Tumu (UWR), Traders in the Sissala East Municipality have expressed hope in the reduction of food prices in the coming months after farm produce had been harvested in the areas.

This, they said, would soon affect the high food prices in the areas and the country as a whole, which were being sold at high prices.

Mr Mubarak Jalinja, a maize trader in Tumu told the GNA that currently, prices of food stuff were very high due to shortage and the erotic rainfall pattern in the area.

He said, in 2020, the same period this year, a bag of maize was being sold at GH¢100.00 but the same quantity was now being sold between GH¢195 and GH¢250.00.

Mr Mubariki Jalinja said, “prices may come down around December and January after farm produce have been harvested”.

“I have been in the maize business for the past 12 years and I believe the prices will soon reduce, currently, I buy 100kg of white maize at GH¢210 and yellow maize for also the same price GH¢210,” he said.

Mr Iddtisi Haruna, also a maize trader in Gwollu and Jawia said maize is sold around GH¢210 but may change after harvest, but can’t tell if it will go up or down.

Madam Ayishetu Bakuri, a yam trader in Tumu said this year, “three tubers of the small size yam cost between GH¢15 and GH¢ 20 whilst three big tubers are sold for GH¢25 to GH¢30 but last year, however, the highest for the small tubers went for GH¢10 whilst the big tubers were sold for GH¢20.

She said she was sure of a reduction in yam price saying, “prices of yam will come down when full harvesting is done after the harvest”.

She, however, complained that most of the yam she buys get rotten after few days, a situation she blamed on the excess application of fertilizer.

Ghana’s annual inflation this year 2021 accelerated to 11 per cent in October from 10.6 per cent in September and this has affected the prices of goods and services across the country.

The Sissala East area is one of the food baskets of the Upper West Region and the country especially in maize production for both consumption and commercial purposes, according to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Checks by the Ghana News Agency in Tumu and Gwollu areas in the municipality revealed that there would be a possible reduction in food prices as prices of various food stuff had began moving up and down as the harvesting period approaches.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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