FDA clears Takoradi Market of formalin use

Takoradi, – The Western Regional Directorate of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cleared the Takoradi Market of the use of formalin, a chemical for preserving corpses in mortuaries.

Mr Solomon Kwabena Boni, Regional Information Officer at the Western Regional Office of the FDA, told the GNA that a search to ascertain whether the traders used the chemical was not conclusive.

He enlightened that when formalin was present in the air, it could cause wheezing, nausea, watery eyes, coughing and burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat in the short term and skin irritation, and as well cause cancer over a long time.

He said though formalin was commonly used as an industrial disinfectant, a preservative in funeral homes and medical laboratories, the chemical was gaining roots in fish and foodstuff preservation, exposing many consumers to cancer, particularly testicular cancer.

Mr Boni cautioned the public to avoid buying meats or fish without flies around it, especially when it was not properly covered.

He said FDA has been sensitizing the public on things to look out for when buying products on the markets, especially during special occasions.

The FDA usually undertakes facility inspection, market surveillance to find out whether products in the markets were within standards.

He, therefore, entreated shoppers to look out for a clean environment when shopping.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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