Islamic Cleric calls on religious leaders to serve as COVID-19 Vaccination Ambassadors

Sheikh Alhaj Saleh Iddris (Sheikh Marwii), the Chief Imam of Adjeikojo and Kanewu in Tema, has called on religious leaders to encourage their followers to take the Covid-19 vaccination.

“I have already taken the Covid-19 jab and I am advising all my followers, especially the Muslim Community to consider taking the vaccine,” Alhaji Idriss said.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema, Sheikh Iddris urged religious leaders to serve as COVID-19 Vaccination Ambassadors by encouraging their followers to take the vaccination.

According to the Islamic cleric, 60 per cent of the Muslim population say they would not take the jab because Allah would save them from the disease, a position he said stemmed from ignorance.

Sheikh Iddriss said: “Allah helps those who help themselves and we shouldn’t solely depend on Allah to cure us but we should rather be thanking Allah for the vaccine and everyone that made it possible because vaccines are used by Allah to save lives.”

He acknowledged the uncertainty people might feel about a new vaccine, but reminded the Muslim community that the vaccine had gone through rigorous testing.

He added: “If it’s good for the Vice President, Alhaji Dr Mahmoud Bawumia, and the National Chief Imam, Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, then it’s good for us all other Muslims.”

Sheikh Iddris encouraged all religious leaders in Ghana to use formal and informal communication channels to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The vaccinated should share their testimonies with those who are hesitant to get the jabs, he said.

The Adjeikojo Chief Imam emphasized that not taking the vaccine was not an individual issue because the outcome could affect people around the individual.

“The Prophet Mohammed advised us to look after our neighbour, specifically the vulnerable and taking the vaccine will not only prevent oneself from coronavirus but the lives of others, including the neighbours and relatives.“

Sheikh Iddris noted there was still a long way to go in fighting the corona virus.

He identified religious leaders as critical partners in “taking the fight to the streets,” and stressed that they had an important role to encourage and assist people to stay healthy.

He urged the media to help stop the spread of fake news about the vaccine, challenging them to use their channels to share trustworthy information about vaccines to counter the false news.

Source: Ghana News Agency