Help us to eliminate quacks in allied health profession-Council

Kumasi,- The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) has called on Ghanaians to support it in the fight to eliminate quacks from the system.

Dr Samuel Yaw Opoku, the Registrar, said the Council needed the active support of Ghanaians to prevent unqualified persons from practising as allied health professionals.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, Dr Opoku called on Ghanaians to report suspicious activities of people who posed as allied health professionals for necessary actions to be taken against them.

Dr Opoku said the Council would do all it could to eliminate the miscreants who have invaded the health system to stop the harm they cause the unsuspecting public.

He said the AHPC did not have prosecutorial powers and had to rely on the police and the judicial system to punish the perpetrators.

This, he indicated, had made the process extremely slow, adding that several cases were pending in various parts of the country.

Dr Opoku called for swift actions to be taken to serve as a deterrent to the miscreants in society.

The AHPC is the public institution mandated to regulate the standard of service for the practice of allied health professions, monitor and inspect facilities in collaboration with the Health Facility Regulation Agency as well as facilitate the continuing professional development of practitioners.

Again, the Council is responsible for conducting licensing examinations for the registration of allied health professionals and advises the Health Ministry on matters relating to allied health practice.

Dr Opoku advised allied health professionals to work closely with other specialists in the health system to build a strong health care team that prioritized the welfare of Ghanaians.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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