We are not fools – Alhaji Grusah slams Hearts & Kotoko over share of new GPL sponsorship money

Owner and bankroller of King Faisal, Alhaji Grusah has cautioned the Ghana Football Association [GFA] not to award Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak a bigger share of the new sponsorship money for the Ghana Premier League.

The country’s football governing body on Wednesday announced betPawa as the new headline sponsor for the Premier League for the next three years worth $ 6 million.

However, Kotoko and Hearts have reportedly demanded that the (GFA give them a larger share of the League’s sponsorship deals.

According to Grusah, the 16 remaining clubs are not ‘fools’ to sit back and allow the FA to grant Kotoko and Heats their wish.

The vociferous football administrator tagged Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak as ‘greedy’.

“If you are big, you are big in your house. What’s their budget? Do they know my budget? Poor man eats, rich man eats, nobody feeds anyone. If we the rest of the clubs will sit and act like fools for these people…Who are they? Do Kotoko and Hearts finanace King Faisal? Selfish people. I’m going to tell the clubs that no one should agree. We should boycott the league for them to play. Do they know money than us? Come on.”

“FA cannot share the money to satisfy them, and for what reason? Who are they? Do they even know (how) administration(works)? Are they premier division or super premier division? (then) Hearts and Kotoko should play their league for us to also play ours. Do they know more money than us?” he added.

The two giants argue that they have the biggest fanbase and therefore deserve a bigger share of deals. But for Grusah, their argument is baseless.

“What numbers? If my team is playing, a Kotoko fan can choose to watch or not. Do they know how I manage my team? Hearts, 1911, is it not just last year that they got themselves training pitch? Me alone, I’m constructing a training pitch for King Faisal. I’m going to find out if they have sent such a letter, they will see. They can’t suggest such nonsense. Do they fund us?” Grusah vehemently disagreed.

Source: Modern Ghana