Fowl sellers in Sunyani complain of poor sales

Sunyani,– Fowl sellers in the Sunyani Municipality on Monday expressed concern about poor sales, with few days until Christmas.

According to them sales had picked up by this time 2020, and attributed the low sales partly to increment of fowl prices.

A Ghana News Agency market survey conducted in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sunyani revealed a slight increment in poultry products.

Broilers were selling between GHC 50, GHC60 and GHC70, depending on sizes while layers were going for GHC35 and GHC40.

Last year at the same time, they were being sold between GHC30, GHC40 and GHC45.

Sellers said they still anticipated price increases due to the shortage of layers at poultry farms in the municipality.

Yaa Kyeremaa, the Owner of Obaapapa Enterprise, told GNA sales had been slow and expressed the hope they would pick up by December 24.

Mr Abu Amidu, a poultry keeper at Nkrankese, a Sunyani suburb, complained about the high cost of production, saying the cost of maize kept increasing, thereby making feeding expensive.

“Other concentrates that add up to the feed have increased marginally,” he added, saying 130 kg bag of maize, which used to sell at GHC200 was now selling at GHC350.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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