We all have mental issues – David Wilson

HR of Chirano Gold Mines Ltd, David Wilson, says that human beings in one way or another have mental issues and have only survived them because of how one cope with them.

Speaking at the HR Professionals Brunch 2023 held in Accra on May 19, he said a lot of the people we see on the street are there as a result of their poor coping mechanisms.

Citing himself as an example, Mr. Wilson said he always finds himself doing weird things that he cannot fathom.

“We all to an extent have mental issues. That’s true and I’m the first person to say I have mental health issues. On a daily basis, just thinking around and even just the traffic in Accra gives me mental health issues. I look at Google map to check the time I will get to the place I am going and I realise that it is not easy and that alone triggers mental health issues,” he said.

Source: Ghana Web