Young girls urged to take STEM courses in schools

Accra Dec. 04, GNA – Glorious Women Linkage (GlowLink), has urged young women to read Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) programmes in school to enable women enjoy same opportunities as men in the technological workspace.

The training, which occurred on December 3, 2022, at the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC), in Accra was to conscientise women about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Mrs Rosemond Quainoo, Chief Executive Officer for GlowLink said young women must read STEM courses in their various schools to enable women be at par with men in the Technological and Engineering workspace.

She encouraged all teachers and parents not to put fear in their children about science and mathematics as a difficult subject.

“People are always surprised when they see a girl reading engineering courses, “this shows how girls are vulnerable and limited in the STEM world”.

She said the organisation was not to train women to rub shoulders with men but to identify themselves in the STEM field.

“When you go to workplaces, it is rare to see women in the Information Technology (IT) unit, and even to see them as heads in the IT department.”

She also said the organisation had partnered an IT firm called iot Network Hub, to train young girls in coding, programming, creating of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced skills in technology.

“If women are encouraged to venture into STEM, it will push the economy and ensure a sustainable development in our country,” she said.

Mrs Juanita Ahia Quacoo, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lecturer at the Sunyani Technical University, said girls reading STEM courses earned the opportunity to renovate and start their own business.

She said “Technology is basically how things are done, so when you have a better understanding of technology, you can also learn a new business and also help solve world problems as an individual”.

She encouraged young girls to master the skills of STEM and with time people will accept the brand of women and the level of capacity in the field of their professional work.

“Do not be scared of mathematics, if it can be done by others then you can do it,” “throw your fears about mathematics away.” “Don’t let your fears overshadow the strength you have in venturing into such courses.

“Let’s appreciates technology, let’s find out what technology is, let’s get to know what it is about, let’s see if we can use it.” “Let’s take the step to find out whether you can find the best of it or not,” she added.

However, she said women must take up STEM courses to change the initial orientation that women were supposed to be in the kitchen.

GlowLink is a Christian women’s non-profit organisation established to raise model christian women leaders who will in turn serve as role models and mentors to women worldwide.

As part of its core values, it educates young women to be technologically inclined and empower women to dedicate themselves to the human development, as well as respect the dignity and worth of all persons.

Source: Ghana News Agency