Presbyterian Minister declares 2022 as the year of optimism

Tema,– The Reverend Dr. Charles Amarkwei, Minister of the Calvary Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ashaley Botwe, has declared 2022 as the year of optimism and called on Christians to be positive as they journey through.

“This year is our year of optimism. We must be decisive and have a plan, we must not procrastinate, take action now, and tap into opportunities but we need the Grace of God to do all these things,” he noted.

Rev. Amarkwei stated during the first Sunday and Covenant Service in the year 2022 as many were clad in white apparel, sung melodious hymns, and renewed their relationship with God.

Quoting from 1 Samuel 17:28-31, the Minister explained that one needs to be courageous to be able to forge ahead in life.

Rev. Amarkwei acknowledged that believers need to wait upon the Lord and trust Him for the establishment of the things they hope for.

“Because there is a goodwill that God will bless us this year, we need to be very spiritual, fall on our knees in prayer, and rely on God, and He will not disappoint us,” he added.

Rev. Amarkwei admonished Christians not to waste their time on petty talks but rather stay focus to peruse their goals wherever they find themselves.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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