t it be prudent to pause and ask ourselves whether these novel vaccines are necessary in the first place.”

It added: “All the relevant metrics show that Ghana and Africa at large have done better than most of the world with respect to the pandemic even before the advent of these vaccines.

“It is possible the rest of the world are rather to learn from us.”



Source: Modern Ghana


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