Sallah is not about indecent activities?-?Muslim?Chief

Nene Shomshudeen Adjovu Ayisa I, the Muslim Community Chief of the Ada Traditional Area, has advised the youth to avoid engaging in unholy activities during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, also known as ‘Sallah’.

He said some activities of the youth during the celebration were not only unholy but also not Islamic, noting that Sallah was about reflecting on the goodness of Allah and not about indecent activities.

The Muslims in Kasseh-Ada and its surrounding communities in the Greater Accra Region gathered on Wednesday at the Kasseh Islamic School to thank God for taking them through the month-long fasting and ask for His blessings and sustenance in the coming days.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Nene Ayisa urged all Muslims, especially the youth, not to fall back into the old ways but to soberly reflect on Allah’s goodness and avoid any activities that would displease Him.

‘Don’t go and dance to spinning or sound systems because that will lead to a total waste of all that you did through the la
st 30 or so days. We don’t have anything called Salla Jams; it is totally blasphemous and an abomination to Allah,’ he said.

‘How will men and women be seen together dancing and holding each other to profane songs? It’s not Islamic at all.’

Imam Yusif Abdullah Korley, the Imam of the Kasseh Central Mosque, who led the Muslims to pray for peace during and after the elections, entreated the youth to avoid scandalous activities and focus on getting decent jobs that paid well.

He urged them to invest in their education for Allah to fulfil their heart desires while encouraging them to be hard-working for a brighter future.

Imam Korley appealed to them to register and vote in the coming elections when the limited registration exercise commences as part of their civic responsibility.

Source: Ghana News Agency