Two men accused of sodomy freed

There was spontaneous joy at an Accra Circuit Court when two persons who were accused of sodomizing a 16-year-old boy at Madina were acquitted and discharged.

Clinton Adofo, a 39-year-old Coach and Daniel Arthur a 25-year-old Event Decorator, who were freed by the Court, were facing a charge of unlawful carnal knowledge.

The Court in its ruling following a submission of no case filed on behalf of the accused persons, held that “there was no evidence to prove that the accused persons had sex with the victim through his anus on October 11, 2021.”

The Court further held that the evidence adduced by the prosecution was so discredited as a result of cross-examination and same was manifestly unreliable that no reasonable tribunal could safely convict the accused persons.

“The evidence adduced by the prosecution failed to take the case out of the realm of conjecture and the evidence on record is best described as insufficient,” the court presided over by Mrs Christina Cann, held.

The accused persons who were represented by Mr Jerry Avernogbo and Mr Lord Delvin Essandoh filed a submission of no case after prosecution had closed its case. The prosecution, in all called four witnesses to make their case.

The prosecution, led by Chief Inspector Simon Terkpor, narrated that the victim, aged 16, was a form two Junior High School student who lived with his mother at Madina, Accra.

The prosecution said Adofo and Arthur were residents of Madina and Adenta respectively.

The prosecution said on October 10, 2021, at about 2200 hours, the victim returned home from town and was denied access to the room by his mother, a witness in the case.

He said in view of that, the victim went to Adofo’s house whom he used to spend the night with.

The Court heard that the victim met the accused persons and told Adofo that he wanted to spend the night with him, which he agreed to it.

The prosecution said Adofo slept on the bed whilst Arthur and the victim slept on the carpet on the floor.

The Court heard that on October 11, 2021, at about 1230 hours, whilst the victim was deeply asleep, Adofo, in his nakedness went to the victim, pulled his panties to his knee level, applied a cream on his penis and the anus of the victim and allegedly had anal sex with him.

The prosecution said after Adofo was done, Arthur also applied the same cream on his penis and forcibly had anal sex with the victim after, which the victim asked the accused persons for a place to ease himself.

In the process, he sneaked out and reported the case to Madina DOVVSU.

The prosecution said the victim led a team of Police to the scene of the crime where the accused persons were identified and brought to the Police Station at Madina.

The Victim’s mother was issued with a medical report form to send the victim to a medical facility for examination.

The report was finally endorsed and brought back to the Police.

The prosecution held that the accused persons confessed committing the crime.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Court sentences farmer, auto sprayer to 20 years in jail

Hohoe (V/R), Aug. 19, GNA – A Hohoe Circuit Court has sentenced Tumenyo Charles, an 18-year-old farmer and Afo Larry, 35, an auto sprayer to ten years each in prison.

The court on July 20, deferred sentencing of the two after their pleas were taken to enable Tumenyo to assist the police to arrest Desmond, his accomplice who is at large and retrieving the rest of the stolen items from the new residence of the Hohoe High Court Judge.

Tumenyo was sentenced on charges of conspiracy to commit crime, unlawful entry, causing unlawful damage and stealing while Afo was sentenced on a count of dishonestly receiving.

The Court presided over by Mr Michael Johnson Abbey, sentencing them noted that although they were first-time offenders, the sentence was to serve as a deterrent to others since it was becoming rampant how shops and houses were being broken into.

The sentence would also deter people from dishonestly receiving.

Chief Inspector Charles Aziati, who held brief for Prosecuting Chief Inspector Ebenezer Arthur, said the act of ‘dishonestly receiving’ was gaining currency and was responsible for the rising number of theft and robbery cases.

He told the court that Desmond was yet to be apprehended as well as retrieval of the rest of the stolen items.

Counsel for Afo prayed the court for any other sentence aside custodial sentence since he was a first-time offender, pleaded guilty without wasting the Court’s time and had dependents but the plea was not upheld by the court.

The court also ordered that the items retrieved should be handed over to the complainant.

Tumenyo pleaded not guilty with an explanation on counts of conspiracy to commit crime, unlawful entry, causing unlawful damage and stealing but was unable to raise a reasonable doubt as to his culpability when he first appeared in Court.

Afo also pleaded not guilty with an explanation on dishonestly receiving but failed to raise a reasonable doubt as to his culpability.

The police on July 12 had information that the newly built residence of the High Court Judge at Hohoe was burgled by thieves, who made away with some items, including a 50-inch Nasco television, a double door Nasco fridge, a queen-size mattress, two double bed mattresses, 2.0 HP air-condition, sink basin, sanitary ware, microwave and cables used for wiring the house.

Police intelligence led to the arrest of Tumenyo at his hideout at Hohoe Gborxome and he admitted the crime with support from Desmond.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Driver fined GHS3,000 for dangerous driving

Kasoa (C/R), Aug. 19, GNA – The Ofaakor Circuit Court has sentenced a driver, Daniel Amo Korankye, to a fine of GHS3,000 for driving dangerous driving on the Winneba-Kasoa Highway.

The convict drove in the middle of the road, facing oncoming vehicles, which almost resulted in an accident at Awutu Bereku on the highway in the Central Region.

He pleaded guilty to the charges of careless and inconsiderate driving, causing danger to other road users and dangerous driving.

The court, presided over by Mr Ebenezer Osei Darko, convicted him on his own plea.

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Charles Annobil, said the convict was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser registered GT 9663 – 19, on Sunday, August 14, 2022 towards Kasoa with his wife and children on board.

He said upon reaching the Bereku Township around 1730 hours, Korankye dangerously overtook some vehicles, while driving in the middle of the road, which almost led to an accident.

His action, the prosecutor said, caused road obstruction and also interfered with the movements of pedestrians.

Chief Inspector Annobil said when Korankye was stopped by the Central East Regional MTTD Commander, ACP Agnes Caesar, who was on duty at the time, he hurled insults on her.

The convict was arrested, and his vehicle impounded.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Chale Wote Street Art Festival: Euphoria ahead of weekend revelry

Accra, Aug. 19, GNA – The Chale Wote Street Art Festival, a highly anticipated festival that brings art, music, dance and performance onto the streets of Jamestown, Accra’s old quarter, is sparking a wave of euphoria among revellers.

Some merrymakers, local and international tourists alike, have begun to throng Jamestown, reintroducing the distinct aliveness that had become accustomed to the community but was seemingly lost due to the Covid-19 invasion.

On entry to Jamestown, a predominantly fishing community, the common scent of fish and shrimp that one meets when entering the community like a perfectly choreographed ballet is absent but instead, the blaring street music from make-shift pub operators is heard.

That, Christain Mensah, operator of “Level 3” pub, says, brings life to the otherwise drudgery experience of Accra.

“This year’s Chale Wote festival seems promising, it’s been two years since Chale Wote was celebrated,” he expresses optimism as he quickly joins his workers to set up for the big weekend.

Some holidaymakers and tourists were taking strolls as exhibitors set up for the weekend, as were the children and other community folks traipsing in an excited manner.

Already, ahead of the weekend revelry, some businesses, vendors and exhibitors are pitching tents and other collapsible shelters along the Ussher Fort stretch all the way down to the Jamestown Lighthouse, which may beam its lantern across the dark night and the waves of the sea.

For Tafari Billa, a local accessories exhibitor, he looks forward to an exciting festival that will translate to higher sales this weekend.

Mr Elvis Amoah, a barbecue operator, youth participation to be high, but warns that COVID-19 is still lurking, and patrons must take precautions as they “chill” in moderation.

Meanwhile, a gridlock has begun to peak around the already busy Accra High Street, which leads to Jamestown.

In its 11th year, Jamestown, Accra’s oldest community, Mantse Agbonaa, has hosted what is axiomatically the biggest arts festival in West Africa as it brings together an alluring mix of artists, and musicians, designers, exhibitors.

Chale Wote literally translates to ‘Friend let’s go’ in Ga, the language of indigenes of Accra, but has come to stand for flip-flops.

The festival is a platform that brings art, music, design, dance and performance out onto the streets, taking the form of an exhibition and a carnival.

The community-based festival is an annual event which takes place in James Town one of Accra’s most historic communities and attracts Ghanaian and international artists who create, appreciate and connect through art.

The festival, among others, is to cultivate a wider audience for the arts in West Africa by breaking creative boundaries and using art as a venture.

The festival includes street painting, graffiti murals, photo exhibitions, theatre, spoken word, interactive installations, skate shows, a food and fashion marketplace, photography, live street performances, extreme sports, an African Cinema pavilion, street boxing, a fashion parade, a music block party, recyclable design workshops, design labs and much more.

It is the first to be organised in Accra, Ghana and has inspired similar events across the country.

The festival has grown over the years and attracts about 45,000 people every year.

Over 200 Ghana-based and international artists take part in the event every year and the number is expected to soar this year, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) has gathered.

Over the past years, Chale Wote has transformed the city of Accra into the most active cultural hub in West Africa.

The festival has also inspired possibilities in public space design through community-supported cultural production, which has attracted Yvan Rodic, a Photographer and Film Director from Switzerland to document this year’s festival.

“I am from Switzerland, but I live in Brazil; I’m here to create beautiful scenes of Chale Wote, Jamestown and Accra,” he says, as he shoots compelling photos of a dance ensemble at Brazil House in Jamestown.

Mantse Aryeequaye, Festival Director, Chale Wote Street Art Festival, says this year’s festival, which started on August 12, would explore oral tradition and literature as an artform on the theme: “Stargate of Africa.”

The annual festival is positioning African oral history to open opportunities and ideas for the development of the African continent, Mr Aryeequaye stated in an interview with the GNA.

In its 12th cycle and 11th year, the prospects of Chale Wote have been tremendous, he says, and explains that it has brought thousands of people onto the streets of Accra and Ghana, translating to direct jobs for people through vending and exhibition.

“The festival has been transformative for the over 10,000 businesses that have benefited from the festival activities over the period,” he adds.

MantseAryeequaye said: “in essence, it has been transformative for the city of Accra and for Ghana. It has been transformative for the artists who have been involved.” 

Indeed, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival has introduced a vibrant alternative visual and performance culture projected by artists with paintings, some of which speak to the soul, showing our troubles and hopes, and also our shared sense of togetherness as a people.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Wildlife Division urges communities to adopt CREMA to restore wildlife?resources

Sunyani, Aug. 19, GNA – Mr Oliver Chelewura, the Principal Manager, Bono Regional Office of the Forestry Commission (FC), Wildlife Division (WD), has encouraged communities to adopt the Community Resource Management Areas (CREMA) as alternative means to restore wildlife reserves.

According to him, the wildlife species were gradually decreasing, and this could have a strong consequence on the existence of human living.

There is, therefore, the need for pragmatic measures, including the adoption of CREMA by communities and individuals who owned acres of vegetation.

Mr Chelewura was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Sunyani about the closed-hunting season and measures to restore the gradually diminishing wildlife resources.

The CREMA, he said, was a concept developed by the WD to promote collaborative and participatory wildlife management in the country with the concept principally involving a group of communities agreeing on the management regime of a common area.

 The communities must understand the wildlife numbers in the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions were declining, hence the need for them to support the Division to protect the remaining reserves from individuals with selfish desires to destroy the habitats of the wildlife, Mr Chelewura said.

He said once the communities decided to conserve the forest lands, the Division would collaborate and give them the necessary support to protect the forest resources in their interest.

He said the CREMA was one of the vital tools the Division had been encouraging people and communities to use to protect and increase the wildlife population.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System 2nd Quarter Edition: April – June, 2022 ( Released, August 2022)

The Government, through the Statistics, Research, and Information Directorate (SRID) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), and the Nutrition Department of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has since April 2020, been collaborating with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), to strengthen the capacity of the two government institutions to monitor the food and nutrition security at the household level, as well as food commodity prices in thirty-two (32) districts across the sixteen (16) regions and at the national level. This has since been carried out to produce series of quarterly bulletins and shared with key stakeholders across the globe.

As the twelve-month project officially ended in June 2021, MoFA-SRID and the GHS have further leveraged on the results of the 2020 Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment (CFSVA), to expand the coverage of the Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System (FSNMS) to cover sixty (60) identified food insecure districts. This up-scaling initiative facilitated the need to expand the scope of the FSNMS questionnaire to capture additional indicators for the quarterly bulletin. The FSNMS plays an important role in identifying, analyzing, and addressing the conditions that give rise to food insecurity and undernourishment. Further, the system provides the necessary information to decision makers for building sound policies that will alleviate the conditions of food insecure districts to recover from their canker.

This bulletin is the 9th edition jointly released by MoFA and GHS with financial and technical support from WFP and UNICEF.

Source: World Food Programme

Kante facing weeks out with muscle injury

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante will be out for a few weeks due to a hamstring injury sustained during the clash with Tottenham Hotspur last weekend, manager Thomas Tuchel said on Friday.

Kante went to ground with the problem in the 2-2 draw with Spurs before being replaced and Tuchel was not optimistic about the French World Cup winner’s availability in the coming days.

“We’re talking about weeks, which is not good news. We’re disappointed and sad because N’Golo was super fit,” Tuchel said ahead of Sunday’s clash at Leeds United.

Tuchel added that striker Armando Broja and midfielder Mateo Kovacic would also miss the Leeds game with an injury.

Chelsea completed the signing of Italian midfielder Cesare Casadei from Inter Milan on a six-year deal earlier on Friday, with British media saying they paid an initial 12.6 million pounds ($14.91 million) for the 19-year-old.

They have been linked with moves for Leicester City defender Wesley Fofana and Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

“As long as the transfer window is open, there are always possibilities. The focus is on what we have, not what we could have,” Tuchel said, before addressing potential departures before the window shuts on September 1.

“We’ll not comment on our players and we will not encourage our players to go out at the moment,” Tuchel said.

“We had a couple of training sessions with 18 players, with one game a week this isn’t a problem… but if you look what is coming, we’ll need a lot of quality players to be competitive.”

Source: Modern Ghana

Internal Audit Agency (IAA)

The importance of Fiscal Discipline in Resource Mobilization and Utilization was stressed by the participants of the “Opening Session of the 2022 Annual Internal Audit Conference at the UPS Auditorium, the University of Ghana, under the auspices of H.E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, VP of the Republic of Ghana.

The German Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Ambassador Daniel Krull, emphasized in his speech:

“Germany feels honored to be among the trusted long-term partners of the IAA and sponsors of the event. In times of growing financial challenges and shrinking fiscal space, the role of internal auditors becomes even more important.

I would like to stress the link between resource mobilization and financial discipline in utilizing resources. Governments will not be efficient in trying to raise the tax / GDP ratio without fostering the people`s trust in fiscal discipline.

Regarding resources for local governments, I would like to highlight two aspects:

Firstly, Germany stands ready to continue the DLRev support to the communities if requested by the Government.

Secondly, we note with concern the reported delays of disbursements of the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) to the MMDAs.

In this light, I wish all participants that this conference will be successful in injecting even more fiscal discipline in resource mobilization and utilization.”

Facts and Figures:

? The Governance for Inclusive Development Program (GovID) financed by the German Government and supported by Swiss cooperation has trained Audit Committee members in MMDAs across the entire country to assume their role as auditors.

? 65 MMDAs have increased their revenues by 66 % on average since the DLRev Software has been implemented by MLGRD and the GovID Program. This has led to a doubling of the overall local revenues since 2015.

Source: Ghana Web