5 healthy choices that can safeguard your money in hard economic times

It is evident that indeed Ghana is not in normal times just like President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said in 2020.

The general cost of living in the country has become quite expensive as reports have indicated that the ability of Ghanaians to afford basic needs of life has become somewhat impossible.

Inflation has risen to 40.4% according to the Ghana Statistical Service.

The Ghana cedi has also depreciated by more than 60% in the last three months.

In all these happenings it is very important as individuals to prioritize healthy life choices.

Inasmuch as staying healthy increases productivity, it also ensures that less money is spent on healthcare as an individual and as a country.

However, these tips do not ensure maximum protection from diseases and ailments, but they can ensure that one has some level of buffering against them.

1. Adopt healthy eating styles

Adopting healthy habits can go a long way to save you from unnecessary spending as well as help you to live a healthier life.

Begin by eating home-cooked meals. With this, you can know how to apportion the right amounts of varieties of nutrients you may need.

Even though food prices have more than doubled, making bulk food purchases can help reduce the amount of money spent on food.

Another aspect of cooking at home gives you the opportunity to bond with your family if you have one, a healthy recipe for living happier even during a turbulent period.

2. Drink a lot of water/Fast sometimes

Drinking a lot of water (in the right amount) is one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Water has great health benefits for every human.

It can also ensure that even without food, one will remain energetic and healthy.

Those who are not able to afford three square meals must make sure to drink enough water to stay healthy.

3. Develop a good saving and reward culture

Even though the country’s financial standing looks gloomy as speculations of ‘haircuts’ prevail, it is still very important to save part of your income. This puts your mind at ease as fears of uncertainty are reduced.

Having enough financial buffers gives some level of confidence to work harder to secure a comfortable future.

4. Buy only what you need

It is also important to cut impulse spending and only buy things that are needed. One must always choose what is important in order to stay afloat in hard economic times.

5. Fasting

Apart from religious reasons, fasting has numerous psychological and physiological benefits. Fasting may prevent obesity and aid in weight loss for persons who are overweight.

It also improves metabolism. Fasting can also help save as you may not need to buy food on the days you decide to fast.


Source: Ghana Web