This Is What Is Called Fake Ebola Article Or False News

I think there are thousands of people who either sniff cocaine or drink a large volume of alcohol every morning, especially, in the United States of America, therefore, don’t know what a false Ebola article is. Together with the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen, and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, we have introduced one of such articles to you today, to know how an Ebola fake article looks like

Since the epidemic was lifted in 2016, researchers have been searching for the direct source of the West African Ebola epidemic that caused 28,616 reported cases of Ebola and 11,310 reported deaths in three countries�Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Now researchers working with the Liberian government may have found the virus for the first time in greater long-fingered bats, or Miniopterus inflatus, located in Liberia.

Ebola, which is part of the Filoviridae family, is a zoonotic disease harbored through the animal reservoir. Previous studies have linked chimpanzees, gorillas, and duikers as the culprits of spreading the disease, but researchers have been unable to identify exactly how these animals were infected.

The first identified case of the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was an 18-month-old boy that had contracted the disease after being infected by bats. Although researchers understand that bats are a potential reservoir for Ebola, it is hard to identify the disease in bats.

There have been unanswered questions about the source of Ebola outbreaks. There was speculation that they may have originated from bats, but there was no direct evidence, said Simon Anthony, assistant professor of Epidemiology in the Center for Infection and Immunity at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

The USAID-PREDICT project, run by the Center for Infection and Immunity (CII), works to find wildlife that are hosts for filoviruses and zoonotic diseases, to prevent spread.

The bats�known to roost in forests, caves, and mines�comprised genetic material from the virus and Ebola antibodies, revealing they could be a potential reservoir for Zaire ebolavirus, which not only caused the epidemic from 2013 to 2016 but also the second deadliest epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thanks to the VirCapSeq-VERT tool, the team was able to analyze a portion of the genome of the Zaire ebolavirus strain in the greater long-fingered bat, which revealed that the strain was closely related to the strain seen in the epidemic in West Africa. The novel tool was able to reveal this by improving the sensitivity of next-generation sequencing 1,000-fold.

The West African Ebola epidemic was devastating, and it began with a single transmission from an animal to a person. It’s critical that we identify what animals naturally carry Ebola-related virus, said Jonathan Epstein, EcoHealth Alliance Vice President for Science and Outreach, and lead for USAID-PREDICT in Liberia. Without knowing that, we can’t truly understand and reduce the risk of another outbreak occurring in the region.

Even if these bats are the confirmed source, which remains to be seen as the entire genome has not yet been completely observed, removing or exterminating them will only cause more disease to be spread because they naturally remove other disease reservoirs such as mosquitoes.

The Liberian government and researchers are working to prevent future outbreaks, by continuing research with more testing on whether the strain in these bats is the same one that caused the West African Ebola epidemic, and if the bats’ infection has a seasonal pattern.

This discovery is a major step forward in understanding how Ebola outbreaks happen, Epstein said.


Ebola is a biological agent prepared by the US military scientist to destabilize Africa’s economy, take control of their resources and depopulate the continent because of the fear of population explosion due to the fast increase of population in Africa. No false publication can change the mind of readers or Africans.

You are all a bunch of hard criminals including the US government. You made bats susceptible to Ebola to spread the disease and you claim bats are responsible. The same God you claim in Him you trust will punish you severely for every crime you have committed on this earth and making people’s lives a misery.

Already, if you have eyes or vision, one can clearly see that the US government has already started receiving its punishment from God. What is happening now in that country, has never ever happened in the entire political history of the United States of America.

Source: Modern Ghana