George Lutterodt gives Martha Bissah a 90-day ultimatum to apologize for ‘lying’

Accra,- Mr. George Haldane-Luttrodt, Former Chairman of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), has issued a 90-day ultimatum to Martha Bissah to apologise for misleading him.

According to him, he had to put his integrity on the line to defend the Youth Olympic gold medalist for six years after she was banned indefinitely by Professor Francis Dodoo GAA led administration for accusing them of extortion only for her to turn around to betray him.

He said he took the athlete’s word for it and stood on his ground and defended her and offered her all the support she needed when she was abandoned by the athletics federation.

Mr. Luttrodt, speaking to the GNA Sports, explained that he had to put himself together to support Martha by arranging a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for her to further her education in the university, after which she got admitted to Norfolk State University in the USA to study Bachelor of Science in Management.

He mentioned that when she returned from the States, arrangements were made for Martha to see the Director-General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Professor Peter Twumasi, for them to try and resolve the issue.

Mr. Luttrodt expressed disappointment in Martha for going behind him and the team to render an unqualified apology to the GAA through the NSA without consulting him after he rallied behind her for six years.

“All I am asking her to do is to write a letter of apology to me and to others who supported her because you told us you were telling the truth, we put our heads out for you and she had every opportunity to tell us she was telling lies but did not. We only saw a letter of apology indicating that all she said were lies.”

He said he has given her a period of two to three months to send the apology letter to him before he takes further action.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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