Strip Anas Aremeyaw Anas of his Journalism Licence and his National and International Awards

Thanks to the ongoing relentless efforts by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) to fight the corner of the poor and the defenceless in the Ghanaian society, the lamb skin covering the wolfish body of Anas has now been removed. The nationally and internationally-acclaimed Ghanaian ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, must be stripped of his licence to practice as a journalist let alone, an investigative or an undercover journalist. He is unbefitting of that journalistic status with the accompanying upholding in high esteem.

Many a Ghanaian including myself, held him in high esteem and applauded him for flushing out corrupt officials and individuals, especially, the markedly corrupt judges and registrars in the Ghana judicial system. However, little did we know that he was himself the biggest corrupt individual who could go every length and employ any means possible as available to him to swindle people in his quest to amass illegal wealth, power and fame, in a twinkle of an eye.

I, Rockson Adofo, changed my opinion about him just before Kennedy premiered his “Who watches the watchman”. Kennedy in an attempt to prove to the nation and the world that Anas is after all not the saint that Ghanaians are beholden to, put in the public domain the video evidence he has against him. The subsequent revelations as being shown by Kennedy following the untimely death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a co-partner of Anas in the Tiger Eye Pi, go to consummate my resolve to disown Anas for being a crass investigative journalist and also, a total criminal who should by now be behind the prison bars.

From his bogus methods employed to uncovering purported corrupt individuals, thus, setting them up through entrapment, blackmailing and then asking for payment of huge sums of bribe from the affected persons to avoid their identities and acts of involvements in corruption being exposed in the public domain, Anas deserves condemnation and the stripping of his licence and any awards he has obtained nationally and/or internationally.

It is sad to learn that such a crook had been giving lectures to the Ghana police at their Police Training College on criminal investigation. I shall be in a much better position to help the police than the crap that Anas might have told them. Maliciously using gifts to bait genuine individuals or those with suppressed desire for corruption, to deceive Ghanaians into believing that he is an anti-corruption czar is most unfortunate, if not criminal. Is that how an undercover investigation to catch culprits of crime is conducted?

I shall discuss the illegality of the methodology employed by Anas with its undertones of personally seeking to enrich himself in another publication. Therefore, I am not going to bother myself explaining it here how competent,professional and selfless investigators do their work. Anas allowed the public fame and the money he was getting to have the better part of him hence devising further dubious means to entrap people.

Nonetheless, as there is time and season for everything, and there is so far that one can get away with blue murder, the machismo exposer has himself exposed. Wow! In the event of Anas being exposed as a worse corrupt individual than those that he was using unprofessional methods to catch, but most of who were not corrupt in the sense of the word, what is the most decent thing for Anas to do? To continue hiding behind his beaded-facial mask to disguise his identity or to be a gentle to do what is expected of gentlemen?

Nobody, especially those who reason same as I do, will believe Anas anymore so he had better keep any yet to be premiered expose he has close to his chest to himself. He has brought shame upon himself, the womb that conceived him, his family and friends. He has brought shame upon Ghana and the international media that supported him without knowing how he was secretly corruptly enriching himself.

I pray that God gives me strength to take on Anas in the media until he has been stripped of his licence to not only operate as a journalist but also, to run his criminal Tiger Eye Pi company with the revocation of all awards he has won following the supposedly successful investigations he conducted.

Source: Modern Ghana