University of Ghana students donate to Ashaiman Social Welfare Department

Eleven students from the Department of Social Work at the University of Ghana have donated 10 plastic chairs to the Ashaiman Municipal Office of the Social Welfare and Community Development Department.?

According to the students, who were on an eight-week internship at the office, they identified a problem, which was the inadequate chairs at the department, and interacted with Dr. Vyda Mamley Hervie, Lecturer and Academic Field Supervisor, University of Ghana, on the issue.

They were motivated by their supervisor to find a solution to the challenge, thus presenting the chairs.

They described the department as the best place to gain practical knowledge and paid critical attention to the formulation and implementation of policies to support individuals and groups in need of various social services.

Mr. Ibrahim Talata Saru, the leader of the interns, handed over the chairs to the department, saying the internship was a tremendous real-life work experience that would help them make a difference in their futur
e careers.

He said the field experience gained would build their confidence and give them a?sense of purpose by developing a deeper understanding of the courses they were studying.

Ms. Anita Gyan, another leader, said that their activities focused on child non-maintenance cases, which included court work, family welfare, Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), and daycare supervision, among others.

She added that the valuable work experience gained would expand their job network, help them explore interests, and help them form their personal career goals.

Mrs.?Jemima Agyeman, the?Principal Social Work Development Officer, Ashaiman Municipal?Assembly,?commended the students for their kind gesture and being one of the best interns?posted to the assembly to gain practical knowledge.

She explained that the eight-week stay was vibrant and productive as they were ready to learn, accepted their mistakes, and listened to corrections, stressing that these were character traits expected to ensure an enablin
g work environment, paving the way for them to give out their best in teaching them.

‘We are surprised; all along we didn’t know they were even planning to do this, which means that wherever they are, they can identify problems and find solutions to them,’ she stated.


Mrs. Agyeman asked for God’s blessing for the students for their support and selfless act.

Source: Ghana News Agency