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Ada East Assembly launches electoral area report

The Ada East District Assembly, has created a platform for all its Members to regularly give reports on the state of their electoral areas.

The platform is also to give the Members the chance to state the challenges, success stories, and contributions toward solving some of the problems in their areas, as well as some peculiar initiatives they had undertaken during their tenure of office.

Five Assembly Members from the Dogo Togbloku, Gorm, Kpono Abossey, Futuenya Otrokpe and Pute electoral areas, presented their reports during an ordinary session of the Assembly.

Most of the challenges presented in the reports from these electoral areas, were issues on poor sanitation, roads, unsafe water, chairs, and desk deficit in schools.

Ms Sarah Dugbakie Pobee, the Ada East District Chief Executive, said the move was to build the capacity of Assembly members and give them the chance to know their distinctive roles in their electoral areas.

The initiative would prompt those who had been dormant to step up and be active members as leaders in society, she said.

Mr Godwin Agudey, the Presiding Member of the District, indicated that the programme was also to pave way for the Assembly members to learn the various strategies executed by each member to solve problems in the society.

Mr Rockson Moses Sewornoo, the longest serving Assembly Member for Kpono Abossey, said he collaborated with other stakeholders to provide clean and safe water for the residents.

He added that during his tenour of office, some beds had been provided for some Community-based Health Planning and Services compound in his electoral areas, while communities within the area had also benefitted from numerious health screening sessions.

Source: Ghana News Agency


February 2024