The media forcing Ghanaians to choose between NDC and NPP – Kwesi Korang

Kwesi Korang, the founder and executive director of Patriot Ghana, a pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) organisation, has raised concern over what he believes is an intentional push by the media to focus solely on the NPP and National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential candidates.

He asserted that although, for him, this would have helped his party and his candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, it is not healthy for democracy.

He said the media ought to provide an equal platform for all the contesting candidates so that Ghanaians will settle on the one they think is capable of managing the country.

‘We have always called for a third force, and luckily, the Movement for Change has been launched. We cannot pretend that the activities of the M4C do not have any impact.

“The NPP, NDC and media cannot pretend that the activities of the M4C, which has since joined forces with others to form the Alliance for Revolutionary Change, are not having a serious impact on the political scene.

“Ghanaians must have the opportun
ity to examine and evaluate the policies and programmes of all these parties, not just the NDC and NPP.

“Every individual, whether an independent candidate or political party that has expressed interest in contesting the presidential election, should sell their policies to Ghanaians so they will make an informed choice. But it looks like the media is forcing Ghanaians to choose between John Mahama and Dr. Bawumia.

“This is unhealthy for our political space and democracy. They should provide a platform for every candidate to present to Ghanaians what they want to do. The so-called major media houses have failed to allow the other parties and independent candidates to appear on their platforms to tell Ghanaians what they can do. Why is the media forcing Ghanaians to choose between the NDC and the NPP?” he said.

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, he said the danger is that Ghanaians may see this as a norm and keep changing between the NDC and NPP every few years.

‘The media should allow Ghanaian
s to make an informed choice and stop forcing Ghanaians to choose between the NDC and NPP. This agenda by the media must stop.

“They should stop being the ones to determine who we should vote for. They should provide a platform for all the candidates,” he added.

Source: Ghana Web