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We need stringent measures to address sanitation challenge — Spinal Clinic

Dr Bryan Leon Cox, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spinal Clinic Limited, has called for the enforcement of stringent measures to curb Ghana’s sanitation menace.

“I believe we need to fine, prosecute or jail people who break sanitation laws. Once you make an example of such offenders, others will be deterred from doing same.”

“We need to make more stringent rules to eliminate filthiness from our communities. The citizens may not like it when they get fined or prosecuted, but it will positively make impact on the nation.”

Dr Cox said this on Saturday during a clean-up exercise at Sakumono beach, together with Zoomlion, Bestlife Fitness Group, Kasapa Fitness Group, and other members of the community.

The exercise was to mark the Chiropractic Founder’s Day celebrated every year on September 17.

He said Spinal Clinic embarked on the clean up as part of their “Clean up Ghana” Initiative to clean a particular area every year.

The CEO said they also wanted to use the exercise to set an example and encourage other corporate bodies and individuals to follow.

He said aside having tremendous benefits on one’s health, a clean environment also attracted tourists and potential investors.

Dr Cox said the use of plastics was one of the major causes of filth in the country and suggested that the use of plastics should be replaced with paper.

“Let us be environmentally friendly by using more papers than plastics and let us not throw waste into gutters. Waste management companies must follow a regular schedule for picking up waste. More sophisticated machinery is also needed to tackle sanitation issues,” he said.

Mr Samuel Kabutey, a resident at Sakumono said the sanitation challenge in the vicinity was due to the lack of waste bins, hence, the dumping of refuse at unauthorised places.

Also, he said there was no regular pick-up schedule by the waste management companies, which also worsened the situation.

Mr Kabutey called for waste bins to be provided at vantage points and asked that refuse collectors committed to a definite waste collection schedule.

He thanked Spinal Clinic for organising the exercise and called for such clean ups to be organised more frequently.




Source: Ghana News Agency