The use of TikTok a relevant platform for music promotion- Iyce Bee

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Mr. Eric Wilson, popularly known as Iyce Bee in the entertainment industry, said the use of TikTok by award-winning and up-and-coming musicians is still relevant in music promotion. He expressed that TikTok was probably the best platform to promote his music as an upcoming artist and helps him gain a larger fan base and followers to support his career journey in the entertainment industry as an up-and-coming artist. In an interview with Ghana News Agency, Tema Entertainment Desk, the up-and-coming artiste stated that he mostly drops a freestyle version of his songs on TikTok to keep his fan base more active and also throws a challenge to them to perform their dance battles to the song for a reward, which helps promote his songs. He highlighted that TikTok, which had been in existence for some years now, has helped him to remain consistent by engaging his fans with more bangers and live chat sessions. ‘As an upcoming artiste, I challenge myself by also participating in a verse challenge of any award-winning track, which serves as motivation’, he emphasised. Iyce Bee, moreover, said the positive comments he attains from his fan base keep him soaring higher by putting his best in his tracks, which mostly included inspirational quotes. He added that his singles, dubbed ‘Anointing’ and ‘Dance It,’ among others, are available on Audiomack.

Source: Ghana News Agency