CLOGSAG branch in Sefwi-Wiawso furious over salary deductions

Members of the Sefwi-Wiawso Branch of CLOGSAG are agitated over what they claim to be wrongful deductions on their salaries.

This wrongful deduction is described to be a 5% deduction for their tier-3 pension scheme, which they claim they were not consulted for it to be done.

They therefore met as a union at the Sefwi-Wiawso Municipal Assembly Hall on Wednesday 22nd February 2023 and resolved that the action by CLOGSAG be reversed and plans for any future deduction of that sort be halted.

Ernest Akoto one of the concerned members of the CLOGSAG Branch mentioned that Tier-3 pension is voluntary and therefore needed the consent of the beneficiary before inception.

“This is the same way they started the deduction of the CLOGSAG Fund and because we kept quiet over it, they took us for granted. We demand a reversal of this new move for proper consultation to be done.”

Another member who had already subscribed to a Tier-3 pension scheme with another fund manager mentioned this exercise meant he was going to be deducted twice for the same purpose. He mentioned he should have been consulted before such a move was undertaken and that it was going to be a massive blow on his already meagre salary.

In a petition to the Controller and Accountant General and the Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, the concerned members called for an investigation into the matter and an appropriate action to be taken to ensure that such deductions do not occur in the future.


Source: Ghana web