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Mafi Traditional Area inducts new chief

Mafi-Adidome (VR),- Torgbui Kwasinyi Kakaklolo Agyeman V, the Chief of Mafi Adidome, has taken the oath of allegiance of the Mafi Traditional Area.

Torgbe Kwasinyi Agyeman took the chieftaincy oath of allegiance to the great Paramount stool of the Mafi state.

He was handed over to the War heads by Torgbe Anorba Sasraku IV.

Togbe Agyeman also took the great oath of Mafi, which was administered by Torgbe Asafo Buatri IV, acting President of the Mafi Traditional Area.

In an address, Torgbe Buatri IV called on the people of Mafi Adidome and the entire Mafi area to rally behind the new chief for progress to be brought to the area.

He said the chief alone could not do it and there was the need to support him because “our trust and faith in him are to bring progress to the area.”

After the acceptance and subsequent induction, Torgbui Kwasinyi Agyeman said it was great joy and honour to be accepted into “the fold of these great Royals, who make up the Mafi Traditional Area, soon to become a Council.”

He reiterated his commitment to focusing on Education, Development, and Employment for the people, including the youth.

He called for peace and unity among the Chiefs, Queenmothers and the people of Mafi- Adidome and beyond, saying “there is nothing we can do if there is no unity.”

“As a people, we should have one destiny as Mafi and common agendas even though we all have our respective plans for our various towns and villages. We need to have what I will call an integrated strategic development plan for Mafi.”

“We need to share our burdens with the notion that there is strength in unity, and with a common voice, we can achieve more for ourselves than we can do individually,” he added.

To the chieftaincy institution, he noted, “as agents of development, Chiefs have to work hand in hand with the local Assembly to see to the development of our areas and we have to demand our share of the national cake from the central government.”

“One of the most important things Chiefs and the people of Mafi are desiring for is a fully-fledged Traditional Council.”

“I must congratulate our great leaders for the relentless effort they have put in so far. Having joined them after my enstoolment, I have been privileged to know of the struggles our able leaders have gone through and are still going through to get Mafi a Traditional Council.”

On youth engagement, Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman, who is also the head of the Toh/Tovie Clan, said the youth would have to be in the centre of everything and they must help us to team up together to better their lots.

He also extended his appreciation to the elders and King makers for supporting him in diverse ways.

Known in private life as Emmanuel James Atiemo Fiagbenu, he is the Head of Corporate Affairs at the National Information Technology Agency (NITA).

The 57-year-old public servant and father of four succeeded the late Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman IV and is the oldest son of the late Seth Kwabla Fiagbenu, whose grandfather was Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman III.

Dr Gideon Quarcoo, a former Deputy Minister of Communications, who is also an elder of the royal Toh-Tovie clan, said the event was an important aspect after the enstoolment about three months ago.

He said the relevance of the exercise was to formally introduce the chief and recognise him as a member of the Traditional Council.

The event was attended by the various chiefs of the Mafi area.

Key among them was Mamaga Sename III, Paramount Queenmother of Mafi Traditional Area.

Source: Ghana News Agency


April 2024