Siemens commits to Ghana’s energy sector

Accra, A global technology leader in electrification, Siemens, has reiterated its commitment to assisting Ghana in meeting the country’s expanding energy needs.

Andreas Pistauer, Executive Vice President, Power and Gas Africa Siemens, said power generations was one of the fundamentals of economic growth.

Every modern economy needs electricity in order to enable businesses to grow. There is a tremendous need for electricity in Ghana for further improving the situation for power generation and electricity supply situation, Mr Pistauer said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a training programme in Accra.

The training programme was to keep its partners in touch with Siemens latest technology offerings with particular focus on the recently launched 44-megawatt aero-derivative gas turbine for mobile power generation.

He said Siemens wanted to support Ghana particularly in bringing its technology in the power sector to provide alternatives and engender competition.

We have identified Ghana as one of our key countries and our further investment is aimed at helping the country reach its economic goals and secure it as a serious contender on the African continent, he said.

Key in the pursuit of this relationship, Mr Pistauer, said was working with partner local companies in the successful execution of projects and also jointly working together to resolve problems when they arise.

He said with Siemens innovative and excellent fast track power solution technology could help bring down the cost of power to consumers.

On renewable energy, Mr Pistauer said there was significant potential in Ghana and that the company’s goal was to support as best as it could through jointly working with Ghanaian partners.

Renewable are no regret strategy as long as the plant is installed and it is working, he said, adding that it brings significant advantage to the economy.

Mr Edmund Acheampong, Siemens Ghana CEO, said Siemens was in Ghana for the long haul to contribute to the country’s energy sector developments.

We are here to stay for the long-term. Whatever we do here we want it to be sustainable. It is a long-term approach that we are using and we are here to provide solutions. If there is a system that has failed we want to provide a lasting solution to replace or make the system better, he said.

Partnering with local companies to meet local power needs- one of such project is for ENI in Sanzule where Siemens has been contracted to deliver two gas compression packages for its onshore receiving facility.

In this instance, Siemens has entered into a joint venture with local company Draper Oil and Gas Limited to form Siemens Oil and Gas.

Siemens is committed to collaborating with Ghanaian companies to ensure improved energy availability, building of local expertise as well as economic growth through job creation, Mr Acheampong said.

Siemens is rolling out a steam turbine project with Group five in Kpone, the largest steam plant in the country, contributing 350 MW to the grid.

Another project under way is the Tema Thermal Power Plant. The Tema plant is being rolled out in two phases and includes the installation of eight gas turbines overall.

It has the advantage of flexibility in times of unsecure gas supply, and will ultimately add 82 MW to the national grid.

Source: Ghana News Agency