KRIF Ghana goes global through E-commerce

Tema,- KRIF Ghana Limited, stationery, and office equipment company has launched its electronic commerce (E-commerce) website www. to reach out to the global world with quality products.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mrs Susan Awura Adjoa Okosun, Executive Director, Krif Ghana said, that Krif E-commerce was driven by the internet, where customers could access an online store to browse through, and place orders for products or services through their own devices.

She noted that immediately the order is placed, the customer’s web browser would converse back, and forth with the server hosting the online store website.

“Data about the order will then be relayed to a central computer known as the order manager, then forwarded to a database that manages inventory levels, a merchant system that manages information (using applications such as Momo for all network and credit card), and a bank computer before circling back to the order manager,” she said.

According to her, this would ensure that store inventory and customer funds were sufficient for the order to be processed.

She said after the order is validated, the order manager would notify the store’s web server, which would then display the message notifying the customer that their order has been successfully processed.

She explained that the order manager would then send order data to the warehouse or fulfillment department (shop), for the product to be successfully dispatched to the customer.

“At this point, the tangible products may be shipped to a customer, or access to the service may be granted,” she said.

Mrs Okuson indicated that the Krif E-commerce is the only online market where one could find the prices of items being lower than that of its physical store prices.

She mentioned that it is also the online market which is very much concerned about its customers being able to buy hence has made the prices of the items more affordable.

Mrs Okosun, said Krif E-commerce was determined to give its customers attractive promotions every day, for them to have value for money by saving.

She said the delivery of items purchased from the website is free for everything item ranging from GHC400.00 and above.

The Executive Director noted that aside from outages or scheduled maintenance, the Krif E-commerce website would be available 24 hours to allow customers and visitors to the site to browse and shop at any time.

The Reverend Kennedy Okosun, Krif Ghana Executive Chairman told the GNA that, anybody regardless of location could purchase from the company with the convenience provided the customer could access the web.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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