UNESCO commends Accra for hosting World Book Capital, 2023

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has commended Accra for remarkably hosting the World Book Capital, 2023, saying it would help build a sustainable future for the book and library industry in Ghana.

‘As part of this future, Accra will now take on the role of coordinator for the UNESCO Book Capital Network in the coming year,’ it stated.

This was in a solidarity statement by Mr Edmond Moukala, the UNESCO Representative to Ghana, during the closing ceremony of the one-year long Accra World Book Capital, which ended on April 17, 2024, at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Hall.

The statement said: ‘Accra, the vibrant capital of Ghana, has embraced its role as the torchbearer of literacy and storytelling. From the bustling streets of Jamestown to the serene corners of Osu, the love for books has woven itself into the very fabric of this city.’

‘We have witnessed the power of words to transform lives, ignite imaginations, and bridge gaps across generations. Throughout t
his year, Accra has championed the cause of literacy, focusing particularly on our young people – the architects of our future.’

The statement recognised that the Accra World Book Capital had reached out to marginalised groups, including women, youth, migrants, street children, and persons with disability.

‘Commitment to lifelong learning has led to reinforcing school and community infrastructure, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge.’

‘Mobile libraries have crisscrossed neighbourhoods, bringing the magic of books to doorsteps.’

It said the journey would not end in Accra as it passed the baton to Strasbourg, France for the next World Book Capital.

‘Let’s remember that books are more than ink on paper – they are vessels of hope, empathy, and understanding.’

‘Let us continue to promote reading, not just within our borders but across the globe. Let us be ambassadors of freedom of information and expression, for these rights are the bedrock of a thriving society.’

The statement s
aid the choice of Accra for the World Book Capital was facilitated by the World Book Advisory Committee, comprising major international associations in the book sector representing authors, publishers, libraries, and booksellers.

‘And so, as the sun sets on Accra’s reign as the World Book Capital, let us carry forward the flame of knowledge. Let’s write new chapters, explore uncharted narratives, and build bridges of understanding. For in the world of books, there are no boundaries – only endless possibilities,’ it said.

Source: Ghana News Agency