Oer GH¢720,000.00 lost to African Swine Fever at Saki

Saki (Near Tema),- Pig Farmers at Saki, a community in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality, Greater Accra Region, said they have lost over GH¢720,000.

00 worth of investment due to the outbreak of the African Swine Fever (ASF), which ravaged their farms few weeks ago.

Narrating the ordeal to the Ghana News Agency in Saki, Mr. John Amartey revealed that since the outbreak, he has lost over 100 pigs at his farm alone.

He noted that, other farmers have also recorded higher mortalities, adding that the pigs were still dying due to the African swine fever and it was still prevalent in the farms at Saki.

Mr. Amartey told the GNA that the average cost for a full grown pig was sold between GH¢1,800.00 and GH¢1,400.00 depending on the size and age.

He explained that the situation had rendered most of the pig farmers hopeless as their only investment got destroyed by the swine fever.

According to the pig farmer, approximately 500 pigs had succumbed to the African Swine Fever including pregnant ones across the entire enclave, saying that the mortalities started in May this year, but they were oblivious that it was an endemic that could cost them that much.

Another farmer attributed the rapid spread to the negligence of some farmers who allowed their pigs to move around in the town without any proper care, “these type of roaming pigs become supper spreaders”.

According to him some farmers do not keep their farms clean and will not heed to any advice, “we must blame ourselves too”.

Dr. Emmanuel Kwao Pecku, Kpone Katamanso Municipal Veterinary Officer, affirmed that the farmers had lost huge sum of investments, saying the situation was really going to affect farmers who depended solely on the piggeries for living.

Dr. Pecku stated that, plans had been advanced to excavate some portions around the farms to bury the fecal waste, carcases, and other contaminated materials at the farms for fumigation to take place.

The Ghana News Agency observed during a tour of some of the farms that many of the pig farms have been deserted as no pigs were seen in some of the pens.

Farmers have also packed their tools from the farms, few farmers were however, seen in a devastated manner as they ponder over the lost.

Unbearable stench emanated from the piggeries signalling that the farmers threw some of their dead pigs into the bush whilst others burn the dead pigs leaving the carcases as flies and other insects fed on them.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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