Togolese lady passenger from Abidjan dies on arrival at Aflao

Aflao- A Togolese lady passenger collapsed and died shortly on arrival at Aflao, in the Ketu South Municipality, when alighting from a passenger bus from Abidjan, the Ivorian capital, enroute to Lome, Togo on Monday.

She was named as Victorie Alodole, aged 27, as per the records she gave for her passenger ticket in Abidjan.

She was said to have joined the bus in an apparent healthy condition, and never complained of any ill health during the entire journey, which started on Sunday till

Monday, when the incident occurred.

Mr. Eric Vondee, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), in-charge of Crime at Aflao, confirmed the case to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

He said about 0840 hours on Monday, August 5, this year, the driver of the bus with registration number TG 9649 Y, Winfred Kwaku Atagba, accompanied by his mate, Sangari Abib Checrit, reported that they arrived at the Aflao border at about 0700 hours from Abidjan with passengers on board, including the deceased, who fell down as she was alighting and became unconscious.

He said they rushing her to the Municipal Hospital at Aflao but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Mr. Vondee said the body is being kept in the Hospital morgue for preservation, pending autopsy and further investigations.

Mr. Atagba told GNA that the deceased, who was buoyant, chatted jovially with her friends at the bus terminal in Abidjan, ahead of their take off at about 1130 hours on Sunday, arriving at the Elubo border same day evening and finally left for Aflao, travelling the entire night.

He said his efforts in Lome to locate the deceased person’s hometown and family had so far proved challenging as there were no records of her actual hometown.

Source: Ghana News Agency