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NCCE holds inter-party dialogue at Tolon

Tolon (N/R),- The Tolon District Directorate of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has held an inter-party dialogue committee meeting for political parties amongst other stakeholders in the area to ensure peaceful coexistence.

The day’s meeting was held at Tolon in the Northern Region aimed at creating platforms for dialogue among political parties and other stakeholders on effective ways to identify early warning signals of extremist violence community surveillance, and measures to counter radicalization of the youth.

It was attended by representatives of political parties, civil society organizations, security agencies, Electoral Commission, faith-based organizations, people living with disability, youth groups, and women groups.

Alhaji Abdul-Razak Saani, Northern Regional Director, NCCE said issues of violence extremism were becoming a global threat to peaceful coexistence and cohesion, hence, the need to ensure that the youth were sensitized on issues on violence extremist activities.

“The activities of violence extremist requires collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in the country that will help curb the menace of violence extremism to pave the way for sustainable development and stability”.

He called on the youth to be vigilant on security threats in their communities and report such signs to the security agencies to deal with them.

Mrs Abdul-Rahaman Hawawu, Tolon District Director, NCCE said there was the need to deepen sensitization and collaboration among stakeholders in the District, to remind them not to relent in their efforts in promoting peaceful coexistence in their communities.

She called on the various stakeholders to be law abiding and stressed on the need to use the necessary institutions to address their grievances without resorting to violent actions.

The meeting formed part of the Preventing Electoral Violence and Providing Security to the Northern Border Regions of Ghana project funded by the European Union to among others counter violent extremism in the country.

Alhaji Mahadeen Baba, Chairman of the inter-party dialogue committee expressed the need for the formation of watchdog groups in the communities in the district to help check crime in the area.

He emphasized that the presence of watchdog groups in the communities would be helpful in supporting the security services to respond to threats in the communities to protect the people.

Participants expressed commitment to sensitizing members of their communities on issues of violence extremism and the need to encourage coexistence to promote sustainable development in their communities.

Source: Ghana News Agency