Wilmar Africa introduces three soaps on Ghanaian market

Tema – The General Manager of the Wilmer Africa Limited says his company brings innovations into the soap industry as a way of breaking the yoke of non excitement that comes with soap usage.

According to Mr. Kwame Wiafe, The good thing about us is that we’re nimble footed, we are agile and we’re able to do crazy stuffs that’ll excite consumers and change the soap making landscape.

He said this on Friday during the distributor’s launch of three soaps by the company at its premises, Community Two, Tema.

He said the detergent market was becoming boring with people producing and putting non-exciting products on the market, but we want to bring some innovations which the consumer can never resist.

He said, We know convenience is the key thing every consumer is looking out for, so the average mother would prefer a soap which is also anti-bacteria and which she can use for anything, and that is the revolution we are talking about.

Mr. Wiafe observed that this was a forward integration production for the company, because, We refine oil palm and we get fresh stearin which we use for soap making, and immediately we refine, we bring it for production, which maintain its freshness.

He said Ghanaians liked innovations because the company launched into a category from zero, and within three years, because we brought innovations, people accepted it.

He observed that they had gone into joint ventureship with Pappa Oil which was the leading soap manufacturer in Kenya, to form the African Consumer Product Limited which was the main vehicle for the manufacture of soap.

The Brand Manager of the Africa Consumer Product Limited, Ms. Eva Njeri Njeru introduced the new products to be Alife toilet soap which came in small and family sizes with a blend of delicate rose, coconut care, lemon and aloe vera fragrances.

The Jamaa laundry bar soap which came with a packaging other than other bar soaps, making it easier for consumers to handle, and which had a shorter washing experience because it lathered profusely with little man-power.

She also introduced the Largo soap which had an antiseptic quality and a multi-purpose usage which made it more convenient.

Source: Ghana News Agency